New Details About 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil


There are some new details about the new EA Sports title 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil.


New Details About 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

There are some new details about 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil:

    There will be included 203 teams sanctioned by FIFA
    There will be included 7,469 players and 19 officially licensed managers in the game
    Over 15 hours of added in-game commentary
    There will be 21 new stadiums, including all 12 authentic stadiums in Brazil
    EA Sports Talk Radio will be live – receive dynamic tournament updates from your choice of Andy Goldstein and Ian Darke, or Michael Davies and Roger Bennett (Men in Blazers) as you play through various offline modes. Over 50 hours of recorded audio keeps the narrative fresh and entertaining.
    Play in authentic Brazilian stadiums, and recognise the support of newly rendered crowds and patriotic presentation to replicate the passion of the World Cup
    New Details About 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil


      New control systems with more responsive dribbling, and pinpoint passing on the agenda. Change direction on and off the ball with purpose
      New Set piece tactics
      New difficulty level for less experienced players
      Adidas ball Physics will be included – EA have partnered with adidas to deliver the most realistic ball physics system on Xbox 360 and PS3, taking data from the adidas Innovation Lab in Herzogenaurach, Germany, to implement it into the game to give the Brazuca and other adidas balls true-to-life flight and grass friction
      New penalty kicks. With new save and animations and shot tuning that puts players in control of their nation’s fate. Goalkeeper antics to throw off your opposition including wobbly-knees, matador and shoot-it-there animations.
      Added challenges based on play from each real-world match day.


    Stay tuned with us to know more about 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil.




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