Who is the FIFA Dev Team ?


FIFA is an amazing video game. We love it. You love it. But who is behind the game? Who is the FIFA Dev Team ?


The FIFA Dev Team

FIFA is the biggest selling franchise in EA history. But the success does not occur by accident. EA needs to have a great Dev Team working hard in this game. Today you will find how they are.

FIFA team members come from 18 different countries. But the most important ones are:

Games Mode Producer Santiago Jaramillo
Gameplay Producers Samuel Rivera
Kantcho Doskov
Shaun Pejic
Line Producer Matthew Prior
Senior Art Director Matt Jones
Community Manager Chukwuma Morah
Lead Gameplay Producer Aaron McHardy
Audio Director Jeff MacPherson
Global Campaign Manager Simon Dunn


The FIFA Dev Team Video

You can watch the following video to see how really are these people.

Shaun Pejic, for example, is a ex-professional footballer, and Kantcho Doskov is a football freestyler.



1 thought on “Who is the FIFA Dev Team ?”

  1. Mahmoud Mohamed Mahmoud Elsayed

    Dear Sir, I need any body in development team to discuss with him how to play FIFA with 11 user. which mean each user will control at a certain play. the target is to make a team from 11 user. to do this i need a special version from FIFA and hardware able to connect 11 joysticks for 11 player. the software will used to allocate the player at joystick . the target is establish electronic football game and also may be establish electronic governing body of association as FIFA. In this game many people may be able to play football as people with special needs or old men or fat boys. this game will increase team work and also will increase the relationship between player. Friends can make a team and family can make a team – boys and girls can make a team. the team may be include grandfather and father and sons. Places for play this game will be established according to certain instruction from EA and may be will be franchise and EA stadium.
    Please i can prepare the plan for this project because i am planning engineer but i am not programmer.

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