The top FIFA YouTubers to watch in 2023

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From classic games associated with the franchise, such as FIFA 14, to the latest version of the game, FIFA has been the focus of a large amount of content on YouTube, the American online video sharing and social media platform that people can’t seem to get enough of in the modern world. In fact, FIFA-related content has been prevalent on YouTube for years now.

Whether it’s on a smartphone device or through a television screen, people watch YouTube on a daily basis. Some people need it for cooking inspiration, while others follow fitness advice from respected professionals. Additionally, for fans of the beautiful game who might need tips on matches to go to, the best young players to watch, any previews ahead of fantasy football team changes on a Friday or betting on the big matches, alongside watching official club interviews and getting the latest team news, YouTube is a fantastic resource that can be watched with ease. It really is a great platform.

For FIFA gamers, there is a range of solid FIFA-related content that is regularly released, too. A platform that has given birth to world-famous YouTube stars like KSI, YouTube also boasts a strong selection of other creators who share relevant information on the game we all know and love. Of course, some YouTubers are better than others, but there is certainly a channel that deserves your support. With that in mind, let’s assess some of the top FIFA YouTubers right now.


Matt HD Gamer has extensive knowledge

If you’re keen to learn something new, then Matt HD Gamer is capable of providing you with a range of interesting and informative material. Particularly knowledgeable about the FUT variant of the game, Matt HD Gamer’s videos are beautifully produced, they’re fun to watch, they flow well, and you’ll be even more clued up on the game after watching a small amount of his videos. Overall, when assessing some of the most respected and reliable FIFA YouTubers within the community, Matt HD Gamer is easily one of the best.


DJMaRiio is one of YouTube’s biggest stars

A famous face from the FIFA scene, DJMaRiio has been entertaining millions of FIFA gamers for years. A Spanish creator who has fans in a number of Spanish-speaking countries, his engaging FIFA content is fantastic and continues to educate mass audiences who follow his every upload. With just under 9 million subscribers at the time of writing, DJMaRiio is one of YouTube’s biggest FIFA gamers. His success has even led him to making videos with world-famous stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, too. Overall, when assessing the diverse range of content he uploads, DJMaRiio is one of YouTube’s finest.


AJ3 is an FUT master

While AJ3 isn’t one of the biggest YouTubers on the list, he’s certainly one of the most underrated. With his channel being described as the ‘home of Squad Builder Showdown (SBS)’, this warm and friendly face serves up a series of great videos to watch on a weekly basis. Also featuring guests from the FIFA world and serving up strong doses of comical value with nearly every upload, AJ3 is a fantastic personality to follow, particularly if you’re keen on FUT-related content.


ChrisMD is a huge name from the UK

Although ChrisMD does produce content around the beautiful game in general, his FIFA content is still well worth following. A likeable character with a humongous following on the platform, ChrisMD’s YouTube content is some of the best around. An accomplished player himself, he’ll share anything from challenge videos to pack openings, as well as asking for feedback from his community of fans on his Ultimate Team escapades, plus loads more. Also making videos with some of the Premier League’s biggest names, ChrisMD is worth checking out.


AA9 Skillz is great at interacting with viewers

A YouTuber who has been making great videos and showcasing his immense talent on the game for a good few years now, AA9 Skillz is one of the biggest and best FIFA YouTubers who continues to release quality content to the two million people that follow his upload schedule and enjoy his videos. From entertaining series that focus on Ultimate Team adventures, to one-off videos on certain topics that might be gathering momentum within the community, AA9 Skillz is excellent at producing content that engages with his audience.

Other FIFA YouTubers to watch in 2023 include TwoSync, Bateson87, BFordLancer, ZwebackHD, Masterbucks, Manny, HecticTKS, and BorasLegend.

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