FIFA 15 Calendar – When Everything Will Happen ?

FIFA 15 Calendar - When Everything Will Happen ?


Exactly one year ago we have published a FIFA 14 calendar that was quite popular due to its extremely high rate success. Today we are publishing a FIFA 15 calendar with all the important dates of this game.

More than 95% of the FIFA 14 calendar dates were right, so you can be sure that the most accurate dates are in this FIFA 15 Calendar.


The dates on green boxes are official dates
The dates on red boxes are not confirmed dates. They are only estimated dates.
We will be updating this FIFA 15 Calendar as soon as news dates are officially confirmed.


FIFA 15 Calendar – When Everything Will Happen ?


FIFA 15 Calendar - When Everything Will Happen ?


9th, Tuesday
Demo Launch (XBox 360, PS3, PC, XBox One and PS4)
Note: you can know more about it clicking HERE

10th, Wednesday
Demo Launch (European Playstation gamers)
Note: you can know more about it clicking HERE
17th, Wednesday
First TOTW Release
Note: a new TOTW will be released every Wednesday at 6pm (GTM)
18th, Thursday
Early Access to EA Access Subscribers from North America
Note: only 6 hours of playtime
18th, Wednesday
FUT 15 Web App Release
Note: not available for new FUT players
18th, Wednesday
FIFA 15 Ultimate Team release for mobile devices
19th, Friday
Early Access to EA Season Ticket Owners from North America
Note: you can know more about it clicking HERE
20th, Saturday
Early Access to EA Access Subscribers from Europe
Note: only 6 hours of playtime
20th, Saturday
Early Access to EA Season Ticket Owners from Europe
Note: you can know more about it clicking HERE
22nd, Monday
First Update
23rd, Tuesday
Official North American FIFA 15 Release (all platforms)
24th, Wednesday
EA Sports FIFA companion app Release for FUT 15
25th, Thursday
Official Latin America FIFA 15 Release (except Brazil)
25th, Thursday
Official Australian FIFA 15 Release (all platforms)
25th, Thursday
Official European FIFA 15 Release (all platforms, except UK)
26th, Friday
Official UK FIFA 15 Release (all platforms)
28th, Monday
First Happy Hour


FIFA 15 Calendar - When Everything Will Happen ?

01st, Wednesday
First Round of FIFA Interactive World Cup 2014
03rd, Friday
First FIFA 15 On line Featured Tournament
09th, Thursday
Official Japanese FIFA 15 Release (all platforms)
09th, Thursday
Official Brazilian FIFA 15 Release (all platforms)


FIFA 15 Calendar - When Everything Will Happen ?

14th, Friday
FUT United
Note: during two days
28th, Friday
Daily Gifts & Black Friday Happy Hours
Note: during three days


FIFA 15 Calendar - When Everything Will Happen ?

11th, Thursday
Social Giveaway ’15 Days of FIFA’
Note: available until December 25th
19th, Friday
FUTMas – Holiday Daily Gifts
Note: available until January 2nd


FIFA 15 Release Date

12th, Monday
Team of the Year Announcement
Note: available in packs by one week
12th, Monday
TOTY Goalkeepers and TOTY Defenders Release
Note: available in packs for 46 hours
14th, Wednesday
TOTY Midfielders Release
Note: available in packs for 48 hours
16th, Friday
TOTY Forwards Release
Note: available in packs for 24 hours
17th, Saturday
Full TOTY Release
Note: available in packs for 48 hours
20th, Tuesday
First Transfers Updates


FIFA 15 Calendar - When Everything Will Happen ?

6th, Friday
FUT United II
12th, Friday
Biggest Transfers Updates
13th, Friday
CAN Team of the Tournament Release
15th, Sunday
Upgrades Release


FIFA 15 Release Date

13th, Friday
St Patricks Day Tournament
Note: the best FIFA 15 tournament is available until March 18th


FIFA 15 Release Date

6th, Wednesday
FIFA 15 added to The Vault

20th, Wednesday
First Team of the Season Release
Note: TOTS will be released during 6 weeks


FIFA 15 Release Date

8th, Wednesday
Copa America Team of the Tournament Release
29th, Wednesday
MSL All Stars Players Release



  1. Hi Rodrigo! It will be market on fifa15 and daily gifts until 26 september? What do you think?Maybe you know something. Thanks.

  2. Hy Rodrigo !
    I have a question ?
    With the approaching release of FIFA 15 in 24-26 september , what do you thinck it will happen in FUT14 with the market ? It will crash ? and if so , when it will happen ? when the transfer market will crash in fifa 14 ? late august or in the begining of september ? or it will not crash ?
    I wait your oppinion on this argument .
    Thanck you.

    • Hi.
      The prices are getting higher and higher due to inflation. It was expected to see prices growing, because FUT WC and TOTS are over and prices needed to go back to ‘normal’. What nobody expected was to see prices growing so much. It has a easy explanation: people have bought much more packs this year which means that there are much more coins in circulation. If you know something about macroeconomics, you should know that when there are more money in circulation, the inflation rises. That’s why…
      We believe that the prices will go down soon. Maybe it will be possible to see a slight change during the Gamescom. With the approaching release of FIFA 15, they will be even lower. However, don’t expect a market crash. Many people will be still playing FIFA 14.
      If you really want to know when the biggest drops will occur, just think in everything related to FIFA 15: the Gamescom annoucements, the first FUT 15 trailer, the demo release and, of course, the Web App release.

          • Hi Rodrigo , just having a wee read here are you seriously trying to tell me EA a multi billion £££ company ” dont know how to stop coin selling ”?? The effort they have put in over the past 2 months to curb it seems so pointless as they have missed just 1 small detail but the most important 1 of all. If my gut feeling is rite id say EA know exactly how to STOP COIN SELLERS but have chosen to reduce the numbers instead of stopping them all together. Price capps are the worst idea ever i mean i packed the MOTM neymar the other night & he was capped @ 4 million if that had been 2 months ago im pretty sure i would of got 15 million for him this weeks TOTW hazard same story only hes capped @ 500K lol its killing the point of even opening packs because the players are becoming a lot more worthless compared to the packs you have to open to find them, Also the mandatory buy now is slowly killing the market check for yourself on ps there are no normal neuer cards no robbens no suarez the list goes on & its because everytime these cards are being listed they are being bought straight away for max price!! Thats not the way to go about fixing the game thats continuing to wreck it.

          • because if they stop coins sellers completely they know they will loose a huge chunk of fifa fans like they already have only in larger numbers!! they need to re-think the whole prices of everything ingame from pack costs to match coins & tournament/league bonus’s, maybe even dropping the ridiculous price of fifa points if they dropped the £80 package to £40 i bet they would sell a hell of a lot more each day. if EA spent a bit of time on this instead of trying to fill their own pockets there would be no need for coin sellers at all.

          • Why couldn’t ea sell coins themselves? That way they still make money but keep gamers interested

  3. Hi
    What Will be the practical diferences between remaining with FUT 14 after the release of FUT 15? What will I miss?

    • That’s a really good question. Let’s see what you will miss:
      – no more IF cards release (TOTW, TOTS, TOTY, iMOTM, MOTM)
      – web app will become unavailable (I know that sounds a joke… it already is)
      – no more UP cards or transfer cards release

  4. i just want to ask if we had a lot of coins in fifa 14 and when we get early access to the web app on the 12th of september would we will be albe to transfer our coins to fifa 15 so we can open packs on the web app for 15

  5. Hi,

    As Xbox has released a bundle package with FIFA 15 do you know if there is going to be a PS4 version & if so how much?


  6. Hey,
    if i have fifa 14 for ps3 and swap consoles to PC for fifa 15, will i still get the loyalty packs and have early access to WEB APP or do i have to buy fifa 14 for pc now and then get Loyalty packs and WEB APP access?


  7. Hi. I would like to ask if I will be able to change my club’s name at the beginning of FIFA 15?
    I dislike my current name and I’ve already used a prize from catalogue to change it. I can’t use it for a second time.

  8. Hi Rodrigo
    I have a few question. When web app is released. You told on fifa 14 guide to start trading as web app is released. But from where the coins come from when there is no match played which I think is main source of all the coins.but if there are some coins i expect to make at least 20k coins before the full game release.

    • Hi. Good questions.
      First… there is no date announced for the FUT 15 Web App release. We believe that it will be on September 12th but it is not guaranteed.
      It is very difficult to make coins until the early access because, as you said, there are not enough coins on the market.

  9. Hi mate. Do you know if I can carry over Fifa points from PS3 to PS4? I don’t think the Season Ticket is available on PS4 for Fifa 15 from what I have read. So in order for me to get the 20% off Fifa points, do you think I should purchase the points now on PS3 Fifa 14 and transfer them? Also do you know if there is a limit in how many points you can transfer? My Season Ticket expires on 27th September so I can still get the discounted points, however I am worried that I spend a lot of money then can’t transfer them.

    • Hi.
      1) You can and you should carry over FIFA Points from PS3 and PS4.
      2) Season Ticket is not available on PS4.
      3) There is no limit between PS3 and PS4. However, you have a single chance to transfer FIFA Points between FUT 14 and FUT 15
      Go ahead!

  10. Hi

    for PC users what to do to get access for early web app ?

    I don`t play that much anymore so should I play one game daily to be ( active ) or I`ll get the early access anyway ?

  11. If you pre ordered fifa15 ultimate edition for xbox360 do you still get the bundle and what does the bundle contain thank you

    • EA Access gives you only 6 hours of playtime that you can use up to 5 days before the game release date. This ‘playtime’ includes everything: menus, loading times, etc…

  12. i think there might be a mistake because it says on the calendar that TOTS’ will be released on Wednesday 6th April. However the 6th of April is a Monday. Does you mean that the TOTS’s will be released on Monday 6th April or Wednesday 8th April?

    • Thank you very much. In fact, it was wrong. 8th April is the right date. We already have fixed. However, it is always good to remember that these dates are estimated dates. Thank you again.

  13. Hey, Rodrigo, i have a question, if i play fifa15 for xbox 360,and in christmas i change to xbox one, i will be able to get my players and coins?

  14. I bought my xbox one yesterday and have not played any fifa on it, when I´m going to log in to the webb app? will my progress there come to my new xbox one or my old 360?

    • You will be able to use the Web App as soon as it gets released (12th ?) if you have created your account before August 1st. Your progress will be available on both consoles if you use the same Origin account (obviously if you have FIFA 15 for both consoles, otherwise the progress will go to the console with FIFA 15).

  15. If I buy fifa points on fifa 14 will they transfer onto fifa 15 ? And the early release of the web app ?

    Kind regards,

  16. If I buy fifa points on fifa 14 will I be able to transfer them to my account on the web app when that is released?

  17. When does the web App released, because When i Search on youtube theay Say, that it will released on the 12th of September ?

  18. Is there any way to get early access (like the season pass or ea access) on the pc or is this only available on consoles?

  19. Hey
    Ik the web app comes out in australia on wednesday but will it be availble at tuesday LATE night if im wrong could u tell me what times it will be on even tho if it is tuesday night. Thanks

  20. Rodrigo when will FIFA 15 be available for present order on psn on ps3 and will there be ultimate team edition be available too? Pls tell.

  21. im having trouble understanding if the web app will release before the 17 of september or on the 17 because it says it`ll be launched before ..please help me understand

  22. Hi there,

    loving the website mate!

    I was wondering if there is a chance of the web app being launched tonight (Tuesday)? I really want to go on it!


  23. Do you know a good way of gaining coins when fifa 15 web app comes out, also is it released midnight tonight in UK or is it released during the day?

  24. Hey Rodrigo,
    I sold my PS3 a couple days ago to buy PS4. Also, I’m an old FUT player. I had also put all my players on transfer market 2 weeks ago to make sure I had enough coins to spend on FIFA 15 web app.
    My question is, How do I access FIFA 15 web app without having a PS3 or FIFA 14 disc? I’m a legit old FUT player.


  25. hi do you know how many free packs you will get on the web app at the start (loyalty gifts) and will they be good packs thanks

  26. Hi Rodrigo,
    Can I buy fifa points today on fifa 14 and then transfer them to fifa 15 when the game comes out?
    There is no requirement that you must have purchased The points before a certain date in order to transfer them?

  27. Hi do you know when Fifa 15 will be available to preorder on playstation network UK for ps3 and how much will the ut edition be thanks

  28. hi do you know when or if there will be a ps3 preorder on the uk psn store im a season ticket holder and am starting to worry it wont happen if so how much do you think it will be thanks

  29. They say that season ticket owners in europe get fifa 15 on the 20th but if u click on the learn more button it say u get it 3 days early. Im in the Uk, will i get the season ticket early access on the 20th?

  30. are you sure that early acces for ps3 / ps4 console comes out? and I have 6800 points on my fifa fifa 14 account are that get transferred into the acces ?? or should I buy acces fifa points ??

  31. So why have we all bought ea passes for cos if its for only six hours ea are taking the piss…..£20 for six hours is a liberty and ea are the biggest money grabbing scum at least dick turpin wore a mask when he stole from anyone

    p.s fuck ea and all the shity games it produces we just want fifa 15 early access like always

  32. hi, if i buy fifa 15 ultimate edition on the xbox one will i have free packs each week on all gamertags as the game shares over the gamertags, reason i asked is i have 2 1 for me the other for my brother and we went half on the game , if it doesnt who will get them ??

  33. Im using an android phone(xperia m2) version 4.4.2 When i play “play match” i dont have the joystick or buttons to move or shoot using my players please help me.

  34. Hi,

    There is no league football this week. So does that mean that the informs will be selecter in terms of international country matches?

    I need this information for my investments.


    Kind regards,

  35. Hi Rodrigo,

    Do you know when luis suarez will be released in fifa 15 ultimate team?

    Thanks in advance,


    • No, I have nothing to do with EA.
      I have a few years of experience working daily in websites about FIFA. I know exactly how EA works and it is easy to guess almost everything.
      If you check, you will see that almost everything is right. For example: we announced in June that FUT 15 TOTY will be released at January 12th. And it will. 🙂

  36. When is the next market crash? Should i buy players now or wait for the next happy hours?
    Pls. Give me a list of all the market crashes which ae predicted in the coming days. Thank you.

  37. Hi,
    Do you think there’s gobe be a market crash during the cristmas time? And at witch moment can you best buy your players during tge TOTY market crash? I think when the strikers come out but I sm not sure.

  38. Can you explain in details what do you mean it will be available in packages in these dates ?
    12th, Monday
    Team of the Year Announcement
    Note: available in packs by one week
    12th, Monday
    TOTY Goalkeepers and TOTY Defenders Release
    Note: available in packs for 46 hours
    14th, Wednesday
    TOTY Midfielders Release
    Note: available in packs for 48 hours
    16th, Friday
    TOTY Forwards Release
    Note: available in packs for 48 hours

    because i want to open the 100k’s packages so idk which packages will mostly have the best profit ,, i mean it should has messi , cristiano , neur and all of the best all together in the same package,,
    and Thanks

    • Hi.
      The TOTY is announced at January 12 but the players are put in packs by positions. First is the defenders, then the midfielders and only then the forwards. There is no confirmation about having them all together in packs in any time but it may happen in the weekend 17/18.

  39. Hi,
    I’m wondering that EA has changed their marketing policy this year on IOS platform. They release rare players pack almost every week, keeping prices so volatile… Do u have any idea about this or any suggestions to make profits out of it?

    And they announced free pack in iOS as well but I didn’t get any so far, though I have a pop up telling that gold pack is given away to me. Lastly, during the social give away, do they give free pack everyday or give just once

    Thx loads

  40. Hi rodrigo please can you tell me what this means on a fut tournament: future wins 5000 coins? Pls can u tell me what future wins is.

    • The first time you win the tournament, you get a mega pack. If you play it again and win, your prize will not be the pack. It will be 5,000 coins. And every tournament you win again, this will be your reward.

    • Hi.
      These dates are not confirmed (December 26th and January 1st). We believe that 100k packs will be released on December 26th at 9pm (UK) and on January 1st at midnight.

  41. But what about the champions shield? I won it once and if I win it again I will only get 2k not the gold pack?

  42. Hi Rodrigo! I was wondering if we will be able to pack all TOTY insted of just packing defenders, mid, attack on 48 h, i mean will I be able to trying getting any TOTY at the same time like all TOTY at the same day/week

  43. Hello Rodrigo,
    What will happen with current IF’s like sif Lacazette with toty?
    Is it smart to buy him now? Or will he worth less with toty?

    Thanks in advance

    • The IF prices are much more unpredictable than the other ones. The worst IF cards will be cheaper but the best ones will be more expensive. Remember that the players who get an UP in late January will see their IFs get upgraded too.

  44. hi Rodrigo! Please help me! I really need to know when the upgrades of players will be released. How sure are you that they will be releases after Team Of The Year? Because i was thinking o buying informs of players who are likely to be upgrade, so that there inform will go up by the same amount as there normal card did. I just don’t know whether to buy them now or wait until oty market crash, but if thay come out before toty comes out then i’m too late. So how sure are you that the upgraded players will come out after toty comes out?

    • We know because that’s what happens every year. We work every day on this game. Don’t forget that you are not the only want who plan to buy IF that think it will be upgraded.

  45. if you have an IF card in your club before the upgrades, will the IF card you have also get an upgrade? sorry my english!

  46. Hey Rodrigo,

    could you please tell me when it is the best time to buy expansive players like C. Ronaldo and Messi?
    And when it is best time to buy TOTY players?

    Thank you.


  47. hey Rodrigo, know of anyone giving away fifa 14 coins ? really looking to complete the wc mode all I need is a messi and a robben! many thanks ~ Tyler

    • It isn’t that. In January we have TOTY. In May/July it’s the TOTS season. They are different things. One is for the civil year. The other for the season. TOTY is only 11 players while TOTS are at least eight squads.

  48. Hi Rodrigo When will the market crash start and stop and how much do you expect Suarez to go down in price btw I’m building a squad around him after I sell my players from buying 24000 Fifa points and using the coins currently in my club also if possible could you tell me how much you expect Neymar to go down in price as he will also be in this squad if cheap enough many thanks max.

    • Hi.
      I believe that prices are already going down. However, only Monday you will see the market crash.
      Suarez and Neymar will be cheaper but don’t know how much. Maybe 500k to 550k for Suarez and 250k to 280k for Neymar (PS). It’s just a guess.

  49. People have asked similar questions, but this is my first year of FUT and I don’t want to miss out on the TOTY. I have heard they usually release the full Team of the Year on the Sunday? As I am guessing you have played Ultimate Team for a couple of years, did they do this in previous years and what packs were on offer? I was hoping to just try my luck on the Sunday because with 11 players in packs it’s far more likely than buying packs ont eh monday, wednesday and friday.

  50. Rodrigo, do you think that they will be releasing the whole TOTY team at the same time, after they have released individual section of the team?

  51. Hi,
    How much will the market crash affect players like schweinsteiger and lewandowski?How much will the prices go down by?

  52. Rodrigo, I’ve bought several Sergio Ramos’ from the market for around 95k when 100k packs were last out. Right now, he is going for around 125k. Should I sell the cards now or wait a bit longer, before TOTY comes out. Also, should I buy players when TOTY Defenders, Midfielders, or Attackers come out. Btw this is the first year of me playing FUT, so any info would help a lot. Thanks.

    • Sell them now. You already have a good profit.
      Yes, you should buy in the first day to sell during Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Then, you should buy again in the last two days and sell them one week later.

    • The TOTY gathers the players who played better during the calendar year according to the FIFPro. The TOTS gathers the players who played better the whole season according to EA.
      TOTY is a team of eleven players released in January. TOTS are eight/nine squads released in May and June.

    • Hi.
      There is no official confirmation about that but we believe that, as in previous years, the first TOTY players will be released in packs between 6pm and 8pm (Sydney time).

  53. What is the first transfer update and first upgrade cards? Will certain informs get boosted stats on their cards?

    • We don’t know when the first transfer update or first upgrade cards will happen. We just know that the biggest batch of transfers will take place between February 1st and Febrauray 3rd.

  54. Hey,

    Do you happen to know whether there is going to be a day where TOTY players of every position are available? I heard a rumor of that being on Sunday.

    Thanks man

  55. Do you think lacazette will get tif? He scored 2 goals today. I have bought 3 of his sif for upgrade, but if he gets a tif my sif will drop down massively right?

  56. Hi Rodrigo,

    I sold all my players before TOTY. When should I invest it in players? Tomorrow, or the last day of the TOTY? When do you think the prices will be at the lowest?

  57. Hi Rodrigo, when will the TOTY cards be released in Hong Kong? It is currently 10:05am here and they still haven’t released although it is January the 12th right now.

    • TOTY cards cannot be released before they are announced in the FIFA Ballon D’Or, which will take place this afternoon. You may expect to find these cards in packs at 5am of Tuesday (Hong Kong time).

  58. Hi Rodrigo, I saw you talk about how we should buy our cards back when TOTY comes out and sell them Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and buy them back again on the last day. My question is why are you suggesting this and why not just buy the players back on on the first day and hold on to them? Does the price of players go up during the week and then crash again on the last day or something?


    • Hi.
      First of all, this is only a suggestion. Usually prices go up during the week and then crash again on the last day.
      In the first day, there are many people buying packs. In Wednesday and Thursday there are only 3 TOTY players in packs, and not 5 like in previous days, and for that reason prices go up again. When the forwards are released, may people want to try their luck because TOTY Messi and TOTY Ronaldo are really expensive cards.

  59. Hi for toty packs will there be 100k packs which have the chances of getting all payers if so what time will that be in Australia (Sydney time)

  60. Hello rodrigo . Question . On what day will all players prices go way down like ibra. Robben. Suarez . Is it friday when messi n ronaldo come out in packs or sunday when all toty come out in packs..

  61. Hi,
    about that card they say its gonna be out of packs, “kelvin” from Porto.
    Is it true and when will that happen?

    • TOTS means Team of the Season. The TOTY gathers the players who played better during the calendar year according to the FIFPro. The TOTS gathers the players who played better the whole season according to EA.
      TOTS are released between May and June, they are also blue and instead of 11 cards there are seven or eight squads.

  62. If lacazette gets an upgrade and i have him in my club, will the card i have get upgraded or will i have to buy the upgraded card ?

  63. Boss – when do you think this high price bubble is gonna burst – the high rated players are sky rocketing at the moment – your opinion will be very helpful

  64. hi rodrigo can you tell me your honest prediction about the tranfer market. like when are the prces going to go down and when should i sell my players

  65. Hey,I am still new to the game and I am just wondering the TOTS will be released on May.Does it mean the same players like Ronaldo and Messi will be released again or new players?

  66. Hey Rodrigo,
    I was just wondering if these dates are confirmed, or your best guess? As nowhere have I seen the upgrades confirmed as February 13th. Thanks in advance.

    • The dates on green are confirmed. The dates on red are estimated. Most of the times, our estimate dates are correct but it doesn’t mean that upgrades will be released in February 13th.

  67. I can’t seem to find TOTY Ronaldo in the market.I saw tons of people selling him in the market when TOTY is released but I guess I am too late.Should I buy him online or pray that somebody is selling him when I am on the market?

  68. When TOTS are released on May,should i go all in and try my luck to get a TOTS in pack or buy the players on he market?

  69. Why should I buy the TOTS player on the market instead of trying my luck in packs?
    Appreciate your help man 🙂

  70. hey there are now mega packs on phone will there be the same as the week before
    first 25k than 35k than 50k and than 100k?

  71. Hey i was wondering can i still get informs and good players like ronaldo in 7.5k premium gold packs and 5k gold packs?

  72. Hey Rodrigo I’m looking to build a squad around luis Suarez his current price is around 1.1million coins I’m on ps4 do you have an estimate for how much he will be in the end of February and start of March and how much he will be during tots and if it’s not too much could you tell me the same fo Neymar please many thanks max. : )

  73. Hi Rodrigo! Is it one player who you think is 99% surley that will get an uppgrade? I looking for someone to invest in. I have 3.1m 🙂

  74. hello rordrigo , is lacazette SIF upgrading to a 85 rating? or is not sure. also what time is the upgrade on the date specified

  75. Hey. Rodrigo who u think is the best lone striker to use in the gane. Aside from messi And st ronaldo .. who would be the top in your list and also whats your favorite league to use in FUT

  76. Hey rodrigo

    Wen do u think the mrket will crash next ?


    When will the next upgrades be realsed ???

    Cann u help me ? … im in div 4 -> & im just not getting anywhere – i have 1mil what team shall i make ?

  77. Rodrigo, with the players having upgrades, does this apply to the cards that may already have? or are new cards released?

    e.g alexis Sanchez 84>86?

    be a rip off if the cards we owned don’t get upgraded.

  78. Hey rodrigo . I saw a tweet saying the upgrade date has been delayed? Is that true ? If it is when is it then

  79. Hi rodrigo.

    Has the date for the upgrades been changed to the 20 th. from the 13 th. ? Where do you get your information from, you are the only one who have information about these event on the internet.

  80. Hi I have totw Sanchez in my team atm, however I was wondering that will his upgrade change. I don’t know weather to sell him now or after upgrades

  81. just bought the second if kane for winter upgrades but when he gets upgraded to gold than he becomes worth less or more? or remains kane silver?

    • Hi.
      We published 13th a few months ago and we were right.
      In February 5th, EA Sports published this: “UPs taking a bit longer than expected since there are more UPs than last yr. Coming next Fri earliest.”
      Three days ago they published this: “#TOTW tmrw. #TOTT at the end of the week. This will most likely push UPs back to next week though. #FUT”. We updated the calendar to 20th.
      Official Source:

    • Hi.
      We published 13th a few months ago and we were right.
      In February 5th, EA Sports published this: “UPs taking a bit longer than expected since there are more UPs than last yr. Coming next Fri earliest.”
      Three days ago they published this: “#TOTW tmrw. #TOTT at the end of the week. This will most likely push UPs back to next week though. #FUT”. We updated the calendar to 20th.
      Official Source:

  82. Hi Rodrigo do you think sir perisic will get upgraded and if so what do you think will be his rating if he does?also if your crystal ball is working today could you give me an estimate of what he will be worth thanks a lot max 🙂

  83. Hi Today wil come update for the players who did good in the leuqe about harry kane is going wild when it wil be upgraded en like Costa sanchez aqeuro griezman when they wil get upgraden ?

  84. hello, i have a question … how will she looked card such KANE, silver, IF, and SIF upgread the winter if it gets …every card will be changed? thanks

  85. Hi Rodrigo.

    Do you know what time the web app will be op again ?

    And do you think it is a way for Fifa, to decrease these crazy inflated player prices because of auto buyers, or is it just maintenance as they say ?

  86. Hey Rodrigo, how much will MOTM Yaya Toure be going for after tommorow? He is currently worth 3.4M. Will his price shoot up since that card can’t be packed?

  87. do you now what is first tots league and should I keep 87 sanchez inform coz I got him for 850k now he is 920k or should I what and whould hazard, aguero upgrade , di maria, david silva 89 inform, yaya toure, and clichy inform 82 will all drop massively at the fist tots squad that come out or they wont drop In price?

  88. Hi, I love your website it’s very helpful. I was wondering if I should buy expensive players like we ah now or should I wait

  89. Look, when the TOTS are out, when should I sell my players…? And will the prices drop even more than the TOTY market crash? Thanks.

  90. Hi Rodrigo, when does tots normally come out and when is that best time to sell ur team so u don’t loose to much coins.

    • As you can see that date is in red, which means that we don’t have ‘sure’ about it.
      According to our experience it is supposed to be released in May an not in April, which never happened (except because WC).

  91. Hey Rodrigo I’m on ps4 and prices are really high and I’m sure they are on Xbox too but it’s mostly for all of the informs,motms and toty cards will this go down at all as I specifically have my eyes on players such as first inform Sanchez inform Vidal and second inform upgraded Pogba And also players like inform aubamayang third inform upgraded griezman second inform upgraded lacazette inform chiellini second inform Rooney second inform upgraded Isco second inform silva toty Kroos toty silva and toty Luiz but these players prices are so high right now will they go down at all before toty? Thanks a lot max 🙂

  92. hey rodrigo ea just said that the transfer market would be down at 5pm so does this mean that u wouldnt be able to buy coins

  93. Hey Rodrigo,
    Please can you tell me the reason of present market crash ie March and will the price of toty players like Lahm and Iniesta will increase before TOTS

  94. hey ridrigo…
    I just wanted to know the reason of present market crash ie march and also want to kmow that will the prices of toty like lahm and iniesta will increase before the arrival of tots like its 1 mil now and was selling at 4.5 mil 3weeks afyer the Toty.

  95. if there are more tournaments then why isnt it in the calendar……… shows that after st patricks day tournament the next big event is tots and there is no tournament after st patricks day tournaments. could u pls tell what are the remaining tournaments and what are their requirements,would help a lot.


  96. apparently if you win a match on the FUT birthday cup you have a chance of winning a tradeable inform from previous weeks or maybe a legend or TOTY card so i was wondering if you are a winner when do you get your card

  97. Hi rodrigo, I’m a big fan of ur website but as tots is coming, I’m unsure whether to sell my informs or not. Over a few hours, David luiz inform price range went from 90k to 75k minimum so I don’t know if I should sell him. Do u think the prices of informs will go up or go down and when do u think the right time will be to sell them?

  98. hi.
    i had 10 k and then i sold a player for 57000. i am supposed to have 67000 coins. but it shows that i have 62000 instead. i have had a loss of about 20 k this past week because of this same problems just this last wk. i dont know what is this problem

  99. Hi Rodrigo do you know when the next update for FIFA 15 for the Xbox 360 will come I have it and it is very glitchy the players have no boots and sometimes you start the game and there is no ball will the ever fix this

  100. Hey Rodrigo, when is the TOTS launching and confirmed dates.
    Is the market going to crash for sure.. ?
    Any idea on price for German TOTS cards like. Kevin D, Boateng, Muller

  101. Hi Rodrigo I just want to ask u that if u have any idea in which week the bundesliga teams will be released because the tots will be released soon and I want to get a good bundesliga squad

  102. Hi

    Just to make you aware yesterday afternoon rob hodson from ea confirmed on his twitter that it won’t be this Wednesday nor next week (6th may) I’m surprised too..

    I do think they should give us some concrete date at least it gives ppl chance to save to get FIFA points

    This ain’t a joke or troll I believe there was a thread earlier fifaforums under general discussion about this

  103. Will TOTS cards affect the transfer market price ranges?
    example: messi normal card now: 5.600.000
    messi normal card at TOTS: ?

  104. Hey rodrigo. this is my first tots and i have 1.2 mil coins. im planning on opening packs but i dont know what is happening. can you give me a brief rundown on what is happening. like what is tots most consistent and any other general things i should know. thanks

  105. Hey man i just sold christano ronaldo to buy tots packs (only opening 50k 100k packs) is that a good idea? Also it is 6 may here in nz and tots has not come out yet when do you think it will drop cheers

  106. hi there Rodrigo ,, i want to ask how can i acces my fut on fifa 14 not on fifa 15 is it still possible
    and is there is any chance that the web app transfer market will be back again after price ranges on webb app

  107. When will tots actually be out because have just brought loads of fifa points for when it is but I don’t know if I should have spent it on something else

  108. Hi Rodrigo, when will the English Tournment be released? I bought many english players to earn some money

  109. Hi do you know when the next 100k or 50k packs come out and if you have a loaned ronaldo do you think it is possible to pack him.

  110. Do you think there will be anymore TOTY or any other big releases before Fifa 16(besides the MLS all star)?
    I don’t remember where I heard this, but aren’t EA supposed to release more TOTY in a month or so after TOTS is over?

    • Hi.
      There is only one TOTY each season. Besides the MLS All Star, everything you have now is the TOTS that will last a few weeks.
      At best, they may release Copa America IF cards after TOTS.

  111. Will there be more team of the year releases, or are the ones already released the only ones available?
    If they aren’t releasing any more TOTY, then other than the MLS all star, will there be anymore big releases before Fifa 16?

  112. I hav a great team in fifa 15 Ut with toty messi, CR7, di maria, lahm, iniesta, kroos, neur… Infact the whole toty except ramos and robben… But when fifa 16 comes in august, all thus will become waste and I’ll have to start from 0 again??? Or will fifa give any advantage for being an old customer who has spent thousands of rupees in fifa15???

  113. and when exactly does this FIFA Dev team’s TOTS come out? After all the league’s TOTS have been announced? Does that mean a lot of cards from the earlier TOTS be re-released or will these be new players altogether?

  114. I got tots matic in a pack and now nobody is buying him what should i do Rodrigo can you help please, how do i sell him?

  115. Hey Rodrigo looks like EA are no longer posting price range updates. Any way to find out what they are without having to go one by one in the game?

  116. hey Rod , i just wanna ask about * do u know when EA will make or update cards for the New transfers players all over the leagues in Fifa 15 ? for example like Depay from Psv to Manchester united and other players ?
    thank you !

  117. Hi Rodrigo, still waiting for next tournament after MLS, I think its Bayern and Wolfsburg or Chelsea and arsenal. I want to know whats in ur mind.. thnx bro.

  118. How often do happy hours happen and do you know when the next one is?
    Thanks Rodrigo. People like you are what America needs more of

    • America needs me ? Florida, here I go (again)!
      No one know when the next Happy Hour is. Sometimes, there are weeks without any HH. Other times, there are HH every day. The best way to give you a better idea, is to point you to this page.

  119. Why does it keep saying that there is a high volume of traffic on the loading page?
    I have not bee n able to play for the last week because of this.
    And whenever it loads, it begins all over again asking me to pick a pack which can contain either English German French and Spanish players
    I a m really worried since I ave made a lot of progress in fut 15


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