Latest Trends that FIFA Games Will Support in 2023

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You can have different attitudes to gaming, but it’s hard to deny its rapidly growing global popularity. And if a few dozen years ago, such a pastime was considered entertainment for teenagers or geeks, now it is considered a serious profession. Many people already classify esports as a traditional sport. And not unreasonably!

The activity attracts more and more players and viewers, and modern technologies help it reach a whole new level. It is important to understand that esports is not just a game but a whole art to which professionals devote their entire lives. From the outside, it may seem that this is an easy job that brings in millions, but it is not. Players must constantly train and learn new things to remain competitive because the world is changing rapidly.

It is customary to sum up the year on Christmas Eve, and esports has pleased us with a large number of interesting events and performers. However, we do not want to list what has already happened, but look into the future: what gaming trends await us already in 2023?



Esports will Move to Virtual Space Even Deeper

Metaverses are now on the rise, and it’s anticipated that the demand for them will grow even more in the future. And FIFA is known to follow all the latest trends, so in 2023, you won’t only have the possibility to enjoy online casino and attend concerts in metaverses, but also add more sports into your virtual entertainment. This unusual development is becoming our new reality: more users come to metaverses to have fun.


FIFA Blockchain Games Will Progress Even More

For the World Cup, FIFA released four games that could not but please passionate fans of new products. And all were positively perceived by the audience:

  • AI League: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Edition is a game involving eight players in two teams. Users can only influence tactical decisions: nothing out of the ordinary but interesting!
  • FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 in the Upland Metaverse is a game in the metaverse where users can get various digital assets and enjoy the world of football with an immersive effect
  • Matchday Challenge: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Edition: The game allowed users to make predictions for the World Cup and collect cards. It is still unclear how the developer will develop it after the end of the competition, so we look forward to updates
  • FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 on Phygital is a mobile application allowing to customize the World Cup. The program is based on VR technology, which is extremely popular in 2022 and won’t lose its relevance during the following year.

Overall, these are only some gaming solutions developed in the past year, and passionate football and gaming fans expect even more novelties in 2023. Even though skeptics say that all the most exciting developments have already been released, we are confident that FIFA will find something to surprise users.



Inspired by FIFA World Cup 2022

The event has already ended, but the impressions of it will remain with the fans for a long time to come! And it will become a source of inspiration for the developers of new game versions. The genius Messi once again proved his status as a champion, so we are waiting for impressive features and interesting new experiences for every player!

While some users think that FIFA won’t provide us with impressive developments and will only upgrade the existing products, we are still confident that a lot of innovations are still ahead. Don’t switch since it will be interesting!

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