FIFA 14 Calendar – When Everything Will Happen ?

FIFA 14 Calendar - When Everything Will Happen ?


It is very common to find gamers asking us in which months TOTS or TOTY will be released. To answer to this kind of questions we have built a FIFA 14 Calendar.


The dates on green boxes are official dates
The dates on red boxes are not confirmed dates. They are only estimated dates.
We will be updating this FIFA 14 Calendar as soon as news dates are officially confirmed.


FIFA 14 Calendar – When Everything Will Happen ?

FIFA 14 Calendar - When Everything Will Happen ?

10th, Tuesday
Demo Launch (XBox 360, PC and PS3)
Note: available by download

13th, Friday
FUT 14 Web App Release (PS3, XBox 360 and PC)
Note: not available for new FUT players

16th, Monday
EA Sports FIFA companion app Release for FUT 14

18th, Wednesday
First TOTW Release (PS3, XBox 360 and PC)
Note: a new TOTW will be released every Wednesday

20th, Friday
Early Access to EA Season Ticket Owners from North America (PS3, XBox 360 and PC)
Note: you can know more about it clicking HERE

21st, Saturday
Early Access to EA Season Ticket Owners from Europe (PS3, XBox 360 and PC)
Note: you can know more about it clicking HERE

24th, Tuesday
Official North American FIFA 14 Release (PS3, XBox 360 and PC)

26th, Thursday
First Update (PS3, XBox 360 and PC)

27th, Friday
Official Worldwide FIFA 14 Release (PS3, XBox 360 and PC)

FIFA 14 Calendar - When Everything Will Happen ?

01st, Tuesday
First Round of FIFA Interactive World Cup 2013

22nd, Tuesday
First Happy Hour

FIFA 14 Release Dates

12th, Tuesday
Official North American FIFA 14 Release (PS4 and XBox One)

15th, Friday
Official North American Release of the Playstation 4 Console

21st, Thursday
Official European FIFA 14 Release (XBox One)

22nd, Friday
Official Worldwide Release of the XBox One Console

22nd, Friday
Official European FIFA 14 Release (PS4)

29th, Friday
Official European Release of the Playstation 4 Console

FIFA 14 Calendar - When Everything Will Happen ?

18th, Wednesdays
Holiday Daily Gifts
Note: available until January 2nd

FIFA 14 Release Date

13th, Monday
Team of the Year Release
Note: available in packs by one week

30th, Friday
First Transfers Updates

FIFA 14 Calendar - When Everything Will Happen ?

14th, Friday
First Upgrade Cards Release

FIFA 14 Release Date

23th, Wednesday
First Team of the Season Release
Note: during 6 weeks, every Wednesday it will be released one new TOTS


292 thoughts on “FIFA 14 Calendar – When Everything Will Happen ?”

      1. Can you, or someone else tell me where is the right posicion of the goalkeeper, keeps taking down points c’z I don’t have a right posicion.

  1. Is this the correct date for the release of the team of the year, if so how do you know and whats first transfer updates?

    1. Hi.
      Yes, the FIFPro winners will be announced on January 13th. The TOTY players are chosen by this election.
      About the upgrade cards and transfer updates, the dates are not confirmed. It will be something very similar to the dates we published.

  2. Disgusted that TOTS is out in March or May whatever they wont release another IF Suarez regardless of how many goals he scores or assists till TOTS as hes a Liverpool player & cant be better than RVP, Aguero, Messi etc thats really annoyed me is there no chance he’ll be in TOTY wounded

  3. Hey, do you know if Januzaj will get an upgraded card and if so do you know how much/ what he will be upgraded to? Thanks

  4. boywhoplaysfifa

    Does it come 100k packs the same day as the toty players? And if it will come, does they cost 2000fifapoints?

    1. It is the date of the FIFPro awards so it will be the day that TOTY players will be known. It doesn’t mean that EA Sports will release the new cards on the that day.

  5. How did you know the FIFA 14 Schedule and in TOTY is that date guaranteed to be the actual date of the release or is it predicted?

    1. We have study several sources of informations like EA conferences and the dates of the last years.
      About TOTY date, it is the date of the FIFPro awards so it will be the day that TOTY players will be known. It doesn’t mean that EA Sports will release the new cards on the that day.

  6. Hi are you 100% sure the TOTY will be out in packs for a week? And which of those days will there be 100k packs?

    1. Hi.
      In previous years, TOTY cards were release in packs for a week. Two days for each position. It should happen again. In the weekend after, they joined all the players of all positions in packs.
      Don’t know about 100k packs.

    1. You probably are talking about TOTY cards.
      It is not confirmed but we suspect that it will be like this:
      GK and defenders 13th to 15th;
      midfielders 15th to 17th;
      attackers 17th to 19th.

  7. when are the 100k pack gonna be out for the TOTY and are the cards released the second it is the 13th also will there be 100k packs for each position if not which position will they be released in

    1. It is not confirmed but we suspect that it will be like this:
      GK and defenders 13th to 15th;
      midfielders 15th to 17th;
      attackers 17th to 19th.

      About the 100k packs, we think they will be available but we don’t know when.

  8. When is toty released on fut 14? How bad wad the crash on Xbox when legends came out? Example? Like Eto is 40k how much did he drop

    1. TOTY will be released on Monday 13th January after the Fifa Ballon D’or Gala has taken place so it will be late evening UK time.

      1. Chris McKenna

        You probably won’t know the answer but when do you think the 100k packs will come out because I’m desperate to get my hands on a TOTY!

  9. just wondering what time tomorrow in england will the toty cards be released tomorrow? and how long they will be in packs for? cheers.

  10. What clock will the TOTY be released? 🙂

    Will it work to buy packs actually when the TOTY gets realeased?

  11. you said that the 100k packs come out probably between the 25th and 26th but thats a week after the TOTY is announced so then does that mean that their won’t be any 100k packs when the TOTY is available in packs

  12. Im waiting for everyone to go cheap im waiting for players like ibrahimovic,aguero,toure… To drop when is the best time to start buying them?

    1. I’m doing the same i think the best time is when the TOTY cards are released in every position or when the 100k packs come out

  13. Hi Rodrigo lopes
    the market probably wont crash so much if EA don’t release so god dam many cards, seriously I went on the market and found over 7 pages of TOTY Thiago Silva
    EA logic!!!

  14. Mohamed Maged Farid

    Its my first time to play ut 14, just wondering in ut 15. What will happen to all my cards, coins and fifa points from ut 14, r they gonna be transfered or there any kind of compensation.

  15. Hi,
    Can you say for certain that all 11 TOTY players will be released in packs at some point?

    So, will they release 100k packs with the possibility of getting any of the 11 TOTY’s??


  16. Rodrigo Ferreira

    So the IF James Rodriguez (84) will be like the normal card? ( If the normal card upgrade 1). Nice name! Portugal or Brasil? Continue com o bom trabalho! Se entendeu responda em portugês mesmo.

  17. Hi Rodrigo
    I wanted to ask whether the prices of players will decrease after the release of upgrade cards???
    i mean can we expect a market crash??

  18. Rodrigo Ferreira

    So the IF James Rodriguez (84) will be like the normal card? ( If the normal card upgrade 1).

  19. Marcus Dresler

    Hi, Michel Bastos was not in fifa because he played for some asian club, but now that he plays for AS Roma, will he then come to fifa and fifa ultimate team? And if yes, when?

    1. No, he won’t. That’s what happened last year with Drogba. Only players that started the season on a licensed club can have a card. Bastos is not on EA database.

  20. Sasha Golanski

    Hey, on the timeline it says the transfers will
    be updated on 24/1/2014 it is 31/1/2014 and it hasn’t happened why is it taking so long?

    and Micheal Bastos has a card if u look up AS Roma FIFA 14 you will see a FUT website which shows every week the upgrades and downgrades of a player, he is a 79 rating with 90 SHOT POWER what a legend 🙂

  21. What is going to happen with the players that transferred on the 31st of January? will they be released soon or when the upgrades come out?

  22. Sasha Golanski

    Sorry,I don’t mean to offend but… Who ever decides the AS.Roma teams stats is nuts it’s been annoying me because Roma have only lost one game this season yet people keep getting downgraded, first of all Maicon barely got a game for Man city and he got an 84 rated card on fifa 13 now he is an utter legend for Roma, winning all those key balls he deserves a much higher rating then 79 I mean 82 might be respectable. As for Totti he has been such a beast! Running up and down the pitch (he deserves at least 75 pace) but that’s all ea got wrong about Totti the other stats are really true. Pjanic has been wanted be so many amazing clubs so I think he will get an upgrade, but come on 78 rated? all I’m trying to say is… If everyone who played for Roma played for a team in the epl they would all have ratings 5 times higher,

  23. Sasha Golanski

    Sorry it’s just been on my mind and I wondered if you were a member of the ea community

  24. Louis Barrett

    How many upgraded cards do EA usually release, and do they usually upgrade higher rated cards such as Suarez who is 86? Also, would they upgrade someone who deserved to be higher in the first place but who hasn’t played outstanding this season, just good, such as Barzagli??

    1. Hi.
      Those are good questions. Let’s see:
      1) Last year 114 players got an UP card. I think we could expect something similar this year.
      2) They usually upgrade lower rated players but you can expect a few good players as Suarez.
      3) No. They usually upgrade only according to their outstanding performances.

  25. The post says “14th, Monday” Should be “10th, Monday or 14th, Friday” Which exactly is it?
    And keep up the good work 🙂

  26. if a card gets upgraded and i have that card will that card upgrade or would i have to buy the upgraded card

  27. When does the 2nd part of the winter transferplayer released? Gives it a 3th or 4th part too?… sorry my english is not the best:/

  28. Hi,

    Are they going to realease the rest of the upgrades today or was that all?
    And do tou have any idea which hihg rated players will get an update? For instance Modric?

    Thanks in advance

  29. Hi,
    Will the End of February upgrades be the same, such as if you have an IF version of a player that gets upgraded you get that IF card upgraded?

  30. if cabaye will get an upgrade at the end of the month, would is IF will get an upgrade too even though he moved to PSG?? I need to know if to invest him.. what do you think?

  31. When will the MLS tournament be released and which other tournaments will there be? How come there are no motm cards this year?

  32. Louis Barrett

    I have invested in 6 inform Gervinho cards and 4 inform Abdennour cards as in head to head they have been upgraded so I thought I will make a profit on them as they might get upgrades because of playing well. Do you think that was a good idea, and if so, are there any other informs that I can invest in to make a profit because of them potentially getting an upgrade?

  33. Will there be skill upgrades like Cuardado 5 star skills like there is on head to head?
    Who is most likely to upgraded in the 2nd batch of upgrades?

  34. Hi, Ive invested in Sanchez, Cabaye, Rakitic, Maicon, Dos Santos, Giroud and Debuchy I feel they are all worthy of an upgrade; but, is this a risky investment? If they don’t get upgrades will their prices drop heavily? Also, are they going to do A St Pats day tournament again?

  35. Louis Barrett

    Should I buy some Mcgeady cards as people say he will go up in price for St. Patricks Day Tournament?

  36. I wasn’t here yesterday and I couldn’t sell my Irish players :(. I’ve lost roughly 20k min. So I wanted to know if there is another upcoming cup in which I should invest on, and if yes, please tell me the date of the cup. Thank You.

          1. is there any way to make coins for more packs, such as trading methods towards the release of the TOTS?

  37. When should i sell my players before TOTS market crash?, and then when during the market crash should i buy them?

  38. Is the release of the TOTS this year earlier than last year because in Fifa13 it was on the 15th May ?!

  39. Hi, will TOTY thiago silvas price be affected over the next couple month because of TOTS bearing in mind he will have a TOTS card which will be lower than his TOTY, if so how will be be affected? Thanks


    1. It is a difficult question. In fact, we believe that his TOTY card should not be affected because it still be the best card but it is difficult to have sure about it.

  40. The tots will be release in april , las t year it was in may , you are sure of the date release of the tots

    1. Hi.
      Don’t forget that this year there is World Cup. The domestic leagues end earlier.
      It is not official but these dates should be 90% right. We were the first website to announce the FIFA 14 release date, the FIFA 14 demo date, the FIFA 14 TOTY release date and the update cards date.

  41. Can I sell my team right now [costs around 1.2 mln coins] and then buy it again later as you advised above[sell month ahead of TOTS release and buy during 100 k packs] isn’t it late if I sell it right now ?

  42. Last year one week before the first TOTS palyers came out, the players who where even good but nerver Inform cane out. So today the normal TOTW is coming out and not these players. Are you shure that EA will release the first TOTS players next week?!

  43. About the easfc team of the season, for how long will the team be available? Also will there be any big packs? If yes, when is their release?

  44. Ibrahimović’s price is about 1,050,000 at the moment. What do you think his lowest selling point will end up being during TOTS? And what day should I start buying my players back?

    1. If you are asking about TOTS, you are late. You should have sold your players two weeks ago. The best time to buy players will be during Happy Hours with 100k packs.

  45. When is the best time to buy packs for TOTS, as they are getting released or once all teams have been released?

  46. When will be the best time to buy my barclays squad back? I saw that they have been dropping a lot recently

  47. During TOTY prices on normal gold players where cheapest at the the day the defenders were released, Will the TOTS be the same? Should i buy back My team tonight or wait to get the cheapest price?

    1. There will be better times to buy your team again, like the most popular Happy Hours. However, if you do it this night, you will getting already a nice profit. It is not the best option but it is the safest one.

  48. Jonás Acuña

    I read something about that it will be a day or week that the best tots will be available in packs with no importance from what league they are

  49. Is the supply of the tots players limited?mare there a fixed number i mean of tots in the packs? As the days are passing by, does it get more difficult to find a tots player? If yes, when is the best time to open packs for more chances of finding tots

    1. I have a friend that bought him this week by 95k. So, he is really cheap now. 🙂
      I think his price will be lower during 100k packs Hapy Hour. Not sure about BBVA TOTS.

        1. There will be several Happy Hours during the TOTS. The next one should be Wednesday before the BPL TOTS release. We think that next weekend there will be a good HH.

  50. Hi do you know if all tots will be in packs like the Totys please reply soon I really need to know.

  51. i just want to now when will the unlimted 25k packs come out like at the end of fifa 13 not the 24 hours 25,35,50,100k packs i mean the unlimted 25 k packs

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