FUT 23 Trophy Titans Promo Event

FUT 23 Trophy Titans Promo Event

Fill your club with some of the most decorated players from across The World’s Game—the Trophy Titans. These serial winners had sterling careers and the opportunity to shine on the biggest stages—names that are etched both in the minds of football fans globally and the cups they hoisted along the way. Each Trophy Titan is a Hero or ICON being recognized for a particular moment of greatness, celebrating a memorable trophy or title they won during their storied careers.


FUT 23 Trophy Titans Promo Event

Celebrate the most decorated players with special versions of Icons and Heroes and other offers.

Trophy Titans promo brings you two weeks of content to help you give your squad a boost. From special FUT Trophy Titans player items to login bonuses, SBCs, objectives, and more, you’re invited to join the celebrations in FUT 23! The first team is available on April 7 with the other coming out one week later.

FUT 23 Trophy Titans Promo Event
FUT 23 Trophy Titans Promo Event


Trophy Titans FAQ

Q: What is a Trophy Titan Junior?
A: Trophy Titan Juniors are Player Items that represent the journey of Hero or ICON in becoming a true Trophy Titan. These Trophy Titan Junior Player Items will be available at the same time as their higher-rated Trophy Titan versions and will have a V symbol over their OVR rating.

Q: How will I know if my Trophy Titan player item has a junior version?
A: Trophy Titan junior player items will have the v symbol above their overall rating.

Q: Will there be a mini-release for Trophy Titans?
A: Trophy Titans will not have a mini-release.

Q: What if a FUT birthday twin player item receives a TOTW item?
A: Similar to other campaigns, the TOTW version will not be available in the ultimate team pool of available items until the two FUT Birthday twin player items are out of the pool.

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