FUT 22 Shapeshifters Promo Event

FUT 22 Shapeshifters

FUT 22 Shapeshifters event is officially out, featuring position changes and ratings/stats boosts.


FUT 22 Shapeshifters Promo

Some of the biggest names in football come to FUT 22 as you’ve never seen them before. Shapeshifters bring a new dimension of players to FUT 22, with a range of position changes that influence the way you build your squad.

In addition to players released into packs, you’ll be able to unlock additional Shapeshifters for your team throughout the campaign via Squad Building Challenges and Objectives.

See your dream squad take a new form now as the Shapeshifters arrive in FUT 22!


Two squads of special FUT 22 Shapeshifters player items are coming to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team starting with team one on Friday June 17, with the second team following on one week later. You’ll also find additional players to unlock through Squad Building Challenges and Objectives throughout the two-week campaign.

FUT 22 Shapeshifters Promo Event
FUT 22 Shapeshifters Promo Event

1 thought on “FUT 22 Shapeshifters Promo Event”

  1. Jimi Johansen.

    Hi EA. ONE Thing that could be improved is the player+ selection. Any and all kinds. I cant even begin to count how many times I have laughed, this though in utter frustration!! Ex. 82 + SBC 1/4 players, player choice. Out comes. Joe Gomes 82, Dani Olmos 82, Richarlison 82 and Pay Torres 82. Wow. Over and over this would happen. Or the 84 or 85 + player choice 1/3. Ex. 85 that happened to me. 85, David Silva, 85 Gulasci, 85 Gnabry. That sucks. Its not all bad nor always. But a Player choice 1/3 or even 1/5 should never ever see 5 lame evenly rated cards come out. That s why its called 80+. 82, 84, 85+!!! This is my comment. You have an amazing game. Dont ruin it with too much of this. I have cut my costs because I lost my apartment 6 months ago. I dont have money no more for all those FIFA PACKS THROUGH POINTS. so I use the very limited amount of players I get for these SBC’s. And sadly for me more than half up to ,70 0/0 is like demonstrated. Could you look into a better way plz.?? Sincerely Jimi , From Denmark.

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