Goal of the Week – GOTW Round 26



Every week, EA picks the best FIFA 13 goals and show it to us. Let’s watch the best goals of this week (GOTW).


Goal of the Week – GOTW Round 26

In GOTW round 26, Neymar, Ribéry, Maikon Leite, Berget, Ibrahimovic and Adryan score great goals.

Here are the best goals picked between April 27th and May 04th 2013.



If you scored really great goals and you want to share with the world, send us by e-mail. We will try to create a video with the best FIFA 13 goals to post in our channel TV and in our website.

If you want to watch your best goals on GOTW section, learn HERE how to send them to EA Sports.

You can also watch the GOTW of the other weeks HERE.

Don’t lose any great FIFA 13 goal.


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