FUT 14 Web App Is Already Online

FUT 14 Web App Begins Tomorrow, September 15th


Are you ready for the new Season ? FUT 14 Web App is open now.


FUT 14 Web App is Already Online

The new season is coming and the most important day is the first one.

For returned players (who played FUT 13 and previous versions), the season starts before the game release. FIFA 14 will be released at September 25th or September 27th, depending of your geographic location. The early access on the FUT 14 Web App was at September 13th. For most of the gamers, that will be the first day of the new season.

To access the FUT 14 Web App, just click on THIS link. The initial date was September 15th but EA Sports has anticipated in two days avoiding in this way a server overloaded. Pay attention that it may not work at 100% in the beginning. There are many thousands of players trying to access it at the same time. If you have problems to enter in the FUT 14 Web App, try to wait a couple of hours.

After you get into the FUT 14 Web App for the first time, the new season will be starting for you. But do you know what may you expect ? Do you know the first thing you should do ? If you answered no to both questions, you should check a great article of FIFA U Team website that shows exactly which ones should be your first steps in the new season. Check it HERE or in the picture below.


FUT 14 Web App Is Already Online


And you ? What will be the first thing you will do when you get access to the FUT 14 Web App ? Are you thinking buying packs ? Do you have a special technique to collect enough coins on the first days to start building your squad ? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section.


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