FIFA vs. PES: Which Soccer Game Reigns Supreme?

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The Rivalry Between the Popular Virtual Football Games

Football fans in simulation games are divided into two types, those who prefer to play Fifa and those who like PES. This year has seen the release of the 2 newest versions from both manufacturers. And it is safe to say that the statistics show a greater number of fans of Electronic Arts, rather than Konami. Both versions have their advantages and disadvantages, and the main aspects of these simulators will be considered in detail.

Immediately we can note the realism of the picture in PES, there are smooth enough shots and passes, and sometimes you can not even understand if it is a virtual game or a real match. But as strange as it may sound, the realism of the game makes it less popular among gamers. The reason for this complex gameplay and constant game control.



With each new version developers make the game more and more advanced, this is constantly taking place implementation of modern settings. And in this section, Pro Evolution Soccer takes all the credit. With their help, players can take full control of the game and do not depend on the operators at all.

In both simulators, there is an artificial intelligence. Which is becoming much more skilled with each new game. Thus, the simulator is fully adjusting to all moments of the player and in the next game you will have to think carefully to win against your opponent. But it’s worth noting that if you set the difficulty level, it will be really difficult to win and you’ll have to try hard. However, if you choose a low or medium difficulty level, winning will be quite simple. Professionals who choose the difficult level should be constantly focused on the game and pay attention to all details.

The new version of Fifa is the only one with tactical options. On the one hand this is a definite plus, because newcomers will not be able to play with the new features due to a lack of familiarity with the technology.


Kicks and Processes Related to the Ball

Fifa 23 has greatly improved the kicking system. It’s now impossible to hit a ball at random. In order to kick the ball you can use two options :

  • The traditional method – pressing the kick button to the desired force;
  • The timed Fishing system. In order to use this technique, you have to press the standard kick button, wait until the green light above the players in the simulator comes on and then press the kick button again. This system takes some getting used to. It is, however, an advanced and unique system. Using it will help you win the advantage over your opponent.

The new version has also introduced a new technology where the techniques and the kicks will depend on the skills of the player. Professional players now become the preferred one . With their help you can use less power and always have an edge over your opponents.

But even this technology has not helped Fifa to take the lead on this point due to the fact that in PEC all the conditions described above have existed before and are more advanced.
In both Fifa and pec no goalkeeper plays the way they should. Constantly encounter lags and bugs that artificial intelligence cannot change.


The Storyline in the Game

Some Fifa developers believe that the presence of a storyline brings the game to a new level. It increases the player’s motivation to play constantly. For instance, all fans are already familiar with Alex Hunter and his friends. He has been around for several years and managed to appear even in the yard version of the game.

The PEC does not have this technology and is unlikely to appear in the near future.


International and National Tournaments

In order to increase the interest of the players to play again it is necessary to offer as many interesting tournaments as possible. In this competition Fifa is winning so far. Despite the fact that there are a lot to choose from, all of them are local and standard matches. Fifa offers world class top events. Also from this year only the simulator from Electronic Arts has been offering games from the UEFA Cup, the Europa League and the Champions League.

Now PEC is actively working on concluding an agreement between representatives of the Russian Football Premier League. The introduction of such matches will lure some Russian players from the Fifa to PEC.


Interface and graphics

Speaking of the graphical qualities of the PEC, all is not as good as one would hope. The game has been around for over 17 years. And you may get the feeling that the way the players are drawn has not been changed in all that time. The interface in the simulator is rather complicated and confusing, the drawing of players is poor.

Fifa on the contrary, tried to work on the graphics and interface at 100 percent. Football players are well traced and perform even very small movements. The simulator from Electronic Arts has a very nice atmosphere, where you can find fans who shout from the podium, game banners and world famous stadiums.


Online Mode

Both games can give the importance to fans to play live with real people. They all use different platforms for this. So for example Fifa offers the Ultimate Team to play live, and Pec the myClub. The first option involves a larger audience, so each game will be more interesting and varied.
The difference in the number of players is due to the following factors:

  • The lack of restrictions between ranked matches;
  • Adding a new Division Rivals system, instead of the classic feature.

All of these changes have been implemented due to the sensitivity of Fifa’s developers to player feedback. They have taken into account all the wishes and desires.



There has been a detailed comparison between the two popular simulators. It is safe to say that Electronic Arts’ Fifa is in the lead. It is played by more players, the predisposing factor is the simple interface and the large number of interesting features. The game is constantly improving and getting better with each update.
Fifa plays to the players’ emotions, they feel the atmosphere is pleasant and they choose it.

PES has a rather unclear method of operation. Initially, players are faced with very complicated settings, incomprehensible sliders and menus. Not all players can spend a few days trying to figure out the settings for fun. Everyone is ready to give up the picking process right away and find a new, simpler simulator.

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