Six Years of FIFA Ultimate Team

Six Years of FIFA Ultimate Team


It is the sixth anniversary of FIFA Ultimate Team, the most popular FIFA game mode, and EA is trying to do it in a big style.


Six Years of FIFA Ultimate Team


March 2015 marks the six years anniversary of FIFA Ultimate Team, the most popular mode in FIFA. When FUT was first introduced in FIFA 09, it started with just over 1 million users. Until today, more than 20 million gamers have played a match of FIFA Ultimate Team.

To celebrate FUT’s sixth birthday, FIFA Ultimate Team will be holding special events throughout the week. But which are the special events ? Let’s see:


    Six Free Gold Packs
    To all the FUT players, EA Sports is giving six untradeable Gold Rare packs. To get it, you will need to access to your FIFA 15 Ultimate Team account on PC or console every day, until March 29. These packs are not available through the Web App or the Companion App for FIFA mobile. Don’t forget that these items can not be sold. They are untradeable.


    Daily Happy Hours
    You can also expect special pack offers. New pack offers will be available every day. It is your chance to get THAT special pack you never find in the store. Yes, 100k packs should be available in the weekend.


    Special Tournaments
    FUT Birthday Cup is the new FUT 15 tournament that offers amazing prizes (Winners will be chosen at later date.) Play at least one match in the FUT Birthday Cup for a chance to win rare tradable In-Forms from previous Team of Weeks. Check in the following table, which players you can win.


Six Years of FIFA Ultimate Team - Six Years


Cristiano Ronaldo 99 TOTY
Lionel Messi 98 TOTY
Lionel Messi 96 TOTW
Arjen Robben 96 TOTY
Manuel Neuer 96 TOTY
Lionel Messi 95 Record Breaker
Philipp Lahm 95 TOTY
Cristiano Ronaldo 95 MOTM
Andrés Iniesta 95 TOTY
Pelé 95 Legend (XB only)
Lionel Messi 94 TOTW
Ángel Di María 94 TOTY
Sergio Ramos García 94 TOTY
Cristiano Ronaldo 94 TOTW
Arjen Robben 93 TOTW
Cristiano Ronaldo 93 TOTW
Toni Kroos 93 TOTY
Thiago  Silva 93 TOTY
Lionel Messi 93 Rare
Arjen Robben 92 TOTW
Cristiano Ronaldo 92 Rare
Zlatan Ibrahimović 91 TOTW
David Luiz 89 TOTY
Sergio Ramos García 88 MOTM
Philipp Lahm 88 TOTW
Thiago Emiliano da Silva 88 MOTM
Carlos Tévez 88 MOTM
Jérôme Boateng 87 MOTM
Arturo Vidal 86 TOTW
Mehdi Benatia 85 TOTW
Giorgio Chiellini 85 TOTW
Shinji Kagawa 84 TOTW
João Miranda de Souza Filho 84 TOTW
Łukasz Piszczek 83 TOTW
Ronaldo Aparecido Rodrigues 83 TOTW
Daniel Carvajals 81 TOTW
Leonardo Bonucci 80 TOTW


Good luck and happy birthday FUT.


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