Can a Gaming VPN Really Improve Your Online Play on FIFA?


VPNs have become quite popular in the gaming industry as more gamers are becoming aware of the benefits provided by these services. The larger section of gamers who have embraced gaming VPNs are those that play FPS games, but the trend is also growing in other games such as FIFA.

So, is the use of a gaming VPN for FIFA justified? In this post, we take a closer look at what you can gain from using a VPN for gaming.


What is a VPN?

In case you are not familiar with the technology, a VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is a tool that encrypts user traffic and securely tunnels it to a remote server. This server then acts as the exit point of the user’s connection, coming in between your ISP and the internet. As a result, you get a new IP address belonging to the new server.

Once this is done, your traffic will now appear to be coming from the location of the remote server, and your connection will be both anonymous and secure.


Why use a VPN for gaming on FIFA?

There are several ways a VPN can help improve your gaming experience on FIFA online. However, it’s important to note that VPNs also have an effect on your connection. This means that you need to choose a VPN that is super-fast and has a huge server network. Such a VPN will help ensure that your connection remains fast, and you can connect to almost any region.


Reduce Ping
If you live far from the nearest FIFA servers, you may find that you often experience lags, or your actions take time to be executed on the game. This is because distance increases latency, which can really hurt your gameplay if it’s huge.

Using a VPN helps you reduce latency by connecting a server near the game’s servers. The reduced distance means that your ping is small, and so your actions will get executed faster. Before you select a server location, check out the locations of FIFA data centers and choose a VPN server close to a data center. To optimize your VPN connection, choose data centers nearer to you.


Play against opponents from a different region
One of the biggest advantages of using a VPN is that you can spoof your location and appear to be located in a different region. You can take advantage of this functionality and play with gamers from different regions.

This is made possible by the fact that FIFA online matches players with other players in the same region based on their IP addresses. For instance, if you log in to FIFA with an Asian IP address, you’ll be matched with Asian players.


Avoid ISP throttling
Some ISPs are notorious for throttling connections when they notice you’ve been using a lot of bandwidth on a particular service. When this happens, your gaming experience is affected and can lead to being disconnected from a game or experiencing lags.

If you usually notice this after playing for a long time, you need a VPN to hide your activities from the ISP. If they can’t tell what you are doing, they can’t throttle your connection!


Secure your connection from DDoS
Some FIFA gamers have complained of DDoS attacks, especially when playing with very competitive or malicious gamers. This also happens for a lot of online games, but it can be prevented by using a VPN. When you are connected to a VPN, a malicious person won’t know your IP address or DDoS your connection directly.

Apart from that, FIFA servers can always malfunction as they are also victims of DDoS attacks. If you can’t log in, simply change your location, and you’ll be connected to a different FIFA server. Essentially, using a VPN for FIFA will help you side-step almost any local problems!

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