The Reasons Why the FIFA Game Is Very Popular Around the World

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Are you a football fan or a game enthusiast that often wonder why the FIFA game is popular around the world? This article explains the reasons that surround this prevalence. Read now!

The EA FIFA game is currently the world’s most popular game for various reasons. In December 2021, over nine million FIFA 22 had been sold, and over 460 million matches had played already!

This popularity has permeated every mobile phone entertainment platform. As such, a good mobile casino UK, these days has to offer FIFA sports to be taken seriously. The same applies to casinos across the globe.

Such long-term success begs the question: how has the federation become so successful? Therefore, this blog traces this franchise’s growth from its start as a pixelated 16-bit game. In addition, it highlights the exclusive features that contribute to its global dominance.


The Creation of the FIFA Game

Started in 1993 as a brainchild of EA Sports, a sub-company of Electronic Arts, an American gaming firm. In the same year, the game secured its exclusive license from Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA).

EA’s aim in developing FIFA was to dominate the football scene globally, but this dream didn’t start rosily. Thanks to two major reasons in FIFA International Soccer, the maiden edition: only national teams were available and a bug that made goalscoring ridiculously cheap.

The series continued with minor upgrades in the system, but the federation was still below standard until a major overhaul in 2006. This resulted in significant upgrades in gaming control and the inclusion of the comprehensive career mode. Since then, the franchise has improved steadily, introducing excellent updates like FIFA online and FIFA mobile.


Why Is FIFA So Popular Across the Globe?

The popularity has soared over the years for different reasons. They are:

Constant Improvement
The first factor behind its growth is the game’s constant development. For example, the first versions were playable on consoles and systems, but players can now enjoy the game on mobile and even online casinos. The graphic upgrade has been phenomenal as well.

The first release was a 16-bit game, but consider how brilliant the graphics are these days. So, first, let’s agree: EA’s dedication to excellence is why the game has skydived over the years.

One of FIFA’s strongest selling points is its unrivalled realism, and that’s a feature no gamer would be willing to trade. EA has employed excellent technology to make the gameplay similar to real football. The characters are conditioned according to their base players’ real-world abilities, and they display emotions.

Similarly, the atmosphere tallies with the match. El Clásicos remain vicious fixtures where tempers flare even in the game! There are no better rewards for a gamer’s interest than realism.

Football Remains World’s Most Popular Sport
FIFA is based on football, which is the most loved sport in the world. Statistics reveal about 4 billion people are football fans! This popularity has only grown over the years, and FIFA’s growth has tallied with the chart. There are suggestions that it may become as popular as slots in digital casinos.

For example, America has become more interested in football with the improved attention to Major League Soccer (MLS), which has increased the demand for FIFA in American markets.

It’s established that football will remain in the driving seat as long as civilization exists, and it would be a surprise if EA FIFA doesn’t go all the way. Not to forget the innovative addition that allows players to earn real money throughout their careers.


What Game Updates Make it Unique?

EA has introduced numerous updates to FIFA games over the years, and some of these have been replicated in other football games. Regardless, there are some updates that you can find on FIFA games only; they include:

  • Volta Football
    This FIFA 2020 update combines the journey and street modes in previous editions to provide a platform for 3 on 3, 4 on 4, and 5 on 5 fixtures.
  • Strafe Dribbling
    No other game has this exact dribbling ability. This update allows skilled players to evade tacklers by luring the tackler in and switching direction or skills at the last minute.
  • Controlled Tackling
    FIFA introduced a built-in technique to tackle dangerous players by disrupting their flow with a careful stick out of the leg.

EA FIFA has built a dynasty that’s seemingly impossible to usurp, and the game continues to improve its offerings. The presence of various modes helps players realize significant earnings while having maximum fun.
Gambling in an online casino has become more diversified, too. FIFA’s presence means players can alternate between various options at will!

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