Kinect Controls and Voice Commands List for FIFA 15

Kinect Controls and Voice Commands List for FIFA 15


You can use Kinect to adjust your FIFA 15 team on Xbox. Check the complete list of Kinect Controls and Voice Commands for FIFA 15.
Before entering the game, select your language in the Kinect activation screen. Voice commands only work accurately if the sensor is connected and calibrated. You can also change the device settings by pressing the menu button and then select the “Options” tab.


Kinect Controls (XBox One) and Voice Commands (XBox 360) for FIFA 15

Use these commands as your player when you’re out on the pitch:

    **Keeper charge
    **Go run ahead
    **On your horse
    **Go go go
    **Run on
    **Pass the ball
    **Pass it
    **Give it here
    **To feet
    **Through to me
    **Through through
    **Through ball
    **Play it through
    **Have a shot
    **Crack it
    **In the mixer
    **Cross it
    **Center it
    **Front stick
    **Near post
    **Back stick
    **Back post
    **Get it out of there
    **Clear it
    Tactics Offside trap
    Team pressing
    Swap wings
    Center back joins attack
    CB joins attack
    Quick tactics
    Long Ball
    High Pressure
    Counter Attack
    Formation one
    Formation two
    Formation three
    Formation four
    Formation five
    Park the bus
    Ultra defensive
    Ultra attacking
    All out attack
    “Substitution” (wait) “Player Name”
    Make a Change (wait) “Player Name”
    Change a Player (wait) “Player Name”
    Camera Tele Broadcast
    Camera Tele
    Camera Co-op
    Camera Default
    Camera End to End
    Camera Pro
    Camera Broadcast
    Change Camera Dynamic
    Change Camera Tele Broadcast
    Change Camera Tele
    Change Camera Co-op
    Change Camera Default
    Change Camera End to End
    Change Camera Pro
    Change Camera Broadcast
    *Hard five minutes
    *Pressure on the ball
    *Go all out now
    *Shoot from anywhere
    *Route one now boys
    *Everybody back
    *Shut up shop
    *Let’s slow it down
    *Get tight on them
    *Watch for the long ball
    *Take it to the corners
    *Step it up
    *We need the win
    *Look after the ball
    *Ease off a little

*Requires you to choose COMBO COMMANDS in the Kinect Settings.
**Commands accessible only when in Play As A Player mode.


Kinect Controls and Voice Commands List for FIFA 15


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