FUT 23 Rulebreakers Promo Event

FUT 23 Rulebreakers

The FUT 23 Rulebreakers have arrived, transforming their style of play with game-changing attributes boosts that will shake up your dream squad.


FUT 23 Rulebreakers

Forget what you thought you knew—the Rulebreakers are here.

One by one, their signature playing styles have been flipped on their head, adding unexpected facets to their games to vie for a place in your Ultimate Team. Each Rulebreaker is an opportunity to reinvent how you build your squad with players that can break the mould and shine in new roles.

Rulebreakers mix things up on the pitch, leaving behind their usual style of play with game-changing attributes upgrades that transform their role on the pitch, bringing them into the spotlight and giving you new squad-building options.

The first squad of Rulebreakers is released on Friday, October 14, with a second squad to follow one week later. Throughout the event in FUT 23 you’ll also find Rulebreakers-themed Squad Building Challenges, Objectives, Live FUT Friendlies, and more with some great rewards on offer to help you boost your squad.

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