FIFA World Launched a New GamePlay Engine


As you probably know, FIFA World is a free-to-play football simulation video game produced by EA Sports. Now, they have launched a new gameplay engine to make the game even better.


FIFA World Launched a New GamePlay Engine

FIFA World, the free-to-play football game for PC, is launching a new gameplay engine as part of the biggest update to the game yet.

This new engine introduces a number of gameplay features from previous FIFA franchise titles such as Attacking Intelligence, Complete Dribbling, First Touch Controls and Tactical Free Kicks.


More about this game:

    FIFA World Ultimate Team is the closest thing to owning your own football club. Play to earn virtual coins and build your squad from the ground up. You call the shots on who gets to stay and who gets transferred. Choose your favourite club and we’ll start you off with one of their players in your starter squad!

    FIFA World is authentic, with more than 12,000 real players, over 600 real clubs and 33 leagues.

    Create squads featuring multiple generations as you keep your players while the game advances from season to season. New versions of players are released every year and depending on their performance their ratings may increase, decrease or stay the same. Eden Hazard from Season 2014 or Eden Hazard from Season 2015, you decide which one better fits your squad!

    Only available in FIFA World, accomplishments rewards players for completing tasks based on scenarios from the real world of football! For example, if Leo Messi scores a header on the weekend you may be challenged to do the same in the game and earn great rewards. New Accomplishments are added every week so there is always something new to do.

    FIFA World is always getting better! You install the game once and then just download free updates. Major releases can contain new modes, new features and in Release 9.0, a whole new gameplay engine!

    You don’t need a high-powered gaming PC to play FIFA World! Play at work, at home, at school – all you need is an average spec desktop or laptop PC and a broadband internet connection.

    FIFA World is available as a FREE download. Join the millions playing EA SPORTS FIFA World and feed your passion for football!


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