FUT 21 Rulebreakers Event

FUT 21 Rulebreakers Event

Some rules are meant to be broken. Meet a group of players who defy the status quo by tearing up the pitch with unique permanent upgrades. Introducing the FUT 21 Rulebreakers…


FUT 21 Rulebreakers Event

Rulebreakers players will be available in FUT over the course of the campaign, with the first group released on Friday 23rd October.

Rulebreakers leave behind their previous styles of play and transform into different kinds of stars with game-changing stat updates.

For example, check out Rulebreakers Team 1 and their newly recalibrated stats:

Now you can play in new ways with some of your old favourites, creating variety in squad building like never before.

Keep your eyes peeled for additional FUT 21 Rulebreakers to be made available through upcoming Squad Building Challenges and Objectives.

In addition, for the first time, by completing select Objectives during a limited-time Live FUT Friendly event, you’ll be able to obtain an exclusive Rulebreakers player reward.

Finally, Halloween and Day of the Dead also return to FUT with Squad Building Challenges and Objectives featuring themed kits, stadium items, and pack rewards beginning Thursday 29th October.

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