Interview to the March Premier League’s POTM Romelu Lukaku

Interview to the March Premier League's POTM Romelu Lukaku


The Everton striker Romelu Lukaku gave an interview to Electronic Arts after he was crowned the EA SPORTS™ Premier League Player of the Month for March, talking about his thoughts on how it felt to have won the award and what his targets are for the season.


Interview to Romelu Lukaku


This is the first time you’ve won this award; how does it feel?
I’m really happy. It gives me a boost; the team and I are doing really well at the minute. I would like to thank the team and the staff and also the Belgian national team as they’ve all helped me throughout my journey in football. The season isn’t over yet and we want to do even better than we are already doing.

You scored 4 goals this month, making you the top goal scorer in the league with 21 goals, what do you put this excellent form down to?
Hard work, continuous hard work and dedication. I give my best every day in training and in games; this is the only way that I know how to play football. I always want to win and that’s the same with my teammates. At the moment we are doing really well and we need to continue like this.

All four of your goals this month have come late on, is there something you’re doing as a team to ensure you’re on top come the latter stages of the game?
Physically we’ve been working hard this year and I feel my fitness levels have been improving throughout the year. I ensure I am focused throughout the game whether that is making a chance for myself or receiving the ball from a teammate to score.

What parts of your game do you feel have improved the most?
Everything. I think I’ve proven that I’ve improved every part of my game. I have always been scoring goals and now the quality of goals I am scoring is better. I can now create chances to score for myself, and I have scored a free kick this year too. I have been scoring a lot more headers and my overall finishing has improved a lot. My overall play has improved but I want to give a lot more as I go through my journey in football.

How important is having that mental strength as well as that physical strength?
Since a young age I have always believed in my ability. I always knew I could score goals, but it was the way I was scoring goals. I used to have one way of scoring goals but now I can score goals in multiple ways. I want to learn and improve, every coach I have had throughout my career has helped me. Sometimes I haven’t had the greatest relationship with some coaches but helped me in my football journey.

What are your personal motivations for the rest of the season?
I want to create history at the club. I want to push for a top four spot and I think we must aim for this. Personally, I just want to improve and become a better player than I am today.

You had a successful international break with Belgium but obviously your teammate Seamus Coleman did not as he picked up that injury, do you have a message for him?
I sent him a message that night and we as a team are going to do our best for him to make sure he is comfortable when he comes back into the team. He always gives 100% to the team and is a leader in the dressing room. It is really sad that this happened to him.

Do you play much FIFA 17 yourself?
All the time. Everyday.

Who is the best FIFA 17 player at the club?
Me. Funes Mori is also very good.

Gana Gueye saw his FIFA 17 rating increase by +6 in the ratings refresh in February, how good has he been this season?
He’s been really good. He’s been one of the signings of the season for me, he improved the team in midfield by making so many challenges. He allows us to control the game a lot more which we were lacking slightly last year. He’s given us this control through his work rate, passing and his dedication. He is someone that we really need.


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