FUT 22 Captains Promo Event

FUT 22 Captains

For the first time ever, the FUT 22 Captains Promo event is officially out, featuring dynamic player items and other content.


FUT 22 Captains Promo

Football’s inspirational leaders are ready to take the armband in your dream squad. Celebrate club and national team skippers past and present with special boosted FUT Captains & FUT Hero Captains Player Items, now in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team™.

FUT Captains brings upgrades for some of football’s greatest club and national team captains and vice-captains, with big boosts to their stats.

Along with some of the game’s most recognisable current captains, FUT Captains also celebrates famous leaders of the past. Introducing FUT Hero Captains – upgraded versions of select FUT Heroes that wore the armband for their club or country.

Plus build your squad up with player and pack Squad Building Challenges – including daily ICON Moments SBCs celebrating legendary national team or club captains – over the course of the FUT Captains campaign, starting April 8th until April 22nd at 5pm UTC.


Two squads of special FUT Captains player items are coming to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team starting with team one on Friday April 08, with the second team following on one week later. You’ll also find additional players to unlock through Squad Building Challenges and Objectives throughout the two-week campaign.

FUT 22 Captains Promo Event
FUT 22 Captains Promo Event

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are FUT Hero Captains?
A: FUT Hero Captains are special upgraded versions of select FUT Heroes that were captains or vice captains during their career.
Compared to their base FUT Hero version, all FUT Hero Captains will have boosted stats, a new profile story based on their Captain moment, a new item design and a new action shot.
FUT Hero Captains will be made available throughout the Campaign for a limited time only.

Q: Can FUT Heroes Captains have a different associated league?
A: Yes, some FUT Hero Captains may have a different league association based on when they captained their team during their career.

Q: Do FUT Hero Captains replace their base FUT hero version in Packs?
A: Yes, FUT Hero Captains will replace their base FUT Hero version only while available in Packs. FUT Hero Captains made available outside of packs (e.g. SBCs or Objectives) do not replace their base FUT Hero version in packs.

Q: Can FUT Heroes feature in future campaigns or programs?
A: Yes, there may be additional versions made available as part of select FUT 22 Campaigns and Programs.

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