FUT 21 Headliners Event

FUT 21 Headliners

They’re set to write the headlines in 2021 thanks to their incredible form, glimpses of potential under a new manager, operating in a new system or position, or a return from the treatment table. FUT 21 Headliners celebrates these players with special unique dynamic items that are permanently upgraded with the potential to be further upgraded based on individual and team performances throughout the 2020/21 season!


FUT 21 Headliners Event

At the launch of the event, each FUT 21 Headliners player item is released at one in-form upgrade higher than their latest qualifying performance-based In-Form (TOTW, MOTM, Hero or Team of the Group Stage item) or their base item. Each time a Headliner gets a performance-based In-Form, their Headliner item will also receive an In-Form upgrade. This ensures that their Headliner item will always stay one in-form ahead for the remainder of the season.

In addition, FUT 21 Headliners will also receive an additional one-time permanent upgrade if their club achieves four back to back wins during the remainder of the domestic league season. If this occurs, the Headliners item will remain two In-Forms ahead of their last performance-based In-Form throughout FUT 21.

The first team of FUT 21 Headliners was available from January 8, while the second one was released one week later.

FUT 21 Headliners Event


FIFA 21 Headliners FAQ

Q: Are FUT 21 Headliners dynamic items?
A: Yes, FUT 21 Headliners are dynamic items that get automatically upgraded each time the player earns a qualified in-form item during the remainder of the current season.

Q: What is a performance based In-Form?
A: A performance-based In-Form is an item awarded from real-world performances. Performance-Based in-form items include TOTW (until the end of the 2020/21 season), MOTM, Hero, and Team Of The Tournament selections. Headliner items will NOT be upgraded based on POTM, and other campaigns (TOTY, TOTS).

Q: Which games qualify for a domestic league club wins upgrade?
A: Only domestic league fixtures count towards a players’ clubs winning streak. Domestic Cup, UEFA competitions, and international fixtures do not count towards a club win streak.

Q: When does the club winning streak start from?
A: The winning streak for each club starts from the launch of Headliners on January 1. Any club wins before that date does not count towards the upgrade.

Q: How long will a FUT 21 Headliners player take to get updated in-game?
A: An upgrade based on a team’s winning streak will be updated on the following Wednesday.

Q: What happens if a Headliners Player is transferred/loaned to a different club?
A: If a Headliners player transfers/goes on loan during the season the Headliners item will remain at their previous club until they either receive an IF at their new club or their new club achieves a club winning streak from the time the player joins onwards. At that point, the Headliners item will be updated with the player’s new club.

Q: What happens if a player’s in-form item is in a different position to their FUT 21 Headliner item?
A: The position of the headliner item will always stay the same as the position at which it was released.

Q: Will FUT 21 Headliners’ dynamic images change if they get an upgrade?
A: Headliner items will have their own unique image, the image will remain the same regardless of upgrades. The image will change if the player transfers clubs and they receive an upgrade.

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