Can Playing FIFA Improve Your Cognitive Skills?

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Most people in our modern world have associated video games with aggression, addiction, and violence. These negative associations have made most tutors, parents, and guardians stop young learners from playing their favorite games. However, research studies have shown that there are a lot of cognitive benefits linked to playing video games regularly. In this article, we are going to talk about FIFA and how it can help you develop your cognitive skills. Cognitive skills play an important role in your academic and career life. Developing them will not only enhance mental flexibility but also boost your self-esteem.


1. Develops problem-solving skills

All video games have rules. And players have to stay within them as they deal with different situations. You’ll have to strategize and make decisions to make progress. When it comes to FIFA, you have to come up with a strategy that will help you score more goals than your opponent. Predicting your opponent’s moves and analyzing your risks and rewards can easily determine how successful you’ll be. By solving all the problems that you face on the field, you’ll emerge as the winner. Problem-solving skills are not only important in college but also in adult life. Similar to video games, the more complex problems you solve in study and life, the more you’ll succeed.


2. Relieves stress

Have you been having a stressful day in college? Do you have lots of assignments that need to be done urgently? Are you having a hard time preparing for upcoming tests? College life is not easy. However, when you get help from essay writing services, you’ll not only get good grades but also have ample time to play FIFA with your friends. Professional writers are here to help students with academic education. FIFA is one of the best stress relievers that you’ll find in our modern world. Once you sit down and hear your fans cheering as you play, you’ll eliminate stress and boost your awesomeness levels. Whenever you are stressed out, don’t hesitate to play your favorite video games and get help from the experts as early as possible.


3. Boosts memory

As a player, you have to go through all the instructions carefully. And play the game as you recall them. You can easily train your working memory by playing action games such as FIFA. This movie-based game will require you to use specific combinations that you’ll have to memorize and practice to execute successfully. Performing complex actions repeatedly promotes hand-eye coordination and strengthens muscle memory. As the popular saying goes, what you don’t use you lose. Using your memory regularly will make it stronger.


4. Promotes multitasking

Move-based video games usually require players to not only be keen but also perform specific actions using keys or a joystick while paying attention to the happenings on the screen. For instance, when playing FIFA, you’ll have to control your players using specific keys and watch out for oncoming opponents to make progress and score more goals. You’ll also be required to keep track of all your players, performance, and resources at the same time to achieve your goals.


5. Develops social skills

One of the best ways to see an individual’s true colors is by playing FIFA with them. You’ll get to see their favorite club, their coaching style, and their ideal formation. All these factors say a lot about a person’s decisions. Your opponent also gets to see what you love. Interacting with your fellow players before and after the match will promote your social skills and help you network. When you start networking early, you’ll increase your chances of landing your dream job and achieving your biggest goals in life.


Playing FIFA is fun

This is an awesome game that has more than 600 clubs, 12000 players, and 30 leagues. Whenever you win, your players will be rewarded just as you see in real-world football. Once you download the game, you’ll always receive updates to keep you entertained. The best part is, you can download the game on any PC and keep it updated without spending a penny! What a great way to have fun as you learn.



While some people think that video games lead to aggression and addiction, research studies have shown that they can help in promoting essential life skills. You don’t have to be an experienced player to know how to fifa 14 skills moves and enjoy the benefits. Once you start playing, your entire world will change for the better. Finding time to play FIFA and other great games in college can be difficult. However, getting help from the experts and managing your time effectively will help you stay on top of everything. Tell us what you love about FIFA!

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