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FC 24

Since the release of FC 24 marked a new era for this flagship game, football enthusiasts are wondering how player ratings have changed and which cards are better to choose to get the most out of it. From formidable defenders to adroit strikers, FC 24 boasts an impressive array of outstanding players to empower your team and flex the tactics. Additionally, EA bestows them with new play styles and special talents based on the performance of their real-life counterparts, which makes the game even more fascinating. Today, we’re going to reveal the 10 highest-rated cards and also highlight some important talking points about each of them. FC 24 Pro tournaments will be covered as well, so keep reading!


10 Best Rated FC 24 Players

We just cannot help but mention a notable update in FC 24 which refers to the introduction of female players in the Ultimate Team. Although such a decision raised a lot of controversies among the game’s fans, it should be admitted that some female cards prove to be very powerful and can be a great addition to your roster with their potential to make up an excellent lineup. Hence, the FC 24 player rating was replenished with new names – check them out below.

1 Kylian Mbappé 91 97 90 80 92 36 78
2 Alexia Putellas 91 82 90 91 92 72 78
3 Erling Haaland 91 89 93 66 80 45 88
4 Kevin De Bruyne 91 72 88 94 87 65 78
5 Aitana Bonmatí 90 81 84 83 91 75 73
6 Lionel Messi 90 80 87 90 94 33 64
7 Sam Kerr 90 85 88 74 90 42 85
8 Karim Benzema 90 79 88 83 87 39 78
9 Thibaut Courtois 90 85 89 76 90 46 90
10 Harry Kane 90 69 93 84 83 49 83


1. Kylian Mbappé
Kylian Mbappé ranks first and can be rightfully called the best FC 24 player. Indeed, his fantastic pace, dribbling abilities, and shooting skills make this Frenchman striker a powerful boost to any roster. Mbappé was third in the FIFA 23 ratings, which is also nice, but now this PSG forward managed to get to the top.

2. Alexia Putellas
It’s no wonder this gorgeous girl from Barcelona Femeni is rated so high – she demonstrates amazing results playing both as a left-winger and center-midfielder. It’s truly difficult to stop Alexia Putellas on the pitch as she is good at ball control. Meanwhile, her passing and shooting abilities are spectacular as well.

3. Erling Haaland
Erling Haaland showed the craziest success rate, rising from 21st to 3rd position in rating. This Norwegian forward managed to get +3 overall rating points after his debut season with Manchester City, when he scored 52 times in 53 matches. No doubt, the footballer has great potential, considering his strong shooting power.

4. Kevin De Bruyne
This is another Man City star representing a very sought-after card in FC 24. Of course, it’s always nice to have a couple of skillful strikers in the lineup, but good CMs are no less important. And Kevin De Bruyne is often called one of the best midfielders in the world due to his accurate passes, either short or long. This German talent can score not just assists but also goals, as his shots are decent as well.

5. Aitana Bonmatí
Aitana Bonmatí is another Spanish female player from Barcelona, a high-class midfielder renowned for her finest passes, long shots, and ball control abilities. The footballer is very technical and was even rewarded the player of the tournament at the latest World Cup.

6. Lionel Messi
Being one of the heavyweights in FIFA 23, Messi dropped out of the top 5 list in FC 24. Well, this Argentinian gem lost his position but not talents. So, the center forward from Inter Miami CF still performs at a high level, being particularly good in dribbling, passing, and long shots.

7. Sam Kerr
Sam Kerr is an amazing all-round Chelsea striker, whose stats match up with the top male forwards in the FC 24 roster. She was the first woman depicted on the cover of FIFA 23, and we see her there again in the new game’s chapter. This Australian footballer has mastered ball control perfectly well, and her headers are really powerful.

8. Karim Benzema
Here he is – well-loved Karim Benzema – now in the 8th position, possessing a 90-rated card, which is 1 point lower than in FIFA 23. The thing is that the Frenchman decided to switch clubs and enter the Saudi Pro League, so he left Real Madrid and moved to Al Ittihad. Anyway, the stats are still good and prove the professionalism of this forward.

9. Thibaut Courtois
The Real Madrid goalkeeper is featured in the rating once again. Even the fact that this Belgium star is likely to miss a considerable part of the 2023-2024 season due to a ruptured ACL in no way affects his status as the best shot-stopper in FC 24. Just look at his card – the stats are great.

10. Harry Kane
Harry Kane represents Bayern München and has a wealth of experience in the position of a striker. Even though his play styles include incisive pass, Kane demonstrates much better results in shooting, especially in attack finishing and penalties. The card of this legendary English footballer may be a great addition to your dream team.


FC Pro 24 Tournaments: Much-Anticipated eSports Events

While the FIFA series has been around for 30 years, the first international championship was held in 2004. The game eventually turned into one of the largest esports disciplines, gathering plenty of thrill seekers from all over the world. Indeed, not all players join the FC 24 community just for fun – many also see the game as a lucrative enterprise and engage in different competitions in the hope of winning nice cash. Major events are always spectacular since only the best and most skillful gamers can compete there. FIFA competitions are called FC Pro, and this is what awaits you:

  • Pro Open
    The first stage of the tournament consists of the Open Ladder and takes place from October 1 to October 14. Players from 10 world regions compete with others in 1v1 matches, and the leading gamers then proceed to the Qualifiers. The Pro Open is held from November to February and has a prize pool of $1 million.
  • Pro League
    The event is supported under the League Partner program and is going to be held from February to April. This competition is global and aimed at identifying national champions. Further information will be given as soon as the season kicks off.

  • Pro World Championship
    This is the most breathtaking and long-awaited event planned to be held in June 2024. 32 world’s best players will compete for the chance to become the first FC Pro champion and get a huge cash prize. Thus, we’ll see the 4 best gamers from the Pro Open and 28 top Pro League participants.

Just like millions of gamers love playing this iconic football simulator, a huge number of game fans find great pleasure in watching esports matches and placing FIFA bets, trying to predict an outcome and win money. The overall process is truly exciting, especially when it comes to major tournaments. Moreover, there are plenty of betting options, profitable bonuses, and lucrative promos – everything a gambler may need to have fun.

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