FIFA 14 Prizes and Nominations on the E3 2013 – First Impressions

FIFA 14 Prizes and Nominations on the E3 2013


FIFA 14 is coming. And everyone want to know how it really is. What a better way to do it than looking for the FIFA 14 prizes and nominations on the greatest video game event of the world ?


FIFA 14 Prizes and Nominations on the E3 2013

E3 2013 has quickly come and gone and it was an incredible week for EA Sports titles. Specially for FIFA 14. Members of the press got their chance to see the first four games running on the new EA Sports IGNITE engine. Many also had the opportunity to sample new releases coming soon to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

FIFA 14 was, by far, the one with more prizes and nominations among the EA Sports titles that were introduced at E3 2013: FIFA 14, NHL 14, NBA Live 14, Madden NFL 25, NCAA Football 14 and EA Sports UFC.

Here’s a run down of how FIFA 14 fared at E3:

[tab title=”FIFA 14 Prizes”]Best Sports Game – Gamer Media Theory
Best Sports Game – 9 Lives (Belgium)
Best Sports Game – PlayStation Universe
Best Sports Game – Game Informer
Best Sports Game – Gaming Illustrated
Best Sports Game – Digital Trends
Best Sports Game –
Best Sports Game – The Nerdist
Top 10 of E3 – Mirror
Top 10 of E3 – RadioTimes
Top 10 of E3 – Black Enterprise
Best of E3 2013 –[/tab]
[tab title=”FIFA 14 Nomination”]Best Sports Game – Game Critic Awards
Best Sports Game – IGN
Best Sports Game – Destructoid
Best Sports Game – Machinima
Best Sports Game – Game Chronicles
Best Sports Game – Video French TV
Best Sports Game – Gaming Trend
Best Sports Game – Hardcore Gamer
Best of E3 2013 – Game Informer
Best of E3 –[/tab]

FIFA 14 Prizes and Nominations on the E3 2013 - First Impressions


As you probably know, FIFA 14 will be released for current-gen consoles on the end of September and for next-gen consoles on the Holiday Season. You can learn more about how FIFA 14 was on E3 clicking HERE. Stay tuned to us to know everything about FIFA 14.


This article about FIFA 14 prizes was based on EA Website.


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