FUT 23 Future Stars Event

FUT 23 Future Stars Event

FUT 23 Future Stars is the yearly celebration of the wonderkids poised to take The World’s Game by storm. Former Future Stars have gone on to win league titles, team of the season honours, and even hoist international trophies, so each Special Player Item represents a footballer’s induction into an elite class of the brightest prospects in the game. Every upgrade represents what each Future Star could become, with upgrades that showcase them at their full potential.


FUT 23 Future Stars Event

FUT Future Stars is EA’s definitive list of breakout stars for 2022. These wonderkids are on the cusp of breaking through into the football mainstream this season. In Future Stars, EA flash forward to what these youngsters could become if they fulfil their potential. Several Future Stars will be released in packs, for a limited time, with supercharged stats to help them compete with today’s FUT elite. Throughout the event, a few more Future Stars will be available through SBCs and Objectives. The game’s biggest young talent arrive in EA SPORTS™ FIFA 23 Ultimate Team with ratings reflecting their out of this world potential.

Turn promising talent into a prime performer for your squad with the Future Stars Academy. Complete Objectives in FUT with Future Stars Academy players to earn up to four versions of their Future Stars item, simulating their progression towards their peak.

The first team of FUT 23 Future Stars was available from February 3, while the second one was released one week later.

FUT 23 Future Stars Event
FUT 23 Future Stars Event


Who is eligible to be a Future Star?
A: Future Stars is a list of the brightest breakthrough talents who are 23 or under and have shown high potential but have not yet become established global stars or been released in past Future Stars campaigns.

How are Future Stars’ ratings determined?
A: Future Stars’ ratings represent the rating they could achieve at the peak of their career, if they reach their full potential.

How do Upgradable Objectives Players get upgraded?
A: Each Upgradable Objectives Player will have a dedicated objective that you can work through to earn the four versions of their Future Star item, simulating that player’s progression throughout their career. After unlocking the first version of the player, their subsequent items can be earned by completing various objectives with the latest unlocked version.

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