FIFA Interactive World Cup 2016 Grand Finalists

FIWC 2016 Grand Finalists


Who are the 32 best FIFA gamers of the world? We show you all the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2016 Grand Finalists.

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The Grand Final of FIWC 2016

FIFA Interactive World Cup 2016 Grand Finalists


Over 2.3 million players competed for a seat at the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2016 Grand Final. From that massive field of challengers, only 32 of the world’s most elite EA Sports™ FIFA 16 gamers are still in the running for a chance to win FIFA’s official world title for virtual football.

The 32 finalists that will compete in New York are FIWC 2015 champion Abdulaziz Alshehri, the 15 players that qualified on the PlayStation leaderboards over the three online seasons, the 15 players that qualified on the Xbox leaderboards over three online seasons, and finally, Brian Jaldin – winner of the Host Country Qualifier for FIWC 2016.


FIFA Interactive World Cup 2016 Grand Finalists


From 20 to 22 March, 32 of the world’s elite EA SPORTS FIFA 16 gamers will gather in New York for the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2016 Grand Final – the annual event that will decide the next world champion of virtual football.

With only a single name still to be decided on 20 February when the USA Host Country Live Qualification event takes place in Seattle, we are proud to reveal the list of Grand Finalists for the 12th edition of the world’s largest gaming tournament.

Over 7.2 million online matches were played during the three-month-long online qualification season. In total, over 2.3 million players competed in qualification for the 2016 Grand Final, making the New York edition the second-largest FIWC tournament of all time (the largest to date is FIWC 2013 which comprised over 2.5 million gamers).

17 nations will be represented at the Grand Final in New York, ensuring that the next champion represents the best player of EA SPORTS™ FIFA 16 anywhere in the world! Congratulations to the qualified players. New York is waiting!


Let’s see the complete list of FIFA Interactive World Cup 2016 Grand Finalists:


Online Season 1 Qualified Players
Khalid Aloufi (Saudi Arabia), Javier Alvarez (Costa Rica), Demetri Anastasiou (England), Rodrigo Araujo (Brazil), Michael Bittner (Germany), Allan Castello (Brazil), Dean Coombes (England), Arthur Dabilgou (Burkina Faso), Giuseppe Guastella (USA), Niklas Raseck (Germany)

Online Season 2 Qualified Players
Rachid Azzahim (Morocco), Mohamad Al-Bacha (Denmark), Oliver Chesses (England), Edson Mata (Brazil), Michael Ribeiro (USA), Yesid Rodriguez (Colombia), Johann Simon (France), Irving Velazquez (Mexico), Ty Walton (England), Stefan Zolker (Australia)

Online Season 3 Qualified Players
Kevin Assia (Germany),Dylan Bance (France), Victor Guedes (Brazil), Jasso Herrera (Mexico), Ivan Lapanje (Sweden), Robnel Lovera (Venezuela), Luke Mitchell (Australia), August Rosenmeier (Denmark), Emiliano Ruiz (Mexico), Abdulaziz Shiddo (Sudan)

FIWC 2015 champion (automatically qualified)
Abdulaziz Alshehri (Saudi Arabia)

Host Country Qualifier Winner
Brian Jaldin


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