FUT 23 Shapeshifters Event

FUT 23 Shapeshifters

FUT 23 Shapeshifters event is officially out, featuring position changes and ratings/stats boosts.


FUT 23 Shapeshifters Promo

Some of the biggest names in football come to FUT 23 as you’ve never seen them before. Shapeshifters bring a new dimension of players to FUT 23, with a range of position changes that influence the way you build your squad. In addition to players released into packs, you’ll be able to unlock additional Shapeshifters for your team throughout the campaign via Squad Building Challenges and Objectives. See your dream squad take a new form now as the Shapeshifters arrive in FUT 23!

Peek into an alternate FUT universe where household names are known for completely new abilities on the pitch. Shapeshifters transforms footballers into brand new superstars with different skills, abilities, playing styles, and even positions to unlock fresh squad building possibilities.

Icons and Twin Icons
Shapeshifters reaches back through history to reimagine the playing styles of iconic footballers across The World’s Game. Some of these reinvented ICONs will also have Twin Upgrades—two versions of the legendary player, each with a different adaptation to their game that transforms how they were known for playing.

Premium Chemistry
Premium Chemistry returns to FUT with Premium Shapeshifters to provide more powerful links to your squad. Player Items with Premium Chemistry—which will be signified by the Crown logo at the top of their item—have the same chemistry qualities as Heroes, in addition to their Club link.

Campaign Timeline
See the first main release of Shapeshifters Player Items now in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team™, with a mini release to follow on Sunday 18 June. There will also be a second team launching Friday 23 June and a third team Friday 30 June. The Shapeshifters campaign will also see Shapeshifters themed content available across Objectives, Squad Building Challenges, and more available in FUT 23.

FUT 23 Shapeshifters Promo Event
FUT 23 Shapeshifters Promo Event
FUT 23 Shapeshifters Promo Event

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