FIFA Interactive World Cup 2015 Game Rules

FIFA Interactive World Cup 2015 Game Rules


All the games have rules and FIWC is no exception. Check here the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2015 Game Rules.

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The Grand Final of FIWC 2016

FIFA Interactive World Cup 2015 Game Rules


Game-play Settings

• Difficulty Level: World Class
• Half Length: 5 minutes, 6 minutes for quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals
• Injuries: On
• Offsides: On
• Time/Score display: On
• Camera: Tele Broadcast
• Radar: 2D or 3D
• Home Auto Switching: User Settings
• Away Auto Switching: User Settings
• Volume Settings: Default
• Extra Time: extra time of two one minute halves will be played in the event of a draw after regulation. Penalties will decide the winner if
after extra time the scores are level.
• Custom formations are not permitted. Custom tactics and set pieces are available, however EA can decide to turn them off at any point in
case we identify exploits.


FIFA Interactive World Cup 2015 Game Rules


General Rules

• All games played for the FIWC Country Showdown/Live Events and the Grand Final are played on the FIFA 15 for the PS4 console in Kick Off mode.
• Unless express permission has been given by FIFA, no coaching is allowed (for example, people in the audience may not advise a Player while playing).
• No memory cards or saved games are permitted.
• Unless express permission has been given by FIFA, players are prohibited from wearing headsets and may not listen to any music during FIWC 2015 Tournaments).
• Controllers are supplied by FIFA. It is the responsibility of all Players to be familiar with the controller’s functions and mode of operation. If a controller is defective, a Player can pause the game and notify the referee. The referee will determine the controller status in making such a decision. If a Player plays with a defective controller, all results are nevertheless valid.
• Any regular season teams, as installed with the original game, can be selected. Both Players can select the same team.
• Players may not select any fictional All-Star teams (e.g Classic 11).
• Unnecessary pauses or delays are prohibited.
• Any action designed to disrupt the opposing Player’s view of the field or ability to select controlled players is prohibited.
• Each game will begin play at its designated time, and as designated on site at the tournament.
• Players not present at the designated start time for any match will be disqualified, and their opponent shall be granted a 2-0 score. Players are encouraged to be in the designated play area 15-minutes prior to game time.
• Players will be shown their designated station, shall set up the game and immediately begin play. Each Player will have 2 minutes to
configure controls, line-ups and settings in accordance with the rules described above under “Game-play settings”. Custom packages
cannot be used, nor can anything else that is not available in the in-game pause menu.
• Players shall be responsible for keeping track of game situation so if a game is interrupted, the situation can be restored. In all situations possible, tournament referees will monitor the game situation so that it may be restored in the event of game interruptions.
• Players shall raise their hands at the end of the game so a referee can record their score. Only scores reported to the referee are official.
• No game interruptions, except for designated pauses to report scores (if any), will be allowed.
• If a game is interrupted intentionally by any Player, that Player will immediately be disqualified.
• If a game interruption is caused by outside circumstances such as a machine error or loss of power, the game shall be continued from the point of interruption.
• Notwithstanding the above, a Player can pause the game to change strategy and/or formation in the event that i) a player of his team is sent off ii) a player of his team is injured.
• Referees will be on site to monitor all game play. Referees will begin play, and will record scores for each game.
• Referees will be identified by a special ID tag or by any other form as indicated by FIFA.
• The decision of a referee is final and binding.
• Players must wear attire appropriate to the circumstances and location at which an event is taking place. This includes the award ceremony following the FIWC 2015 Grand Final, at which the winner must wear the attire specified by FIFA.
• Players shall not wear, carry or bear any items of a commercial, religious or political nature, or which in FIFA’s opinion reflect unfavourably
upon the FIWC15, FIFA, any FIFA event, EA or PS nor carry out any promotional activity in connection with the FIWC15 unless otherwise approved in writing by FIFA.
• FIFA reserves the right to require Players to wear a uniform (as provided by FIFA) at a given FIWC15 live event, and all Players shall upon request wear such uniform at such FIWC15 live event.


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