Best Goalkeepers for FIFA 15 Career Mode

Best Goalkeepers for FIFA 15 Career Mode


Are you building your squad but you are not sure about which goalkeepers you should buy ? Take our suggestions of the best goalkeepers for FIFA 15 Career Mode.


Best goalkeepers for FIFA 16 Career Mode

Best of the Best
Best Deals
Best Youngs


How to choose the Best Goalkeepers


In this article we will suggest the best goalkeepers for FIFA 15 Career Mode that you should be able to use in your low, medium or large budget club. Keep in mind that the best players for us may not be for you. It depends of your other players, formation, transfer budget, wages budget, play style, preferences, etc…


We will suggest goalkeepers of three categories:

    Best of the Best
    Ideal for unlimited wallets or for who wants the best.
    Best Deals
    Decent GK that you can find at good prices or ending their contracts.
    Best Young
    Young GK with great growth and that will be top players in the future.


Best Goalkeepers for FIFA 15 Career Mode

Best Goalkeepers for FIFA 15 Career Mode


Nationality: Germany
Club (first season): FC Bayern
Rating: 90
Potential: 90
Age: 28

For most of the football fans, Neuer is currently the best goalkeeper of the world. He may be a expensive player, but he worth every pound. If you want the best for your team, you need to buy him.

Best Goalkeepers for FIFA 15 Career Mode

Best Alternative: THIBAUT COURTOIS

Nationality: Belgium
Club (first season): Chelsea
Rating: 86
Potential: 90
Age: 22

The Chelsea’s Goalkeeper is a bit slow but he has another great stats. The Belgian player is the only one that can reach the Neuer level. He is very young which makes him a nice buy to a long term too.

Best Goalkeepers for FIFA 15 Career Mode

Second Best Alternative: MARC-ANDRÉ TER STEGEN

Nationality: Germany
Club (first season): FC Barcelona
Rating: 82
Potential: 88
Age: 22

If speed is not a problem to you, this German goalkeeper may be an option to your team. If you have a few millions to buy him, of course. Otherwise, you can also try De Gea.


Best Deals in FIFA 15 Career Mode

Best Goalkeepers for FIFA 15 Career Mode


Nationality: Spain
Club (first season): RCD Espanyol de Barcelona
Rating: 80
Potential: 83
Age: 27

If you don’t have enough money to buy a top goalkeeper, you should follow Kiko Casilla. He is ending his contract, which means that he can be yours for free.

Best Goalkeepers for FIFA 15 Career Mode

Best Alternative: STÉPHANE RUFFIER

Nationality: France
Club (first season): Saint-Etienne
Rating: 83
Potential: 84
Age: 28

Ruffier is one of the best goalkeepers playing in Ligue 1. And the good news is that he is ending his contract with Saint-Etienne.

Best Goalkeepers for FIFA 15 Career Mode

Second Best Alternative: GIANLUIGI BUFFON

Nationality: Italy
Club (first season): Juventus
Rating: 82
Potential: 82
Age: 36

The most expensive goalkeeper of all time is ending his career this season. Are you persuasive enough to convince him to play one more year in your club ? You may be sure that he is still a wonderful player.


Best Young Goalkeepers in FIFA 15 Career Mode

Best Goalkeepers for FIFA 15 Career Mode


Nationality: Italy
Club (first season): Udinese
Rating: 71
Potential: 87
Age: 18

With only 18 years old, Scuffet already has amazing reflexes. Buy him as soon as possible and put him playing in some matches to give him the chance to improve his other stats. He is a genuine wonderkid in FIFA 15 Career Mode.

Best Goalkeepers for FIFA 15 Career Mode

Best Alternative: PAUL NARDI

Nationality: France
Club (first season): AS Nancy (loan)
Rating: 68
Potential: 83
Age: 20

If you are looking for a goalkeeper with great future, Paul Nardi may be your man. And he may be yours sooner than you expect, since his loan expires at the end of the first season.

Best Goalkeepers for FIFA 15 Career Mode

Second Best Alternative: MATTIA PERIN

Nationality: Italy
Club (first season): Genoa
Rating: 76
Potential: 85
Age: 22

If you don’t mind to spend extra money with a young goalkeeper, maybe you should try Perin. He his a decent not so young player, with great potential. In a couple of years, he may be better than Paul Nardi.


More young goalkeepers you should try:

– For High Quality Teams

    Alphone Aréola (France | SC Bastia)
    Jack Butland (England | Stoke City)
    André Moreira (Portugal | Moreirense FC)
    Alessio Cragno (Italy | Cagliari)

– For Lower Quality Teams

    Fabrice Ondoa (Cameroon | FC Barcelona B)
    Marijan Córic (Bosnia Herzegovina | Parma)
    Callum Burton (England | Shrewsbury)


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158 thoughts on “Best Goalkeepers for FIFA 15 Career Mode”

  1. James McIntosh

    Hugo Lloris has a potential of 91 and can actually overtake Neuer as the best keeper in the world

  2. Hi Rodrigo, What teams do you like to start with in Career Mode? I like younger good teams with some spending cash, but don’t want to just start with a super team like Barcelona, Chelsea etc. Thanks.

    1. West ham is a good one or you could try using a team from a league down for example Fulham then try to stay up. Those are the two manager careers I’m doing right now. And Spartak Moscow is good too.

  3. I have to confirm that Callum Burton (England | Shrewsbury) is brutally good for low budget teams.

    I am playing career mode with my beloved Accrington Stanley and i have to say that this guy has saved my hide too many times to count.

    It truly made a diff on my results.

  4. Hey there, I visited this page ’cause I wanted to replace Salvatore Sirigu (I don’t think he suits me much.) I looked around the top keepers you say and was really disappointed to not find Fernando Muslera (82) in here. He is kinda cheap but man just play a game with him and you’ll better know which category to place him in on this page. Please consider, thanks.

      1. You know better than me, and there ARE better keepers than him, but I just wanna suggest him to people who’re sick of conceding goals and just want something better for a small price.
        Also Claudio Bravo (83) might be a good choice. I’m just suggesting, so please try them Rodrigo. Thanks.

  5. My courtois is 28 years old and has a 93 rating. He’s betbettet than Nueuer. And hes worth 120 million dollars. So he should be on the top, trust me. U guys should buy him. I suppose he can go all the way to 95

  6. I want to replace Simon mignolet at Liverpool. I have a 30 million dollar spending budget for a keeper who should I pursue?

    1. I bought joe hart 83 when I bought him I got him for £15 million/$19.6 million by the end of the season I got him up to 88 and he was worth £40 million/$52.4 million defo worth buying

  7. So I bought scuffet with Real Madrid and after a season and a half i got him to 78, but then i decided i needed a challenge so i started a career with southampton, and i bought him again, but in the same time of play he’s still at 71, this bugs me as hell

  8. Firstly love your stuff and secondly I brought courtois for my juventus career and buffon has.been sitting on the bench the whole season and has gone from 82 to 85 , what ???

      1. He probably grew because he’s a club veteran or because the older he gets the more experience he developes. I had the same thing happen to me with Cech in my Chelsea career mode

  9. high I’ve just started a new career with Southampton who would you recommend a relatively cheep keeper who is quiet young with a decent rating with a good potential

  10. with Southampton on my first season who would you recommend a relatively good young centre back with a good potential can you name a few

  11. Gonçalo Pinhal

    Hi Rodrigo, I am portuguese too and I am from Benfica too. By I want to talk about FIFA 15. I started my career wit PSG, and I bought Ronaldo and Alaba. KNow I need a really good right defender. Which player should I buy?? Thanks.

  12. I got Lloris to a 91 in just about 2 seasons. He should really be on here… He’s a top 3/4 keeper at best

  13. A great team to start off with is Wolfsburg, imo. Their budget is decent & they have good, not world class, players. If you follow the guide for players whose contracts will expire after the 1st season, you can create a super team with the likes of Khedira, Oscar, Dani Alves, Nkolou, & Doumbia all on your team for the 2nd season of career mode for free.

  14. Hey. I’m in real sociedad career mode and I am just wondering whether I should replace rulli with scuffet since rulli never grows

  15. Before I read this I got Perin from scouts. He was extremely expensive as I payed 18 Million in the end after they counter offered. I played him all the time and he grew to 87 so it was worth it.

    1. 86 to 82 in only one month is incredible. 🙂
      LB is one of the positions with less quality players offer. Why don’t you try one of our suggestions here ? Alaba, Alba, Marcelo…

  16. I once had a goalkeeper named Roberto that currently plays for my favorite team olympiacos and another a couple of years he turned beast. At 28 years old and for around 15 million he turned a profit when at the age of 32 he was 92 overall and I sold him for 70million.

  17. Hey Rodrigo, thanks for all your tips. REALLY helped a lot. Coming back to real life, since you from Benfica,, and I’m a Liverpool fan , was Markovic worth £20m and how good is he really ?

    1. He was expensive, yes. I think Liverpool paid for his potential. He is not a top player yet but he has what is important to be a great player. It depends of how many time he plays.

  18. I’ve had courtois for about a season and a half Now and still no improvement on his stats he’s still 86 overall what should I do

  19. I chose Juventus to start. I bought leno and he started every match. But what was weird was that leno went from 83 to 85, when Buffon went from 83 to 89 without starting any matches…..

    1. Leno progression seems OK. What is really strange is to see Buffon going to 89 in this part of his career.
      Sometimes it has to do with his contracts and how happy he is.

  20. Comment: Sorry to write a long comment but I need suggestion. My computer had crashed a few weeks ago so all the records that I had with Man Utd are gone now. So I’m probably thinking to start a new career with Real Madrid. I don’t want a team full of stars except a few. So from strikers I would keep Ronaldo ,James Rodriguez and I will sell others And from defenders I would keep Sergio Ramos and Pepe . I would sell both Casillas and Diego Lopez and want someone between Alexandros Tzorvas or Apoula Edel.. so can u suggest between these two and please mention some more good young players of any position whom I can nurture in my club. Once again sorry for such long comment 😛 And one more thing to add, I play fifa 14 cause I don’t know why Fifa 15 doesn’t run well in my PC. I had wasted my money 🙁

      1. Okay thanks for the list. It helped a lot. I just wanted to know one more thing that should I stick with Diego Lopez or sell him to buy courtois?

          1. Thank you so much Rodrigo. Why don’t you give your Facebook or twitter ID so that we can contact you for anything regarding fifa 15 . please 🙂


  21. Matthew Sporides

    My Friends and I all sign Hugo Lloris every career mode and in maybe 3 seasons he reaches 92+. The highest any of us have ever got him to reach was 96. That was in 2020. It has happened at least 15+ where he’s gotten over 92.

  22. Hi , I’m starting a career with Chelsea. And I kind of want to sell cech , mikel, Ramires. Can you all give me suggestions who to buy and sell ? Thanks

  23. I just started a Chelsea career mode . And I have a pretty decent budget . Can you all give me suggestions on who to buy and sell (all positions) ? Thanks

  24. Hi! According to your suggestion I have bought Courtois but he is not improving. It’s been 4 seasons and he plays almost every match bit his stats are same as of first season . Please help

      1. His form is ‘Excellent’. He is ‘Very Happy’ and there is 3 years left in his contract and without any doubt I win all matches 😏

          1. Well I’m out of ideas too. But I ain’t gonna sell him because he is my favourite GK. Anyway thanks for the help Rodrigo.

  25. My career mode 4 seasons is 91 leno GK 80 marquinhos CB 84 Juan Jesus CB 83 bernat LB 77 bacuna RB 84 khedira CDM 82 halilovic CAM 87 El Shaaraway LW 83 Kane ST 87 dybala ST 92 bale RW. What moves do you think I should do next?

  26. my team is the folllowing:
    GK= Neuer and Courtois
    CB= Mats Hummels, Thiago Silva
    CM= J.Rodriguez, Gotze
    ST=Ronaldo and Ibra

  27. hi,
    Currently using Portsmouth n got them upto the premier league but have had serious issues in goal.
    Have used Areola,Butland ,scuffet and more recently Ter Stegen but no change.
    Keep shipping in easy goals.
    Current budget is 40m. Need a good goalie n RW.

  28. I bought butland in my 1st season and he doesn’t grow a bit. Can you explain it to me. Plus, is there any other english great FWD,GK.
    My first team lineup:
    Butland 72
    Sam Byram 71
    John Stones 76
    Eric Dier 76
    Nathaniel Clyne 77
    Raheem Sterling 80
    Jack Wilshere 83
    Coutinho 82
    Welbeck 79
    Connor Wickham 72
    I’m in my second season

    1. Hi.
      Players do not always grow in the same way. If you start a new game, maybe he will reach a much higher rating. That’s why potential is an average.
      For Lower Quality Teams you can try Callum Burton. The other choices are Fraser Forster and Alex McCarthy.
      Connor Wickham and James Wilson as ST.

  29. Nani went from 83 to 84 while injured?? And my Neuer is 94 rated at 30 years of age. Shaw was supposed to grow a lot but only went from 77 to 78 in like 3 seasons.

  30. My squad 2017
    Lloris 91
    Zabeleta 85
    Kompany 88
    Ramos 90
    Hall (beast) 85
    Marcelo 85
    Gotze 86
    De bruyne 86
    Hazard 88
    Muller 90
    Bale 91

  31. My Team:
    James Rodriguez-93
    Jose Carlos(GK)-86

  32. Comment: my squad

    dani alves
    mario gotze
    eden hazard
    thomas muller
    tony kruse
    christiano ronaldo

  33. ryan bellekom

    my real madrid team

    de gea


    van ginkel
    jose rodriguez

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