FIFA Points Have Finally Arrived to PSN

FIFA Points Have Finally Arrived to PSN


Do you want to buy FIFA Points directly from your PSN ? Now it is possible !


FIFA Points Have Finally Arrived to PSN


The only way to buy FIFA Points was doing it from the Ultimate Team store. Not any more. Now you can buy FIFA Points directly from the Playstation Store just like you are used to do in game. This seems to be a good news for everyone that usually spends money buying FIFA Points in the FUT store. The prices are the same ones but everything is much easier now. You can do it just from your internet browser. Just go to your PSN, search for ‘FIFA Points’ and buy.


FIFA Points Have Finally Arrived to PSN

FGN was the first website to announce the FIFA 15 release date


Just to remember, here are the FIFA Points prices that you will find in the Sony store:

    100 FIFA Points – 0.99 Euros
    250 FIFA Points – 2.49 Euros
    500 FIFA Points – 4.99 Euros
    750 FIFA Points – 6.99 Euros
    1,050 FIFA Points – 9.99 Euros
    1,575 FIFA Points – 14.99 Euros
    2,000 FIFA Points – 19.99 Euros
    4,600 FIFA Points – 39.99 Euros
    12,.000 FIFA Points – 99.99 Euros


2 thoughts on “FIFA Points Have Finally Arrived to PSN”

  1. @rodrigo
    Hi Rodrigo, jus wanted ask. Any news or idea exactly tots is coming out? Now everyday seems like a year now. Lol. And do u have any tips or knowledge abt how to transfer. Big amount of coins from one acc to another? Without having to use my big players (highly rated ones) I bought coins and now I’m having a hard time transferring them lil bit by bit and on top of that EA are taking fucking tax from that too. Hope u have a nice day mate. Great job keeeeepppittUupppppaa

    1. Hi.
      TOTS are out now as probably you already know.
      It is not easy to transfer big amounts of coins without making it in smaller parcels several times, using the minimum and maximum ranges.

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