10 Interesting Facts about FIFA 14 Career Mode

10 Interesting Facts about FIFA 14 Career Mode


If you like the FIFA 14 Career Mode, this article is for you. Let’s see if you learn something here…


10 Interesting Facts about FIFA 14 Career Mode


How many clubs exist in FIFA 14 ?

EA Sports is saying all the time that “FIFA 14 contains 33 licensed leagues, over 600 clubs with 16,000+ players to choose from”. But it is not exactly true. We have counted them all and there are 584 clubs in FIFA 14 plus 46 national teams.


How many players exist in FIFA 14 Career Mode ?

EA Sports says more than 16,000 and we say 16,271 players. It’s a lot of players to choose. Be attention that the number of players in Ultimate Team may be different.


10 Interesting Facts about FIFA 14 Career Mode


Which is the richest club in FIFA 14 Career Mode ?

Paris Saint Germain. They have a transfer budget of 120 millions Euros (!). That’s a lot of money to buy who ever you want. But if you are thinking to play with them because nobody have more money than them, you should know that the second club with larger budget is their rivals Monaco. You can check all the transfer budgets clicking HERE.


Which league has the largest budget for transfers ?

If after reading the previous fact, you are thinking that the answer is “Ligue 1”, you are wrong. The Barclays Premier League has an amazing total budget of 418 Millions Euros, which represents a average budget higher than 21 million per club. Ligue 1 (16.5 M€), BBVA (15.6 M€) and Serie A (13.2 M€) are the other leagues with millionaire budgets for transfers.


There is any club without players from other countries ?

Yes, there is. Ten clubs only have players from their country:  Criciúma, Atlético Nacional, Goiás, Guadalajara, Girona FC, Real Madrid Castilla, CD Tenerife, Pohang Steelers, St. Patrick’s Athletic and Shelbourne.


10 Interesting Facts about FIFA 14 Career Mode


Who is the most international club ?

Fulham from Barclays Premier League. It may be amazing but they have players with 21 (!) different nationalities. What a mess! It is something very common in UK but not with this numbers: Manchester United, Stoke and Everton also have 17 different nationalities. The main league of UK have players from 71 countries!


Which league has better players ?

If you are thinking in BPL or BBVA, you should think again. The question may be a bit tricky. The league with higher average rating is Serie A (71). Only then it is the BPL, BBVA and Bundesliga, all with 70 points.


10 Interesting Facts about FIFA 14 Career Mode


Which club has the higher average rating ?

The Spanish top-teams are the ones with better players in FIFA 14 Career Mode. The average rating for Barcelona is 81 and for their rivals Real Madrid is 80. Juventus (79) and the European Champion Bayern FC (78) are the other top teams. Where are the British clubs are you asking. Chelsea (77), Manchester United (76) and Manchester City (75) are the better clubs from UK.


10 Interesting Facts about FIFA 14 Career Mode


Which nation has more and better players ?

UK is the country with more leagues, so it is easy to understand why they are the country with more players in FIFA 14. Obviously they are not the country with better players because they have several players from low divisions. Among the popular ones, the nationality with better average ratings in FIFA 14 is Brazil (69). It is like this in FIFA 14, and it is like this in real life. Oman and São Tomé e Príncipe have better average ratings but they only have a few players on the game.


There are more gold, silver or bronze players ?

This last one is very easy. There are 8,831 bronze players representing more than half of the FIFA 14 Career Mode players. The gold players represents less than 8% of the total.


151 thoughts on “10 Interesting Facts about FIFA 14 Career Mode”

  1. I just started career and i want to know whats the easiest way to manage portugal? ive already used my international job offer in a diffrent career mode. please help me

    1. Maybe you should manage any Portuguese team first, like Porto or you should start manager career with nationality as Portugal.

  2. Can u pls tell me something?How much funds can u request in fifa 14 career mode for manchester united?

  3. Also how money do u need to pay for these players:
    Mario Gotze
    Paul Pogba
    Raphael Varane
    Christian Eriksen
    James Rodriguez
    Lucas moura

    1. It is impossible to know. It doesn’t depends only of their clubs. Players may decline your offer too.
      The only thing I can say is that you will need a fat wallet.

  4. I started a new career mode as Doncaster rovers (standard settings board in between easy and hard) playing on world class, won the league cup and won the league the board have gave me 1.4 mill transfer money with the average rating being 64 they want euro league quarters domestic cup semi and mid table finish. My question is, is there anyway I can manipulate the game into giving me £20mill so I can stand a chance of doing what they want?

    1. It’s a bit of chicken and egg. Going further in the Euro league is when you star getting serious money. After each round the board will start filling up your bank account. Also, you need to patiently claw your way into the Barclays. Once there the board gives you 20M just to tar every season.

  5. No as in how much funds can u request?Not how much funds u get.u can request for funds.also could u pls tell me wat potential is.is potential wat a player can become in a season or wat a player can become in a few seasons

  6. When u estimate a player’s potential,will tt player almost hv 100% chance of hitting his potential if u play him regularly and he does well?

  7. Im managing manchester united and love to buy players who r already good and at the same time r young like 21 yrs old.i try to buy players wth great potential n r like 80+ ovr rating rite now.any reccomendations?

  8. What happens to the youth squad players that are 15 years of age when you change teams ? Do they disappear or do they when 16 join the rest of the team you was orgially in ?

  9. How i do i manage Colombia? can i do it straight off the bat or do i have to manage a club first? and i dont want to manage a big club. who are some smaller teams i could manage? thinking maybe newcastle or athletico

  10. Im playing as a RM and im great gettig 8.0 or up. The problem is why my national team wont play me. I am a 81 overall and they still will not play me any solutions? P.S my national team is Mexico.

  11. Hi! Please, I created a player in the career mode and chose Nigeria as his nationality but Nigeria isn’t in the game. How can I change his nationality to England? Thanks

  12. hello, I’m managing Racing Club Argentina League. Is there a way I can get an international job offer? like from the premier league? Also, how do i know in what position i have to be in order to enter to the south american club championship? (copa libertadores) thanks!

      1. In which club should i join to get a management offer from Argentine national team in the first season?????i know it is possible in Barcelona but i want to know the other clubs

  13. How can you evaluate a player like what must be their market value how much should i demand for him can you make a tutorial article/ blog of it that would be great help thanks.

  14. Is there any way I can stop coaching France I accepted their offer I won the World Cup but I got bored of using them is there anyway I can leave?

  15. Hi! I’m managing LA Galaxy, and I got an international job offer. If I accept the offer, will I still be able to manage LA Galaxy? Thanks!

      1. Jonathan Byars

        Actually yes, I’ve managed both the L.A. Galaxy and the Albanian team one year and L.A. Galaxy and the Denmark team the next.

  16. Im in my 3rd season already & I’ve been stalling all international management offers because I have been waiting on Mexico but yet still haven’t received any offer from them.. How can I receive a international management offer from Mexico?

  17. Antonio Nusrati

    Hello my question is, once I have been hired as an international manager are the matches just for fun or can you actually win a World Cup?

  18. I am playing career mod as a player LF. I made my nationality saudi arabia which is stupid of me cuz I was doing random. Is it possible to play for my national team or at least change my nationality to play international games ?

  19. Antonio Nusrati

    Hello my question is, once I have been hired as an international manager are the matches just for fun or can you actually win a World Cup?

    Are they just friendly’s? Or do you eventually play for real like every four years?
    Does anyone know?

      1. We can buy messi….Just offer him more wage….I gave him 1million $ as wage and he came to real madrid!!!!!!!

        But ronaldo wont move to Barcelona even if you offer 3million as wage

  20. Hi, in the start of the season i buyed Thiago Silva, but now, i didnt have the option to buy anyother player, i can only add they to my shortst, why it happens? I have 80 million, thanks!

    1. It’s either the player is in a loan, or he is disallowed of transfer by the club or lease like your wage budget is not enough.

    1. You can purchase the right to choose your national team. Just go to the catalogue 2 R1 clicks on the intro menu and purchase it with your experience points. Good luck. It cost 1500

  21. I have PSG and I have 12-15 games left do you know how much money I get in my second season If I win the league and champions league

  22. Rodrigo lopes, I want to ask if for example you’re a manager of a team with small wage budget will winning league and cups and selling players increase your wage budget.
    Please reply as soon as possible

  23. Hi I think i need your help..

    I play manager career as Ajax manager..and I’ve send an offer to be a manager for MU..and after that i got an email in my inbox from MU that said “we the board would like to offer you the manager’s job here at MU, we look forward to hearing from you soon”..i try to search approval menu for that offer but i can’t found it..

    Where i can found menu to accept that offer ?

  24. Hi RODRIGO, I have three questions that I hope you can answer:

    1) Is there any way to play CAREER MODE online or multiplayer? It would be awesome to share a “career world” with some of my friends.

    2) When the real World Cup ends, will the FIFA WORLD CUP MODE be over? Won’t I be longer able to use the updated uniforms, squads, OVR ratings, etc?

    3) If I started a career as a manager, and then I create my own player… Can I later include that player in the already started career?

  25. yes hello, in career mode i chose nationality of puerto rico but us doesnt invite me to play for the world cup nor does my manager ever tell me that usa will be looking to scout me for future competitions, puerto rico is part of usa so why doesnt fifa 14 know that

  26. In my career mode in the office menu, there is no option of YOUTH SQUAD. I buy a youth player and then i cannot do anything else. Some more option are not there. What do i do? Please help. I cannot enjoy this great feature.

  27. Hello I am playing managerial career mode my team was FCB now international friendly game started and I dont know how my team got Norway is there any solution to change my team from norway???

    1. Ashutosh – Did you accept an offer to manage Norway’s international team? If you did just play that game and you should get back to your games with FCB afterwards.

  28. If you wait too long to take an international coaching offer in career mode do you risk the chance of the team you eventually choose losing their qualifying games?

      1. Rodrigo when I go to start career and go to manager it won’t let me pick any team except for Internationals do you know how to fix this glitch. And when I went to Portugal Ronaldo’s name was anders the names are not even real

  29. In better words I guess, I currently have offers from Poland and Switzerland (I manage Chelsea) and am thinking of saying yes to Poland b/c of their strikers, but was hoping to get an offer from the US. I’m halfway through the Premier League Season and am first in the tables but I don’t want to wait to long and lose my chance to play the WC with Poland. So I’m wondering if I wait too long to accept the offer from Poland wont I miss out on coaching them in qualifying games and end up managing a national team that hasn’t qualified for the WC?

  30. Hi, I was Wigan manager and went to AS Monaco (who obviously have a ton of money), this was in the october) but my budget is that of when I was at Wigan!? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  31. I have a question. When you create a career player, does the nationality you choose affect the international team you play for? i chose vietnam and since they don’t have an international team, does that mean i wont ever play for an international team?

  32. in a player career I am a Saudi ArabianCAM in my second season now, rated 82 in the Saudi Arabian league playing for Al-ittihad. when will I get a transfer in to a new team into a new league? possibly bbva or bpl?

  33. Hi,I chose to be a player for fab,but I have a Lebanese nationality, is there any way I can play international matches?!PLEASE REPLY!!!!

  34. irfan neonatal

    Hi all , I managed ManU my first two seasons and then switched to manage Norwich, didn’t get too much budget still brought in some good young player from other English clubs and won the FA cup, Capitol cup and also the league. Now in second season I got a budget of 123m for transfer…. Don’t know where to spend it.

  35. hi please .. how can i quit from club in career mode ?

    i have a good chance to find another good one bcs i am in 2019’s season & i have 8 titles cups leagues & 1 time champion.

  36. I have observed in fifa 14 that almost every other player will sign for real madrid except messi even when barca accepts the transfer request.please comment

  37. Comment: hey i hve one question i m managing Real madrid for more than 7 years and win all the cups every year. but i am not getting offer to manage any national team? how much time it will take from here on?

  38. I’m in my 2nd season of fifa14 managing united, and want to bring falcao on loan so will his club accept my offer?? Is it possible????

  39. Im playing be a pro career. Can i change my players position from striker to defender so that i can get more accomplishments. If yes how?

  40. I bought Messi, but now am regretting it, so listed him for Transfer…but after two seasons no-one has expressed an interest in buying him. Not a single Transfer Offer from any other club to buy Messi!!! Am I stuck with him or is this a clitch in the game?

  41. Hey Will I get other international offers in career mode if I accept England offer? I have got an England offer I want to manage Argentina will I get other national teams offers even I accept England offer?

  42. A brought a player from my MUN youth club when he was 18. His overall was 65. Now after playing him in first team for 6 seasons his overall went upto 88. But i wanted to know is it worth bringing in players from youth club as not all reaches that sort of potential. And i wanted to what should be my ideal team size??

    1. It depends on many factors, including how many leagues are you planning to play.
      When you have a small budget, it is a good idea to invest on the youth academy. Otherwise, it’s easier to buy the player you want.
      We believe that you should have around 23-25 players.

  43. Hi!!!!
    i hv 1 simple problem
    i am managing Dortmund for 3 seasons but when i apply for job in another club,they always reject me…
    i just want to ask if they will ever accept me..
    if yes then when????

  44. Hi my name is Tyler I was wondering if you can promote a club from one league to another like if got I RM Castilla’s ( Liga adelante)
    Overall up in career mode if they would go to Liga BBVA because it can go the other way around, do you know if you can?

  45. I remember that in fifa 2014 was ridiculously easy for a big club to accept you
    I was managing leeds united and I was in sixth place on championship. I sent an appliance to manage Monaco and they accepted me very easily besides I wasn’t able to fight for the promosion of leeds

  46. I had a player career and a manager career saved. Mistakenly, I saved the manager career in the player career. How do I get my player career back?

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