FUT 23 Ballers Event

FUT 23 Ballers Event

The FUT Ballers deliver creativity on and off the pitch, either dialling up the flair when the lights are brightest and or dialling up the fashion when the cameras are flashing. These stylish footballers are unmistakably and uniquely themselves, bringing their own swagger to everything they do.

FUT Ballers will be available throughout the week via select SBCs and Objectives.


Play to Style Objective

The Play to Style Objective offers the chance to earn upgraded FUT Baller Player Items—complete with creative upgrades like skill moves, dribbling boosts, or new traits—using SBC versions of those same FUT Ballers.

The FUT Ballers Player SBCs will be available daily, and each will be key to unlocking their higher rated, more stylish Objectives version. And by completing the Play to Style Objective in its entirety, you can also unlock a FUT Birthday Team 1 pack, available on March the 24th.

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