The FUT 23 FUTTIES Event brings back some of your favorite content, re-releasing the best packs, SBCs, and objectives.



Celebrate the season gone by and the summer ahead with FUTTIES, a festive wrap-up of this year in FUT 23. Enjoy brand new FUTTIES Player Items to add to your squad—including FUTTIES Heroes and Premium Chemistry FUTTIES—plus welcome back some of the best players from across FUT 23 with several batches of re-released Player Items.

The FUTTIES-themed takeover of Season Progress celebrates previous campaigns from throughout FUT 23. Milestone rewards include new FUTTIES players, re-released players, and a range of pack rewards.
There are also a range of national team-themed customisation options available so that you can show your support for the FIFA Women’s World Cup™ taking place this summer. The final week of Season 8 will be a Double XP week. Twice the amount of XP will be made available via SBCs and Objectives for the week, giving you the chance to accelerate your Season Progress. In addition to the 40 level in Season Progress there will be a special kit unlocked at a bonus level 41 with special objectives to unlock if you complete the season early.

Premium Chemistry
Premium Chemistry returns to FUT with FUTTIES to provide more powerful links to your squad. Player Items with Premium Chemistry—which will be signified by the Crown logo at the top of their item—have the same chemistry qualities as Heroes, in addition to their Club link.

Rewards Change
Starting in FUTTIES, EA’ll be updating FUT Champions, Rivals and Squad Battles Rewards. In addition to Milestone Rewards, Elite Division players will also receive a 92+ Shapeshifters or EFIGS TOTS Pick (1 of 4) Player Pick each week of the Rivals Season. These player picks will include TOTS players from Premier League, Ligue 1, Serie A, Bundesliga & LaLiga TOTS Squads.

FUT 23 FUTTIES Promo Event
FUT 23 FUTTIES Promo Event

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