FUTMas: FIFA 15 Daily Happy Hours Begins on December 19

FUTMas: FIFA 15 Daily Happy Hours Begins on December 16


Every year, EA releases FUTMas. It is a good time to buy FIFA 15 packs because there are Happy Hours every single day.


FUTMas: FIFA 15 Daily Happy Hours Begins on December 19


Celebrate the holidays with Ultimate Team. From December 19 to January 2, special FUTmas pack offers and tournaments will be available every 24 hours in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. With something new every day there’s no better time to find those special in-form players.

Usually, during FUTMas EA Sports releases special tournaments with really great prizes, like they did last year with Jack Frost Invitational in which they offered one ball, one players pack and 4k coins to the on line winner. This time it may be even better because the tournaments have better prizes.

FUTMas is also a good time to buy packs because there are lots of Happy Hours featuring packs that it is hard to find in the rest of the year. 100k Jumbo Rare Players Pack and Consumables Pack are just two good examples.

FUTMas is also responsible for getting down the prices on the FIFA 15 market which means that, even if you don’t think to buy packs, you may take advantage of it to buy the player you need or a full squad by a much better price.

But FUTMas is not the only good thing about Christmas for FUT gamers. EA is giving away amazing prizes this holiday season. Prepare yourself for their biggest social give away of the year. ’15 Days of FIFA’ starts on December 11 and runs until December 25.

More details will be announced soon and we will update this page with all you need to know, including the packs and tournaments that will be released on FUTMas.


FUTMas: FIFA 15 Daily Happy Hours Begins on December 19


December 19th
Mega Packs (25k)

December 20th
Rare Consumables Pack (20k)

December 21st
Premium Gold Players Packs (25k)

December 22nd
Consumables Packs (3k)
FUTMas Cup Tournament

December 23rd
Jumbo Premium Gold Pack
First MOTM cards

December 24th
Rare Gold Packs (25k)
Free Rare Gold Pack (25k)

December 25th
Two Mega Packs for free (25k)
Mega Packs (25k)
Jumbo Premium Gold Packs (15k)

December 26th
Rare Gold Pack (25k)
Lightning Rounds every two hours (limited quantities)

December 27th
Jumbo Premium Gold Pack (15k)

December 28th
Rare Gold Pack (25k)

December 29th
Rare Gold Pack (25k)
Rare Consumables Pack (20k)
New Year’s Open Tournament

December 30th
Premium Silver Players Pack (7k)
Premium Bronze Players Pack (1.8k)

December 31st
Jumbo Premium Gold Pack (15k)

January 1st
Jumbo Rare Players Pack (100k)

January 2nd
Rare Gold Pack (25k)
Jumbo Premium Gold Pack (15k)
Lightning Rounds every two hours (limited quantities)


33 thoughts on “FUTMas: FIFA 15 Daily Happy Hours Begins on December 19”

  1. Should i sell all my players now and buy them back on 19th? If yes when is the last date when i can sell my players? Also which is a better market crash, xmas or toty?
    Also do NIF prices go up when a player gets a TOTY card?

    BTW Bharadwaj wants to know what happened to the player review he sent? Why is no one replying?

    1. Hi.
      – You should sell as soon as possible.
      – You should buy a few hours after the 100k packs release (probably december 26th)
      – Market Crash is bigger during TOTY
      – Usually NIF prices don’t go up
      – Because we have a lot of work. We will reply as soon as possible.

  2. Hy Rodrigo

    Great site..always find it useful for fifa content.

    Just wanted to ask about Futmas and TOTY crash…
    For futmus do u think the market to recover a little after it is over on 2/1/2015?
    And in those 10 days till Toty starts could prices for high end players increase a bit before they crash again on the 12/1/2015?

    Eg-neuer,toure went down to about 200k during Black Friday, 7 days later they were around 280-290k

    Also for TOTY when would be the best time to buy the players?
    The Monday after all the packs are out or before then?

    Thanks for helping

    1. Hi.
      The market will recover during FUTMas but since there will be 100k packs at January 1st, the prices will go down again. Between 2 and 11, the prices will be higher again. The best time to buy during TOTY should be the first day and during 100k HH.

  3. Hello when are the best packs gonna come out? Im looking forward to the 100k rare pack, What are the dates that the packs are coming?

  4. Hello best day for for buying players is 26 december or 12 january?(when players have lowest price) tnx

  5. hey, do you think it’s a good idea to invest in the in forms of players like de bruyne or de gea, since they surely will get winter upgrades…

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