EA Sports Football Club Catalogue – On Line Items

EA Sports Football Club Catalogue - On Line Items


List of all On Line items from the EA Sports Football Club Catalogue.


EA Sports Football Club Catalogue

The EA Sports Football Club Catalogue is a kind of store where players can trade the FCC (Football Club Credits) they earned by hundreds of items.

Every time you play FIFA 14, you earn XP points and FCC until the daily limit of 2,000 for each one. As we already explained, you can spend the FCC to unlock items on EA Sports Football Cub. You need to get a specific level to buy certain items. That’s why XP points are important. Players can not trade items of a higher level and are not allowed to buy a item more than once. The purchased items are marked with a green tick and the inactive items are marked in gray until the player reaches the respective level.

To access to EA Sports Football Club Catalogue, players just need to select ‘Football Club’ from the main FIFA 14 menu and then ‘Catalogue’. It is not possible to access Catalogue from the FUT Web App.

Inside the EA Sports Football Club Catalogue, the items are organized by level of experience and by category. It is possible, for example, to filter the items that are exclusively for Ultimate Team mode. The categories available are: Game Play items, Ultimate Team items, On line items and Career items.


On line items


On Line Items

Here is the list of all On line items that you can trade from catalogue:

[accordion_item title =”Co-Op Seasons”]

Co-op Seasons Draw2500
Co-op Seasons Extra Match6500
Co-op Seasons Win81000
Co-op Seasons Draw11750
Co-op Seasons Extra Match13700
Co-op Seasons Draw181000
Co-op Seasons Extra Match22900
Co-op Seasons Draw241250
Co-op Seasons Win262000
Co-op Seasons Draw321500
Co-op Seasons Extra Match361100
Co-op Seasons Extra Match381300
Co-op Seasons Extra Match421500
Co-op Seasons Win433000
Co-op Seasons Extra Match481700
Co-op Seasons Extra Match551900
Co-op Seasons Extra Match602100
Co-op Seasons Win884000
Co-op Seasons Extra Match942300
Co-op Seasons Draw962000
Co-op Seasons Extra Match1053500
Co-op Seasons Draw1224500

[accordion_item title =”On Line Pro”]

Online Pro Ball Skills Boost2200
Online Pro Goalkeeper Boost4200
Online Pro Mental Boost6200
Online Pro Passing Boost8200
Online Pro Defense Boost10200
Online Pro Physical Boost12200
Online Pro Shooting Boost14200
Online Pro Boost Bundle181250
Online Pro Ball Skills Boost23400
Online Pro Goalkeeper Boost25400
Online Pro Mental Boost27400
Online Pro Passing Boost29400
Online Pro Defense Boost31400
Online Pro Physical Boost33400
Online Pro Shooting Boost35400
Online Pro Boost Bundle432000
Online Pro Swerve Pass Trait52600
Online Pro Fancy Flicks Trait58750
Online Pro Diving Header Trait58850
Online Pro Ball Skills Boost631000
Online Pro Goalkeeper Boost651000
Online Pro Fancy Passes Trait651000
Online Pro Mental Boost671000
Online Pro Passing Boost691000
Online Pro Defense Boost711000
Online Pro Black Gloves Acessory721500
Online Pro Physical Boost731000
Online Pro Shooting Boost751000
Online Pro Bicycle Kicks Trait861500
Online Pro Undershirt Acessory913500
Online Pro High Socks Acessory1012000

[accordion_item title =”Seasons”]

Seasons Extra Match3300
Seasons Win4500
Seasons Draw5400
Seasons Extra Match6500
Seasons Extra Match7400
Seasons Win8750
Seasons Draw9600
Seasons Extra Match10600
Seasons Extra Match12700
Seasons Extra Match16800
Seasons Draw19800
Seasons Extra Match21900
Seasons Draw231000
Seasons Win251000
Season Cup Unlock282000
Seasons Draw301200
Seasons Extra Match311000
Seasons Draw341400
Seasons Draw361600
Seasons Extra Match371100
Seasons Draw391800
Seasons Extra Match401200
Seasons Draw412200
Seasons Extra Match441400
Seasons Draw462000
Seasons Extra Match521300
Seasons Draw542400
Seasons Extra Match561500
Seasons Win621500
Seasons Extra Match641600
Seasons Win692000
Seasons Extra Match711700
Seasons Extra Match751900
Seasons Extra Match792500
Seasons Extra Match811800
Seasons Draw822600
Seasons Extra Match842000
Seasons Draw902800
Seasons Extra Match923000
Seasons Win973000
Seasons Extra Match983500
Seasons Draw1104000
Seasons Win1257500



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