You Will Have to Pay to Play FIFA 14 Online on PS4

You Will Have to Pay to Play FIFA 14 Online on PS4


Playing FIFA 14 on Playstation will not longer be free. With PS4, you will have to pay to play FIFA 14 online.


Pay to Play FIFA 14 Online on PS4

Playstation 4 is coming and you probably really want to play FIFA 14 on it. But you may not know everything about the new console. We bring you here something that you should know: you will have to pay to play FIFA 14.

One of the good things about Playstation is that we don’t have to pay to play games online. It is one of the reasons why we have chosen the Sony console and not the one from Microsoft. As you probably know, it doesn’t happen on XBox.

XBox Live has membership at two levels, Silver and Gold. Silver is always free, to anyone signing up, but does not allow online play. The Gold membership level allows online play and costs something as $60 per year. The experts says that Microsoft online gaming is a strong and more secure experience. And that’s what Sony want to change.

In order to improve their online service, The PlayStation 4 will require a PlayStation Plus subscription to access online multiplayer. You may still play online games that doesn’t required multiplayer feature without paying anything but it is not the case of FIFA 14. You will have to pay to play FIFA 14 online.

Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida said that it would have been “absurd” to keep the service free, considering the “large investment of resources” Sony has made for online infrastructure. “The main pillar for the PS4 will be online play. We’re developing many new ways to play and connect which requires a large investment of resources,” Yoshida said. “Considering the cost, to try to keep such a service free and consequently lower the quality would be absurd. We decided that if that’s the case, then it would be better to receive proper payment and continue to offer a good service.”

You Will Have to Pay to Play FIFA 14 Online on PS4

We don’t like of the idea of have to pay to play FIFA 14 online but the truth is that Playstation Plus is not expensive (less than $5 per month and with 3 free months for new PS4 owners) and has great features besides the multiplayer online gaming to Playstation 4:

    Free Games
    Free Hit games for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PS Vita System
    Huge Discounts
    Exclusive discounts of up to 75% on the PlayStation Store
    Instant Game Collection
    New games are added to the collection every month, so your collection grows larger the longer you are a member.
    Membership for 3 Devices
    One membership works across PS4, PS3 and PS Vita systems
    PlayStation Plus members can carry their membership over to their PS4 system, and continue to use it with their activated PS3 and PS Vita systems, at no additional cost.
    Automatic Updates
    Automatic Update gives you the choice to receive the latest PS3™ and PS4™ system software and all your latest game updates without lifting a finger. It can enable automated Trophy sync and game saves with PlayStation®Network or deliver selected game and video content directly to your console.
    Online Games Saves
    With PlayStation®Plus, you can effortlessly load countless game save data files with 1GB of storage on the PlayStation®Network and access them on other PlayStation®3 systems.
    Full Game Trials
    Try before you buy. Play the full game for 1-hour. If you decided to buy the game, you pick up where you left off, and the trophies you earned will unlock.
    Exclusive & Early Access
    Enjoy exclusive content for your PS3™ and PS4™ receive priority access to selected betas and demos.


The PlayStation 4 will be available from November 15 in North America and November 29 in Europe.

And you ? Do you mind to have to pay to play FIFA 14 online ? Ahare your opinion with us.


61 thoughts on “You Will Have to Pay to Play FIFA 14 Online on PS4”

  1. I only play FIFA so mandatory paying $50 for 1 year PSN to play FIFA 14 makes no sense to me. With the subscription I also have to give my credit card info.

    1. I am already paying for Internet $60 USD each month
    2. EA Sports is managing the FIFA servers free

    So what am I paying for ?!?! Cloud storage !?!? I can store on my 500GB PS4 HDD

      1. My fifa 14 wont let me sign in so is this becuase i need a new fifa 14 online code this is for the ps4 and i already have ps plus

  2. Guys come on it is just $5… Its better that playing online is not free anymore, we will enjoy fast servers and the servers will not be crowded like the old generation ps3

  3. On the ps4 If i am from romania the playstation store will be avalible because on the ps3 said it is not avalible in my country,region??

  4. I have playstation plus in my ps3 for one year, i just got it a few months ago, that would let me play online for free on a ps4…

  5. Just like the first response I only play FIFA no other game, does this goes for all games or just FIFA because my buddy plays one of his games online without paying?

  6. Hi, do you know if Fifa 14 PS4 will fix this quitting when losing in online play and no result being recorded?
    I am playing seasons and everytime I lead players log out thus causing a no result.

  7. If paying to $5 a month to help Sony compete and beat Microsoft then it’s worth it. Plus head alot of extras you don’t get with a xbox live account.

  8. If paying $5 a month to help Sony compete and beat Microsoft is all it takes then it’s worth it. Plus has alot of extras you don’t get with a xbox live account so it’s not a bad deal. Free games, discounts, etc.

  9. If i want to play fifa and other games do i have to pay 5$ again or can i play every game online with one subscribtion?

  10. will i need the playstation plus membership just to update squads on fifa ? and are the default squads on ps4 updated compared to ps3 i.e. is bale at madrid and ozil at arsenal without having to update squads straight away.

  11. Hi Rodrigo. Good job thank you. Just one query..I’m from Ghana. Had to setup my account on the PlayStation 3 using south Africa as my country because Ghana wasn’t listed. Can I pay using my Ghana credit card?

  12. Bro would it include fut ? That and manager mode r the only reason I love yo play Fifa would fut cost PS plus subscription? I need a reply I was thinking about buying ps4 but I think a gaming PC would be better choice then

  13. Hi, im from iceland and it says i cannot buy ps plus in my country or its not available, what can i do about that?

  14. Just seriously frustrated with this kak ! Can you tell me why South African users has been
    Blocked from connecting to the ea server to play fifa14 online? Its almost 2
    Months now. Had to access the serves via Unblock-us but since today,this alternative
    Has been sent in its poes aswell. Wat nou naaies ??

  15. Khaled Nsouli

    I can not play fifa 14 online with PS4 as i can not do any payment to get ps plus credits.. it says : “not available in your country”(Lebanon)
    what is the solution???

  16. Honestly, i so pissed… I got the original CD, ane here in Egypt the original CD costs 600 L.E which is already very expensive, but when i made that step i was sure that i will enjoy full features “it’s the God damn Original CD” and also i subscribed with a high speed wifi network which was extremely expensive… And after that all i found this bull shit !!!!! Money monsters get the hell out of my pocket

  17. This is lame. I allways bought the newest ps consoles and new fifas every year. But this new thing you have to pay for to play online ruins all people’s heart for the fifa world. This is pretty lame. When you play FUT people anyways spend money on bronze, silver, gold packs. Now Sony ore wtf makes this just getting greedy and that’s not right. I’m considering to sell my ps4 now. Cuz there’s no need for keep paying monthly like the lame game world of warcraft. It’s insane that small children even have to force there parents to make a plus account and shit. Pllzz remove this. This is not the real way making money.

  18. So you just have to subscribe ones for 3 month and then you are good to go to continue playing after the 3 month without paying ?

  19. Jane Oglesby

    My 12y old son appears to have spent £278.83 on in three weeks. Mostly transactions of around £4.00 but includes one single transaction of £50!! I have not spoken to him yet (he is at school) but can anyone explain this to me? Is this the normal expenditure? I am sure he has no idea, because any money he spends he has to pay me back and that’s a lot of car washing!! Thank you

    1. Hi!
      I think that website has nothing to do with FIFA. I don’t know it.
      I’m sorry for you and specially for your son. He will be washing your car until he goes to the high school. 🙂

  20. I was going to buy a ps4 but i relized that we have to pay to play online. Now i decided not to buy it, because i have to pay for internet hi speed and now for psn plus and it is not fair, i hope somebody can do something for this issue.

    1. Honestly I don’t care if it’s required to pay for playstation plus because I’m not going to pay. My favorite play mode is career mode and it’s 100% free + squad updates and title updates are free too. The only thing is I can’t play online games or ultimate team which I don’t really care.

  21. This is not cool ! We already pay for the game now we have to pay for the online too ? Are you kidding me ? !!!!

  22. Hi Guys,

    If you want to play online games with your friends or play FUT then you should buy playstation plus memberhip other than that you should not worry about as I do.
    FIFA 15 ps4 Career Mode for life with free updates!

  23. Hi
    My ultimate team generally react slow play. Every shot, passes ,defence movement all rong way.not accurate. Some times playing good. How to this..Every times advantage other team. How to recover this problem.?

  24. Chikezie Offor

    Pls I registered am in us whereas am in Nigeria because I didn’t see Nigeria in payment issue and another thing mustpay for subscrption be4 I play pple online I can’t buy any subscription because I said am in us whereas am in nigeria

  25. Hi, I just bought the FIFA 2015 and I play with my son. We do have separate user names. We also want to play online separately ;)… so do we need to buy two PS 4 Plus memberships or would one be enough?

    1. One is enough.
      What you have to do is to create a new PS4 user (PSN ID). Everytime you want to play with the seccond account you just need to logoff and lonon with that PSN ID.

  26. The charge is ridiciulous. Especially for people like me that only play fifa. There should be at least tiers so that if you are only playing one game or certain number of hours a month to pay a small fraction of that. Either tiers or no pay but can’t put everyone in the same basket.

  27. I just bought ps4 and fifa 16 but can’t play online. When I try to connect it says I’ve entered a blocked scene and that I should create an EA account which I already have from my fifa 15 on ps3. I tried signing in to ps plus and got a free 14 days trial but that didn’t help either. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi.
      If your PS Plus is active, please go to your console’s dashboard and create a new user. That user should have the same PSN ID you used in the PS3. If it doesn’t help and your internet is OK (test it), then you will need to contact the EA Support.

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