Guild Esports Enters EA SPORTS FIFA


Guild Esports, co-owned by David Beckham, announced today that will have a team to play EA SPORTS FIFA. The first to sign by this team was the World-Class Player Niklas Raseck.


Guild Esports Enters EA SPORTS FIFA

Guild Esports (Guild), the global esports business headquartered in London, today
announces its entry into EA FIFA Esports with the signing of top-ranked professional player Niklas Raseck ahead of
FIFA 21 which kicks off in October.

Niklas ’NRaseck’ Raseck, 21, from Germany is one of the most recognised players on the competitive FIFA scene
having competed in three FIFA World Cup competitions. He is currently ranked second place on Xbox FIFA 20 and
achieved the second highest prize earnings in FIFA 20.

The German player, who has already achieved success on the world stage after winning a trophy at FIFA 20
Champions Cup Stage II, is known for his consistency and innate talent. These attributes will be enhanced by Guild
where NRaseck has embarked on a rigorous training schedule to prepare for FIFA 21. NRaseck will undergo a holistic
and expertly calibrated regimen that emphasises physical and mental fitness as part of Guild’s academy program,
with the aim of taking him all the way to winning a FIFA eWorld Cup.

Guild is developing a talent pipeline in the UK based on the traditional academy model which will see the most able
players such as NRaseck coached and nurtured by industry leaders in order to attain the skillset required to win and
take their careers to the next level.

FIFA esports has an active competitive community that has seen rapid growth over the last few years, built around
the success of the number one best-selling video game in the UK in 2019. Its annual FIFA eWorld Cup tournament
has also been drawing increasing viewers and larger prizes for the competition’s champions. The 2019 Grand Final’s
online viewing figures stood at over 47 million views and the record amount of prize money for 2019 totalled

Niklas ‘NRaseck’ Raseck, Guild FIFA Player, said: “I’ve liked the idea behind Guild from the start. The executive team
is building something substantial and they have a sophisticated strategy. David Beckham was also a factor in my
joining Guild as he is a testament to what dedication in sport can achieve. I’m very ambitious and my goal is to win
a World Cup. Guild’s focus on supporting all of its players to grow and reach new heights resonates with me and
how I hope to develop myself as a pro player and achieve top results.”

Carleton Curtis, Executive Chairman, said: “The growing FIFA competitive scene is fast establishing itself as one of
the most popular esports spaces, garnering millions of fans and viewers globally. Guild is proud to be a part of what
FIFA esports has to offer fans and NRaseck has our full confidence in realising this. We look forward to working with
him, helping him reach his best as an athlete in what is a truly exciting sport. It is also great to welcome a new player
into the Guild family as we build our multidisciplinary esports business and include FIFA esports under the Guild

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