TOTY of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team – Frequently Asked Questions

TOTY of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team - Frequently Asked Questions


There is something you want to know about TOTY of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team ? Find it here.


TOTY of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most asked questions about TOTY of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team.


Q: When the TOTY of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team will be announced ?
A: January 9th, 2014.

Q: How the TOTY of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team is chosen ?
A: TOTY players are not chosen by EA Sports. They are chosen by the votes of thousands of professional players members of FIFPro, the worldwide representative organization for all professional football players.

Q: Where the TOTY will be announced ?
A: If you want to know in first hand the TOTY players, just follow the FIFA FIFPro World XI at the Ballon D’Or ceremony at Zurich’s Kongresshaus, on January 13. We will post the TOTY of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team in our website

Q: How many defenders, midfielders and forwards have the TOTY ?
A: The TOTY is build from a shortlist with 55 players in a 433 formation.

Q: What colour are these cards ?
A: Blue. Just see in the image below.


TOTY of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team - Frequently Asked Questions

That’s how the TOTY cards looks


Q: Should I sell my cards ?
A: Nobody can be sure about how the market will be after the TOTY release. The prices already started dropping on the new year and it should continue if EA Sports make available 100k packs.

Q: How much will cost these cards ?
A: Hundreds of Thousands coins to several millions coins.

Q: When the TOTY cards will be available in packs ?
A: Goalkeepers and Defenders – January 13th after the FIFPro announcement to January 15th at 8pm;
Midfielders – January 15th at 6pm to January 17th at 6pm;
Forwards – January 17th at 6pm to January 18th at 6pm;


61 thoughts on “TOTY of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team – Frequently Asked Questions”

  1. What are the odds of getting a TOTY player in a gold premium pack(7.5k one).
    I love all of these articles thanks for your work.

  2. What time are these available in packs? I am on the east coast, also if the chances are slim in the 7,500 packs should we save our coins for certain other packs?

  3. craig osborne

    are the toty only available on console or can they be found in packs using the web app? the toty has been out for over an hour but no update on web app as yet!

  4. So are you sure they will all be released on the 25-26th? Because I dont want to save all my coins/fifa points and have them not come back, so should i wait for those dates of buy during the forwards time?

    1. No. I already said that it is not official. Nobody knows if EA will release all players together on that days. We believe that there is a good chance. It’s up to you to decide when you will buy.

  5. is all the toty players going to be available in packs on the 19th of January? I have 14000 fifa points and don’t know when to spend them? please helpppp

    1. I mean that they will be available in packs at the same time. Right now, for example, only forwards are available in packs.
      But I don’t know if it will be on 25-26th or only tomorrow.

  6. I’ve just been stupidly lucky and got TOTY Ribery in a pack. At time of writing they are selling for around £2.6 million on Xbone. Is it best to sell now, or wait till next week when no more are coming onto the market? Is this even correct, will more appear in coming weeks or is that it now? Thanks in advance.

        1. Nobody can be sure about what it will happen. I believe that prices will keep low today, with the release of all TOTY players together. So, today is not a good day to sell him for sure.

  7. Karsten Holmen

    Hello! I got Ezequiel Garay in a pack on 15th January and i saw on the facebook page for FIFA that he was in-form a couple hours before i got him, but he wasn`t IN-FORM in the pack. What happened? I can send you or EA SPORTS picture proof of that i am the first owner and that the date is 15th January. Then can i get a IN-FORM version of him? Because i think it`s unfair that he wasn`t IN-FORM when he should have been :/

    1. Hi.
      If you got him after the 6pm (UK time) you should send the pic to EA Support (see HERE how to do it).
      If you got it before, you can not get a TOTW card. The TOTW is announced every Wednesday at 3pm but the cards are released in packs at 6pm.

  8. Antonius Block

    I pulled a TOTY Ramos on my mobile game. I had the packs for completing objectives so opened them and come to find out he is untradeable and discards for 0 coins. Kind of bittersweet but still over the moon to pull a blue at all.

  9. what is that memory we can use it in please i whant the answer and how much money it cost and i am from egyp and i whant to know this memory some pepoles in egypt is selling these memories

  10. i just picked up Diego Benaglio inform i think totw or totm or something. the 82 rated card. and i was wondering if his price will go up in a week or something.

  11. Marcel Albrecht

    I have a question for FUT 15, I know it is not coming out until the fall and there is no way of knowing if the game play will be the same as FUT 14 but…If I were to play tournaments and win gold player packs for FUT 15 and save them until the TOTY comes out next January, is it possible for me to get a TOTY player? Or will I never see a TOTY player since I “won” the gold player pack(s) before the TOTY release?

    1. Good question. I think it may works.
      I know that you don’t have to open the pack. You can store it in ‘my packs’ and open when you want. I am almost sure that the cards are randomly chosen when you open the pack and not when you get it.

      1. Marcel Albrecht

        Thanks for the quick response! And okay that would make sense to me, I think it should work too. I actually have another question regarding TOTY.

        Do you know how many individual TOTY cards are released? For example, are there less TOTY Messi cards released because he is more valuable than say a TOTY Dani Alves? And if so, do you know what the numbers or percentages might be?

        1. Hi.
          It is a simple question but the answer is complex.
          We know that the amount of TOTY cards of player X release during TOTY week was the same that his respective regular card.
          We don’t know exactly how many they are (yes, different player = different amounts of cards), but we have an idea. There is a good explanation about it here.

  12. Alejandro Puga

    Why are the toty cards so sought after? Won’t there be more inform cards with better stats later on?

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