FIFA Interactive World Cup 2015 Tournament Format


To be FIWC 2015 champion you need to win a lot of matches. Take a look to the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2015 Tournament Format and learn how it works.

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The Grand Final of FIWC 2016

FIFA Interactive World Cup 2015 Tournament Format


Standing between you and the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2015 (FIWC 2015) Trophy are six online qualification seasons, three live qualifiers and the main event – The FIFA Interactive World Cup 2015 Grand Final. The FIWC 2015 champion will receive an invitation to the FIFA Ballon d’Or Gala and USD 20,000 in prize money. More information about the fantastic prizes up for grabs in FIWC 2015 can be found on the Prizes page.

There are two phases to the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2015: The qualification phase and the tournament showpiece, the FIWC 2015 Grand Final. At the Grand Final, 20 players will battle it out to be crowned virtual world champion.


Qualification phase
Defending champion August Rosenmeier receives an automatic place at the Grand Final. Joining him will be 19 other Grand Finalists.

Online Seasons
There are six online qualification seasons for FIWC 2015. A total of 16 Grand Final seats will be awarded to online players. Each season, the top two players on the Leaderboard will qualify for the Grand Final. In addition, the four best players that finish in third-place from the six online qualification seasons will also be awarded a seat at the Grand Final.

Live Events
There are three Grand Final qualifications seats available through live events for FIWC 2015. There will be two PS4 Showcase Live Qualification Events. These live events qualifiers and their pre-qualifier matches will be decided on PlayStation®4 consoles. There will also be a Host Country Live Qualification Event for FIWC2015. The winners of the PS4 Showcase Live Events and the Host Country Qualifier Winner will receive a place at the FIWC15 Grand Final in Munich.

Season duration
Each online season kicks off at 2.00am* on the first day of the respective month and finishes at 1.59am* on the first day of the next month (*All times are based on local time Vancouver, home of EA SPORTS™ FIFA). There will be no break between online seasons. Points will be automatically reset when a new online season kicks off ensuring everyone gets a fresh chance to qualify with every new season. You only have to register once to take part in all six seasons.


 Online Season   Date  Season Starts Season Ends
 Season One  1 October to 1 November 2014    2.00am PDT*  1.59am PST*
 Season Two  1 November to 1 December 2014    2.00am PDT*  1.59am PST*
 Season Three  1 December 2014 to 1 January 2015    2.00am PST*  1.59am PST*
 Season Four  1 January to 1 February 2015    2.00am PST*  1.59am PST*
 Season Five  1 February to 1 March 2015    2.00am PST*  1.59am PST*
 Season Six  1 March to 1 April 2015    2.00am PST*  1.59am PDT

*Pacific Daylight Time
*Pacific Standard Time

90-game maximum per season
Players are only allowed to play a maximum number of 90 matches in a single qualification season. After the 90-match cap has been reached, a player will have to wait until the next qualification season begins to play again in FIWC 2015. In-Game, once a player hits the cap they will still be able to enter the FIWC hub, view their stats and the leaderboard and see how many days are remaining until the next season begins, but players won’t be able to advance to Team Select, in order to search for a match. Players that have reached the cap will be unable are unable to play any more FIWC games until the next season of FIWC 2015.


In the event that more than one player finishes in a tied position on the Season Leaderboard, the following tie-breaker criteria will be used to decide the winner:

1. Total Average ( Total number of leaderboard points / number of played games)
2. Goal difference
3. Goals scored
4. Goal ratio (goals vs. shots on goal)
5. Average goals conceded per game
6. Number of red cards
7. Lottery draw


Grand Final
Twenty finalists will compete at the FIWC 2015 Grand Final:
– The defending champion
– The 12 players that finish in the top two places for the six online seasons
– The best four players that finish in third place in the online seasons
– The two winners of the PS4 Showcase live events
– The winner of the Host Country Live Qualifier Event


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