First title update for FIFA 15 is out

Future FIFA: Improving The Game


FIFA 15 is released today in US. But the first title update was launched two days before it.


First title update for FIFA 15 is out

The first title update for FIFA 15 players with Playstation 4 was released on September 21st.

Let’s see what is new:


First title update for FIFA 15 is out


7 thoughts on “First title update for FIFA 15 is out”

  1. What about handball in the game, why they didn’t fix that? You can clearly see players touching ball with their hands and referee never calls foul.
    Are we playing football or handball, if there is no handball in the game then why there is option to turn it ON/OFF in the game menu???

      1. I wish it was sometimes but unfortunately it’s happen always. I talked to ea advisor and report problem. One of the advisors told me he noticed that too when he played the game and he promised to report this to game developers to fix in future updates. Now we have title update # 2 and still no fixes 🙁

          1. It depends of the platform. Next-gen has more updates than current-gen. Usually it is something like 5 or 6, most of them in the first three months.

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