FUT 14 Legends Spotlight – Paulo Futre is the New Legend of the Week


Every week there is a new FUT 14 Legends Spotlight. This week is the time of Paulo Futre.


FUT 14 Legends Spotlight – Paulo Futre is the New Legend of the Week

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Legends are special cards that are included in the game as any other card. The players of these cards are some of the greatest football players of all time. Each football legend have unique attributes based on their skills and flair during the peak of their careers. They probably are the best cards of the game. These special cards are only available for XBox One and for XBox 360.

During the week in which a Legend is featured in the Spotlight, you are more likely to find this item than at any other time of the year. During a Legends Spotlight, all other Legends will still available in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team. However, you are more likely to find that featured legend for that particular week.

Each week, EA Sports will highlight a particular Legend, whom players can then challenge along with a few of his legendary friends in Legends Team Challenge. Gamers will be able to earn coins for defeating that week’s featured Legend and their squad (only the first time). It’s just like FUT Team of the Week, but with the world’s finest footballers.

The most recent player to be appointed to Legend of the Week was Paulo Futre.

A Portuguese international since the age of 17, Futre gained more than 40 caps for his country, representing it at the 1986 World Cup. After exploding at Sporting well before his 20th birthday, he soon moved to Porto – winning the 1987 European Cup – after which he embarked in an extensive career, having represented clubs in Spain, France, Italy and Japan, most notably Atlético Madrid. He also played for the most known Portuguese club, Benfica.


FUT 14 Legends Spotlight - Paulo Futre is the New Legend of the Week


The Spotlight changes to a new Legend each week on Friday at 6pm UK time (9am Pacific).
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