What makes a FIFA game better than the rest?

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The developers of the popular FIFA game, EA Sports, proposed to replicate the real experience of watching a football match in a stadium when they launched it as an eSports event. It means that the video game can be played professionally and competitively by players from all around the globe. With more contests and big teams from different leagues in the world, eSports has grown into a mainstream sport.

Furthermore, eSports prediction has continued to grow when FIFA began collaborating with EA in its sporting division. So, what makes the FIFA game so popular throughout the world?


Football remains the globe’s most followed sport

Football (also known as soccer) premiered in England in 1863, and it has since expanded to other parts of the world. Following its establishment in 1904, FIFA has profited immensely from the sport, and below are some of the contributors to the game’s success.


Several organized tournaments and awards

Another factor contributing to FIFA’s rapid growth is the competitions in which gamers can compete virtually. Obviously, competition entails rewards and prizes. The FIFA eWorld Cup is the most well-known FIFA eSports competition, with millions of fans. Other well-known events, such as the eNational Cup, bring together the finest players from each country.

Many leagues are also on offer, allowing enthusiasts to compete for huge payouts. Apart from the awards and excitement that these events may provide, they can also help participants develop their communication skills because the games are team-based.


Video games appeal to the younger generation

People’s lifestyles are transforming as a result of the advent of eSports, particularly among younger gamers. They are naturally drawn to this type of activity since eSports is a multiplier video game, and a unique one at that. In fact, video games entice the desires of youthful fans in a more elaborate manner.

According to a study, gamers between the ages of 21 and 35 spend a significant amount of time playing their favorite video games each day. It is inspiring to see these young kids battle against the world’s best gamers, but it can negatively influence their mental health.


Unbeatable graphics and timely updates

FIFA, (and to some degree, eSports) has become popular among individuals of all ages as a result of technological advancements in video gaming. There are significant upgrades, both graphically and technically which makes the game all the more intriguing.

Players have embraced the game worldwide, with Asia now among the biggest eSports contributors. Top Asian sites like Thai Betting News offer a wide variety of eSports, most notably, FIFA and related events.

Players also enjoy the thrill of managing their own teams. They have the freedom to sign their favorite players from clubs of their choice. Further, these games are updated on an annual basis, which makes them better and more relevant.


Player involvement

Despite the rapid expansion of professional eSports, new players have little trouble joining the team. They are free to play with their favorite teams in the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, the German Bundesliga, or any league from any part of the globe.

In summary, this is a game that anyone can play, and you’ll not need to be the best player in the world to be a successful player. It is the ability to create teams and player management that count in the end. Interestingly, only one player controls the entire team.

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