TOTS Release Dates for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

TOTS Release Dates for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team


Do you want to know when each one of the Team of the Seasons will be released ? Check here all the TOTS release dates for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team.


The teams and dates of this article were confirmed by EA Sports.
FGN was the first website to announce the FIFA 14 release date, the demo date and the FUT 14 updates cards date.
Now, it was also the first website to announce the TOTS release dates for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team.


TOTS Release Dates for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

Team of the Season joins the players who have played better on the whole season. These special blue cards are the most expensive of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team. In this time of the year, thousands of players try their luck on packs, buy new teams or make a good profit.

This year, the TOTS is released much earlier than in the previous FUT editions. Why ? Because this year we have the FIFA World Cup, the biggest football competition of the world. The domestic leagues ends earlier to give time to the national teams to be prepared to the World Cup.

The first TOTS will be released at April 23th and the last one ends before the World Cup starts, at May 30th.


TOTS Release Dates for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

TOTY cards are the only ones that can be better than the TOTS


Here are the TOTS Release Dates for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team:


    Gold Community Team of the Season
    Available in packs: April 23th 2014 at 6pm (UK time)
    Silver Community Team of the Season
    Available in packs: April 23th 2014 at 6pm (UK time)
    Bronze Community Team of the Season
    Available in packs: April 23th 2014 at 6pm (UK time)
    Barclays Team of the Season
    Available in packs: April 30th 2014 at 6pm (UK time)
    Football League Team of the Season
    Available in packs: May 2nd 2014 at 6pm (UK time)
    Bundesliga Team of the Season
    Available in packs: May 7th 2014 at 6pm (UK time)
    Serie A Team of the Season
    Available in packs: May 14th 2014 at 6pm (UK time)
    Ligue 1 Team of the Season
    Available in packs: May 14th 2014 at 6pm (UK time)
    La Liga BBVA Team of the Season
    Available in packs: May 21st 2014 at 6pm (UK time)
    Rest of the World Team of the Season
    Available in packs: May 23rd 2014 at 6pm (UK time)
    EASFC Team of the Season
    Available in packs: May 28th at 6pm (UK time)


73 thoughts on “TOTS Release Dates for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team”

  1. Well,I sold my whole team… All my players… It has brought me (about) 425.000 coins.I’m planing to make a new team with a different legaue.The TOTS-market crash is of course helpful.But when do you think,will the prices drop most?I’m thinking of BPL or BBVA.Which team is better?


    ST:Rooney + Agüreo

    CAM’s:Özil,Cazorla(both not sellable)

    CM:Touré(of course)

    RM:Jesús Navas

    LM:Willian,Schürrle(not sellable),Podolski







    ST:Diego Costa(IF)

    CAM’s:Fabregas + Xavi/Iniesta

    CM:Xabi Alonso

    RM:Di Maria

    LM:Turan,Jesé Rodriguez




    RV:Dani Alves

    GK:Casillas(who else? :D)

    Sorry,that it’s so long… But I hope you can help me. Thx

    1. Hi.
      Generally speaking, BPL has more choices but BBVA has better players. I prefer BPL but it is more expensive.
      Buy the new players during TOTS Happy Hours. I think you should go for BPL team. Maybe you should try Koscielny UP and David Silva. Hazard would be nice too.

      1. Sometimes,it says,I already posted this.but I don’t see it… Sorry…

        Feel free to delete this

    1. It is not easy to know.
      If you want to buy them, in the first week, Tuesday would be a better day to do it since there will be lots of TOTS cards of that player in the market.

  2. Hi.
    I want to make a great squads 1 from bpl and 1 serie A so my questions are, does pogba if 83 is going to drop? Because you can found him for 72k to 85k andhe is a really beast but I would love to have his tots card if he get 1 so when is the best time to buy the card. Here is the teams I want to make I have 610k.


    GK: CECH

    LB: COLE








    any suggestions please let me know, I was wonder if I should make serie a team o la liga team becous I really like pogba and Daniel de Rossi tots card.
    let me know what do you thanks.

    1. Hi.
      Nice team. If you don’t have enough coins, buy Eto’o instead of Suarez. He is really great.
      It is impossible to know if the prices will drop or not. However, we believe that prices will be lower during the coming 100k packs happy Hours.

  3. Are 100k packs avaibled after any different TOTS Teams (every week)?!

    Or just at the end with the EAS FC TOTS??!

  4. Hi, i currently have an IF schweinsteiger with me who i bought for quite a bargain during the market crash..initially i was planning to sell him after all the TOTS are out meaning in june so as to maximise profits, but now i realise that if he does get a TOTS card this IF card might drop in value. So what would your advice be in my situation? Should i try to sell before the bundesliga tots and get whatever profits i can?

      1. Thats exactly what i did..hahaha as i posted that i decided to sell him as like you mentioned i suspected bpl tots would be extremely sought after, meaning the market will crash again..thanks alot for the reply, now i know i’m on the right track:)

  5. Can u suggest any upgrades for my team. 433 4 lw Ronaldo rw if di Maria st 1st if messi cam bale cm second if fabregas cm iniesta cb ramos cb Silva rb alves lb marcelo gk cassilias

  6. Is this true thats ziday came tots bpl ? I see no comercials for this team … Sorry for my Bad english im Form germany this is only my school english and my school time is long time ago

    1. Hi.
      ‘Be sure’ ? We have alerted in this article that the dates are estimated dates. Until know we and FIFA U Team were the only websites with the correct dates. But we know that they may be different in the future. It seems that EA Sports will release more than one TOTS at once. As soon we know, we will publish.

  7. Hey rodrigo I was wondering if u can tell me when the Mls tots comin up, I have invested a lot in mls players and I want to know when the all star tournament will come out, please reply, I am thinking of quick selling the players which will lead to a loss of 100k!

  8. Jorge Zamora

    Hi Rodrigo, could you please give some suggestions to improve my serie a squad?

    GK: Buffon
    RB: Abate
    CB: SIF Benatia(86)
    CB: Chiellini
    LB: Constant
    CDM: Vidal UP
    RM: Candreva
    LM: IF Cuadrado(82)
    CAM: Marchisio
    ST: Balotelli
    ST: SIF Tevez(88)

    I’m definitly selling SIF benatia he is just so bad, his strenght, jumping and heading acc feels like under 70, i’m thinking about buying IF Campagnaro because i have tried his regular version and he is good, what do you think? Or which other CB should i buy? Also in the other positions, do you have any suggestions to improve my team?
    Thank you so much!

    1. Hi.
      It’s hard to believe that you have not liked Benatia SIF. Have you tried him enough games ? Campagnaro IF may be a good alternative.
      I don’t have another suggestions for the other positions. They are great.

  9. When should i buy an expensive gold squad with Ibrahimovic. Should I wait for a specific time like happy hour or any time during tots?

  10. I don’t know what ea was doing when i was opening tots pack more than 10 times and didn’t got a single inform or rare player. Cmon ea its not fair. All i got was normal gold daniel agger twice in a row pack, mertersacker, khedira, nicklas bendtner, lars bender, remy. What is this i dont get it. Atleast i should have got someone not inform but someone like normal gold hazard, yaya toure, suarez, aguero, david silva, bale or neymar and not player who cost only 900 coins.

  11. EA Please i beg for once please give someone rare and good player. I beg you ea just once. I am fed up of not getting one. I hate it all i get is 900 coins cost player so please ea listen to me. PS3 name: Dpun_JR123

  12. i bought Ibrahimovic (89) for 979,000 coins on ps3/ps4. I know his price is cheaper right now but will it ever get back close to what i bought him or am I going to lose a lot of coins. What should i do with him?

  13. Hey,

    I’m from Germany and im looking for a suggestion. At the moment i’m playing an average Bundesliga squad with Ibrahimovic included. That’s the point. I would like to play a squad including Ibra and different TOTS Cards like Motta. My budget is about 1.1 Million Coins actually. Can you suggest me a squad? And when should i buy the players? Furthermore i’m going to invest 100€ for PSN. When should i “try my luck” to get much profit?

    I hope you can answer these questions.

    Best regards

  14. Thank you for the answer. But I want to build a squad with Ibra, Motta TOTS and IF possible Ribéry. Can you suggest other playesr for an 4-4-2? Which players will lead Ligue 1 TOTS?


  15. Rodrigo these days Alaba bought for 10 MILS COINS
    however when I send it to the club gave a bugged the letter was flashing and I lost it and my coins what do I do?

  16. Hi,i want to buy a full legend squad and i have 5.9 mill but cost 7 mill for full legends squad however price have rocketed up and mls come out tonight on the 6th august when the mls vs bayern game starts and i was wondering will therre be a good price drop when the mls all stars start coming out in packs so i can afford my kegend team since prices have rocketed so plz reply asap as i am in. Need of desparate help lopes!?

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