Five Years of FIFA Ultimate Team

Five Years of FIFA Ultimate Team


It is the fifth anniversary of FIFA Ultimate Team, the most popular FIFA game mode, and EA is trying to do it in a big style.


Five Years of FIFA Ultimate Team

March 19 marks the five year anniversary of FIFA Ultimate Team, the most popular mode in FIFA. When FUT was first introduced in FIFA 09, it started with just over 1 million users. Today, 21 million gamers have played a match of FIFA Ultimate Team.

To celebrate FUT’s fifth birthday, FIFA Ultimate Team will be holding special events throughout the week. At the same time, they have complied an infographic highlighting all the changes that have taken place to FIFA Ultimate Team over the last five years.


Five Years of FIFA Ultimate Team


But which are the special events ? Let’s see:

    Five Free Gold Packs
    To all the FUT players, EA Sports is giving five untradeable Gold Rare packs. To get it, you will need to access to your FIFA 14 Ultimate Team account on PC or console until Monday, March 24th. These packs are not available through the Web App or the Companion App for FIFA mobile. Don’t forget that these items can not be sold.
    Daily Gifts
    Daily Gifts are available until Monday, March 24th. You just need to open your FUT Web App to get it. A new gift every day. If you skip a day, you will loose the offer of that day.
    Packs Discounts
    Pay attention to the FUT store. You will find great discounts on FUT packs. For example: on the first day, you can buy up to five packs by 5k each when the normal price is usually 15k.
    Happy Hours
    Besides the discounts, you can also expect special Happy Hours. It is your chance to get THAT special pack.

Good luck and happy birthday FUT.


6 thoughts on “Five Years of FIFA Ultimate Team”

  1. Hi, trying to find an answer to my query and came across your site:

    How do I exit out of current season in FIFA 14 as I don’t have the correct playing personnel. I want to go back to an easier season league which I had been playing. Just don’t know how to get out of current season


      1. Thanks for reply Rodrigo. So is there a way I can play anything?? I cannot play current league as don’t have the correct player requirements. How do I get out of it?? Or how do I start a new online season?

        Many thanks from Oz

          1. Thanks again for reply. I’m only beginner and have hardly any money ­čÖü and cannot seem to get my “Chemistry” high enough for “Football League 1” League. !! I’ll keep trying.

            I managed to get x2 League 1 players cheap (which was one of the requirements) so that part is ok- but it’s the “Chemistry” that I’m struggling with!!

            Just hoped there might have been an easier way to start again and choose a different league.

            Thanks Rodrigo.

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