The Top FIFA Games of All Time: Ranking the Best of the Series


The current FIFA 23 is the last game with this name before the series will be renamed to EA Sports FC next year. Reason enough to rummage in the memory box and collect the five best FIFA games of the last years for you!

Now, very few lists of the top 5 FIFA editions would be exactly the same, with differing opinions on many versions. However, it’s full of nostalgic memories. But before that let`s consider where to bet on FIFA.

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Please, Welcome Top 5 FIFA Games of All Time

#5 – FIFA 14
The first FIFA for the then new consoles.
With FIFA 14 some changes have occurred. First of all, the switch to the Ignite Engine. This means better graphics and smarter AI. Also, EA made the jump to the Xbox One and PS4 with this installment of the series. The many small changes make the game much faster and more dynamic overall.
FIFA 14 was rock solid in gameplay, brought Chemistry Styles to Ultimate Team mode, and made the game feel even more individual.

#4 – FIFA 17
Marco Reus made it onto the worldwide FIFA 17 cover.
In terms of gameplay, there weren’t too many changes in FIFA 17. Why the game still deserves a fourth place in our ranking is due to a very specific mode. Namely, the newly added game mode “The Journey”.
You follow Alex Hunter on his journey from a young talent to one of the best players in the world. The story elements in this mode were completely new. You also control the protagonist off the pitch and make decisions that influence the course of the campaign. The mode was so well received that it has been relaunched and improved every year since.

#3 – FIFA 13
Messi has been on four FIFA covers in a row.
Improved offensive AI with better running routes, revised player impact engine for more realistic and intense duels – all small adjustments that make gameplay more dynamic compared to its predecessor.
The biggest change, however, was the new ball handling. Balls could bounce and players could lose control of the ball – no matter if it was Per Mertesacker or Lionel Messi. Maybe a bit annoying, but very realistic and therefore a cool feature.
Bonus points go to this part for the soundtrack with songs from Imagine Dragons, Kraftklub and Youngblood Hawke.

#2 – FIFA 12
The German FIFA 12 had these two legends on the cover.
One of the most popular FIFA games ever! This was mainly because everything worked so well. The changes in the career mode.
Mode with innovations in the transfer market, Team of the Week, tournaments and a new defense system.
The Tactical Defending offered new possibilities in the defense. But with Precision Dribbling, there was also a new way to get past the defense. All in all, a very good FIFA with extensive innovations.

#1 – FIFA 10
The best FIFA also had a cool cover.
FIFA 10 is the best FIFA ever! Also the critics:inside at Metacritic say that. A rating of 91 – like Didier Drogba for example back then.
The gameplay became more fluid and versatile and just plain fun. But the main reason FIFA 10 still gets love today is the detailed career mode. You could recruit sponsors, swap staff at the club, and even adjust ticket prices.
That and many other little things, like short cutscenes on the pitch, created a cool soccer atmosphere. An atmosphere that we still look back on nostalgically today.

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