New Video Shows the Stadium Atmosphere of 2014 FIFA WC Brazil


EA Sports released a new video showing the stadium atmosphere of the new FIFA title.


New Video Shows the Stadium Atmosphere of 2014 FIFA WC Brazil

Capturing the essence and atmosphere of Brazilian football was a huge factor during development of EA Sports 2014 FIFA World Cup Brasil. Matt Prior talks about recreating football’s most prestigious tournament.

All twelve of the official stadiums are included, alongside the official ball and country kits. The 3D crowd provide the party atmosphere you would expect from a South American game, whilst the crowd outside the stadium gives the impression that you are a part of something that it is being viewed from all around the globe.

The background audio has been recorded directly from South American matches, which means that the authentic experience is present with a new and polished soundtrack to go with it. This atmosphere and Brazilian presence also appear in the menus, with the interface revitalised and redesigned to not only be more appealing, but to also be easier to navigate.

Check the full video on the top of this page.

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