Best Goalkeepers for FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Goalkeepers for FIFA 14 Career Mode


You are building your squad but you are not sure about which goalkeepers you should buy ? Take our suggestions of the best goalkeepers for FIFA 14 Career Mode.


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How to choose the Best Goalkeepers

In this article we will suggest the best goalkeepers for FIFA 14 Career Mode that you should be able to use in your low, medium or large budget club. Keep in mind that the best players for us many not be for you. It depends of your other players, formation, budget, play style, preferences, etc…

We will suggest goalkeepers of three categories:

    Best of the Best
    Ideal for unlimited wallets or for who wants the best.
    Best Deals
    GK with nice potential rating and that you can find at decent prices.
    Best Young
    Young GK with great growth and that will be top players in the future.


Best Goalkeepers for FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Goalkeepers for FIFA 14 Career Mode


Nationality: Germany
Rating: 86
Potential: 91
Age: 27

For many football fans, Neuer is currently the best goalkeeper of the world. He may be a expensive player, but he worth every pound. In the list of the 40 goalkeepers with best rating, he is the one with higher potential growth.

Best Goalkeepers for FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Alternative: THIBAUT COURTOIS

Nationality: Belgium
Rating: 84
Potential: 88
Age: 21

The Atletico Madrid’s Goalkeeper doesn’t play well with the feet but has another great stats. He is very young which makes him a nice buy to a long term too.


Best Deals in FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Goalkeepers for FIFA 14 Career Mode


Nationality: Russia
Rating: 84
Potential: 85
Age: 27

Akinfeev is a good and very expensive goalkeeper. If you are lucky enough, you may get him free since he ends his contract with CSKA Moskva on the end of the first season.

Best Goalkeepers for FIFA 14 Career Mode


Nationality: Italy
Rating: 80
Potential: 82
Age: 26

If you don’t manage a top club, maybe Consigli would be a nice choice to keep your goal. He has amazing reflexes and you can get him free.


Best Young Goalkeepers in FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Goalkeepers for FIFA 14 Career Mode


Nationality: Colombia
Rating: 74
Potential: 85
Age: 20

Bonilla already have a very good diving and reflexes. And he can be yours much sooner than you expect, since he ends the contract with Atlético Nacional in the end of the season. Put him playing in some matches to give him the chance to improve the other stats.

Best Goalkeepers for FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Alternative: JACK BUTLAND

Nationality: England
Rating: 71
Potential: 85
Age: 20

If you are looking for a goalkeeper with great future, Butland may be your man. He is not good with his feet but he will be amazing with his hands and that’s all(most) that cares.


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89 thoughts on “Best Goalkeepers for FIFA 14 Career Mode”

      1. Consigli grew to an 87 for me within 2 seasons, juve offered £30 mil for him almost sold him because he started to demand wages greater than 120k

    1. Joe Hart is the Best Option
      He grew to 92 in my Barcelona Career
      Real Madrid Hijacked n bought him from me at a Whooping price of 98k and I bought him back in the next transfer season he was 89 again
      and it grew to 90 during the Season again’!
      No Doubt the Best Goalkeeper!

  1. I had Sven Ulreich, payed around 5-6m for him, went from 79 to 82 in january,

    i sold him to spurs in january for 30m

    i thought it might get them to sell loris on the cheap, but it never,

    anyway at the end of the first season i check ulreich at spurs, he was rated 90

    anyway i think Ulreich is a good deal for mid table teams

  2. Somehow I managed too get Coutois to 91 rated in my Chelsea Career in 2020. But I’ve realised sometimes potential decreases when a. Player is brought

    1. Hi.
      This article is not about the best of the best GK. We have three categories: best GK, best deals and best young GK. On the first category we already have Neuer and Courtois. There is not enough room to all good GK.

      1. Insert Name Here

        I really hate Courtois, I’m in 2020 and he has handed in a transfer request for three years. The board finally sold him for only 29 mil on the last day of winter market. Going through comments to find a good goalie now.

  3. What about Janis Blaswich from Bor. M’gladbach, he’s relatively young at 22 and on my career in 2019 he’s 88 overall. He should be in with a good shout, should he not?

  4. ondoa from barcelona B is a real talent and is only 17 years old, he becomes one of the best keepers in seasons so come…better than the 2 young keepers on this website, you might want to take this comment into consideration, thanks

  5. A hidden gem in fifa career mode I think is Asmir Begovic. I bought him for 4.7 mill which is pretty cheap. he is 27 year old and has a rating of 81. In two years, I’ve made him to grow into a 89 rated player(yea and i know his potential is only 84, but I’ve tried this in 3 career modes and they’ve all turned him into a 89 rated player) and sold him for 40 mill. I think you should test this.

  6. There is Simone Scuffet from Udinese. I got him at 75 at the age of 17 and he is now 87 at the age of 21.

  7. what about eldin jakupovic? he is only 66 at the age of 28 but after the first season he reached at 83.. and u got him free.. cause he ends his contracts with hull city on 2014. after another season he reached at 85.. i sold him at juventus for 40.4m.

  8. i found a certain rafael in brazilian league . . . rating in 70’s shot to 83 in like 3 months … then didnt play him much ( de gea returned from injury) . young, good deal

    1. I bought him from cruzeiro for 3m, ratting in 74′
      just sold him to barca for 45m and ratting 88 🙂
      best deal ever.

  9. what about mattia perin? he is from genoa. his ovr is 76 at the age 19. i get him for 5.8million. after one and half season he reached at 89. and i sold him at real madrid for 60million. u should check him..

  10. Stephen Henderson from West Ham has a pretty high potential and inexpensive too. 3rd season in, and he’s rating is currently 87.

  11. I play career as Real Madrid… who would you recommend me as a 2nd and first goalkeeper after first season? thanks for reply, Adam

  12. I have a career with arsenal I’m in my second season and viviano is gone back to Italy and I released Fabianski who should I get as back up to Szcesny under 7 million?

  13. What about ospina or Ochoa I’m in a career with arsenal and released fabianski who should I get as my 2nd goalie

  14. Luke Daniels from West Ham is incredible. He starts out 60 rated @ the age of 25 but went to 89 in 2 seasons

  15. Hello i think you forgot MARK ANDRE TER STEGEN, hes a very good german keeper too he plays for borrusia moenchengladbach. he is 21 and in the first half of season one i bought him for 10 mil EURO with a rating of 81

  16. What about B. Leno, I bought him his attributes are 87 Bt still not in your list…. Y so even he is better than casillas

  17. I am playing with real Madrid in manager mode. I would like to buy courtois but he is in rival club athletico madrid. Is there any way of buying him

  18. soumyadeep santra

    i found an english gk named rohan nicholson in my 6th season. He is 90 at the age of 24 only! And i got him on a free transfer. 😀

  19. I started a career with bayern
    In august 2015 i have this team
    Neuer 90
    Lahm 85
    Boateng 83
    Dante 84
    Badstuber 86
    Alaba 82
    Bakkali 81
    Shaqiri 82
    Lukaku 85
    Higuain 85
    Rafinha 78
    Martial 75
    Kroos 87
    Goetze 89
    Morata 83
    Ribery 86
    Verratti 86
    Hart 84
    Kirchoff 76
    Bellerin 66
    Fischer 81
    Lucas Piazon 79
    Leali 73
    Semih Kaya 86

    Is that good?

      1. On the last day of august transfer i sold morata to psg with £35m what should i buy in winter? Thx for the reply btw

  20. Praneet Sawant

    This is my first team:
    Neuer (86) (bought last winter)
    Marquinhos (81)
    Boateng (85)
    Koscielny (81)
    Fabio (80)
    Pogba (87)
    Lucas (88)
    Pastore (84)
    Adryan (78)
    Cavani (92) wants to leave
    Rooney (87) bought last season
    Depay (74)
    Rabiot (74)
    Bakkali (83)
    Taarabt (84)
    Rulli (66)
    Jallet (76)
    and some more (mostly ranging from 65 to 75)
    What do you think I should do when Cavani leaves in the next window?
    1) Play bakkali and rotate Depay ocasionally.
    2) Sell Depay, play Bakkali regularly and buy a 75 something striker.
    Also I would like to know how can I get Neuer to grow at a decent pace. Since previously I had Sirigu (84), he was same OVR for 2 seasons. I am in my 3rd season now.

    1. Hi.
      1) If Cavani wants to leave, sell him while you can make a good money. You should use that money to buy
      one of the suggested strikers.
      2) Each player is a different case. There is any trick to improve him.

  21. Fernando Muslera is also a great signing. I played him as my keeper for my Uruguayan national team and in 2 seasons he had stats that rival and even better neuer at about the same age. He’s a bit cheaper as well. Should try him

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