PES 2015 vs FIFA 15 Player’s Ratings

PES 2015 vs FIFA 15 Player's Ratings


For the first time ever, Pro Evolution Soccer includes a game mode which looks like FIFA Ultimate Team: myClub. In both it is possible to build the team of our dreams using micro-transactions. Let’s compare the PES 2015 player’s ratings with the FIFA 15 player’s ratings.


PES 2015 vs FIFA 15 Player’s Ratings

The best players in PES don’t necessarily have to be the best ones in FIFA. The ratings in PES are slightly higher and it is funny to see that the FIFA ambassadors, like Eden Hazard, have lower ratings in PES. Here they are the FIFA 15 player’s ratings and the PES 2015 player’s ratings:


1Lionel MessiCFFC BarcelonaLiga BBVAArgentina9395
2Cristiano RonaldoLWReal MadridLiga BBVAPortugal9295
3Arjen RobbenRMFC BayernBundesligaNetherlands9091
4Zlatan IbrahimovićSTPSGLigue 1Sweden9093
5Manuel NeuerGKFC BayernBundesligaGermany9093
6Luis SuárezSTFC BarcelonaLiga BBVAUruguay8989
7IniestaCMFC BarcelonaLiga BBVASpain8989
8Robin van PersieSTManchester UtdBarclays PLNetherlands8890
9Bastian SchweinsteigerCMFC BayernBundesligaGermany8889
10Franck RibéryLMFC BayernBundesligaFrance8889
11Eden HazardLMChelseaBarclays PLBelgium8886
12FalcaoSTManchester UtdBarclays PLColombia8888
13Sergio RamosCBReal MadridLiga BBVASpain8790
14Luka ModrićCMReal MadridLiga BBVACroatia8787
15Robert LewandowskiSTFC BayernBundesligaPoland8787
16Philipp LahmCDMFC BayernBundesligaGermany8789
17David SilvaLMManchester CityBarclays PLSpain8789
18Thiago SilvaCBPSGLigue 1Brazil8789
19Gareth BaleRMReal MadridLiga BBVAWales8790
20Thibaut CourtoisGKChelseaBarclays PLBelgium8685
21Yaya TouréCMManchester CityBarclays PLIvory Coast8690
22Wayne RooneySTManchester UtdBarclays PLEngland8688
23James RodríguezCAMReal MadridLiga BBVAColombia8685
24Marco ReusLMBor. DortmundBundesligaGermany8687
25Mesut ÖzilCAMArsenalBarclays PLGermany8684
26Thomas MüllerRMFC BayernBundesligaGermany8686
27Vincent KompanyCBManchester CityBarclays PLBelgium8687
28Mats HummelsCBBor. DortmundBundesligaGermany8685
29XaviCMFC BarcelonaLiga BBVASpain8683
30Ángel Di MaríaCAMManchester UtdBarclays PLArgentina8687
31NeymarLWFC BarcelonaLiga BBVABrazil8688
32Edinson CavaniSTPSGLigue 1Uruguay8690
33Sergio AgüeroSTManchester CityBarclays PLArgentina8688
34Hugo LlorisGKSpursBarclays PLFrance8586
35Petr ČechGKChelseaBarclays PLCzech Repub…8585
36Arturo VidalCMJuventusSerie AChile8587
37Carlos TévezSTJuventusSerie AArgentina8587
38Juan MataCAMManchester UtdBarclays PLSpain8588
39Javi MartinezCBFC BayernBundesligaSpain8584
40Toni KroosCMReal MadridLiga BBVAGermany8586
41Mario GötzeCAMFC BayernBundesligaGermany8587
42Diego CostaSTChelseaBarclays PLSpain8586
43Sergio BusquetsCDMFC BarcelonaLiga BBVASpain8583
44Jérôme BoatengCBFC BayernBundesligaGermany8586
45Karim BenzemaSTReal MadridLiga BBVAFrance8587
46Salvatore SiriguGKPSGLigue 1Italy8485
47CasillasGKReal MadridLiga BBVASpain8487
48Arda TuranLMAtlético MadridLiga BBVATurkey8483
49Wesley SneijderCAMGalatasaray SKSüper LigNetherlands8487
50Alexis SánchezRWArsenalBarclays PLChile8483
51Andrea PirloCMJuventusSerie AItaly8485
52PiquéCBFC BarcelonaLiga BBVASpain8486
53Samir NasriLMManchester CityBarclays PLFrance8483
54Sami KhediraCDMReal MadridLiga BBVAGermany8484
55Klaas-Jan HuntelaarSTFC Schalke 04BundesligaNetherlands8484
56Gonzalo HiguaínSTNapoliSerie AArgentina8486
57Diego GodínCBAtlético MadridLiga BBVAUruguay8487
58Cesc FàbregasCMChelseaBarclays PLSpain8483
59OscarCAMChelseaBarclays PLBrazil8485
60Daniele De RossiCDMRomaSerie AItaly8486
61Giorgio ChielliniCBJuventusSerie AItaly8485
62Santi CazorlaLMArsenalBarclays PLSpain8482
63Mehdi BenatiaCBFC BayernBundesligaMorocco8485
64Xabi AlonsoCDMFC BayernBundesligaSpain8485
65Roman WeidenfellerGKBor. DortmundBundesligaGermany8382
66Stéphane RuffierGKSaint-EtienneLigue 1France8381
67Diego LópezGKMilanSerie ASpain8385
68Samir HandanovičGKInterSerie ASlovenia8383
69De GeaGKManchester UtdBarclays PLSpain8384
70Claudio BravoGKFC BarcelonaLiga BBVAChile8381
71Igor AkinfeevGKCSKA MoskvaRussian Leagu…Russia8379
72HulkRWZenitRussian Leagu…Brazil8385
73Nemanja VidićCBInterSerie ASerbia8384
74Jérémy ToulalanCDMAS MonacoLigue 1France8378
75John TerryCBChelseaBarclays PLEngland8381
76Daniel SturridgeSTLiverpoolBarclays PLEngland8383
77PedroLWFC BarcelonaLiga BBVASpain8382
78Aaron RamseyCMArsenalBarclays PLWales8384
79Ivan RakitićCAMFC BarcelonaLiga BBVACroatia8385
80Paul PogbaCMJuventusSerie AFrance8386
81Miralem PjanićCMRomaSerie ABosnia Herz…8383
82NegredoSTValencia CFLiga BBVASpain8383
83Jesús NavasRMManchester CityBarclays PLSpain8380
84João MoutinhoCMAS MonacoLigue 1Portugal8381
85Per MertesackerCBArsenalBarclays PLGermany8383
86Blaise MatuidiCDMPSGLigue 1France8386
87Javier MascheranoCBFC BarcelonaLiga BBVAArgentina8382
88Claudio MarchisioCMJuventusSerie AItaly8383
89Mario MandžukićSTAtlético MadridLiga BBVACroatia8385
90PepeCBReal MadridLiga BBVAPortugal8386
91Marek HamšikCAMNapoliSerie ASlovakia8384
92Dani AlvesRBFC BarcelonaLiga BBVABrazil8385
93Ezequiel GarayCBZenitRussian Leagu…Argentina8384
94Jefferson FarfánRMFC Schalke 04BundesligaPeru8383
95Christian EriksenLMSpursBarclays PLDenmark8382
96Edin DžekoSTManchester CityBarclays PLBosnia Herz…8384
97MirandaCBAtlético MadridLiga BBVABrazil8385
98Juan CuadradoRMFiorentinaSerie AColombia8383
99Antonio CandrevaRWLazioSerie AItaly8383
100Andrea BarzagliCBJuventusSerie AItaly8383

PES 2015 vs FIFA 15 Player's Ratings

And you ? Do you agree with these player’s ratings ? Which one seems to be more accurate to you ? PES 2015 player’s ratings or FIFA 15 players’ ratings ? Share with us your thoughts.



  1. prefer FIFA because the rating look consisten every year compare to PES when one player being invincible then the rating in the next game increase high more than morale

  2. I am a FIFA fan and my last PES game was 2010. But looking only to the ratings, I think PES ratings are more “realistic”. FIFA overrate some players like Hazard, Falcao and James Rodriguez. I think its wrong to rate Hazard and Falcao to the same level of Ribery and Schweinsteiger.

    • True. Messi and Ronaldo ratings are really realistic, but I think Hazard should at least be an 87 as he is playing great. One bullshit. COURTOIS????? 85???? He should be 86 or 87 with such talent. CASILLAS?!?!?!?! 87??? Such bullshit. Also Cavani and Van Persie? 90 Overall? and Zlatan should be a 91 not 93 .

  3. In my, opinion, we have 2 distinguished cases: in FIFA, a lot of players have their overalls boosted by the International Reputation stat( for example, Messi, the best player, is – without the IP that gives him a +3 OVR boost – actually 90, which means that- like if they weren´t enough strict with the ratings- FIFA ratings are really reaaly strict. Why have such low overalls that don’t surpass 90 when u have 1-99 rating limits? It doesn’t make sense. While this happens, in PES u have true ratings that are more suitable to the overall ranges. Still, PES is very inconsistent in relation to FIFA, because they have really different rating opinions. For example, Suarez is 89 (really 86 without IP) but in PES he is actually worth 82! But still, in my opinion, I have no preferred rating system due to the fact that they are both inconsistent and sometimes wrong.


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