Best FIFA Esports Players in Australia – TOP 10

FIFA eWorld Cup

FIFA is one of the most popular competitions and has been in demand by players for decades. It attracts both ordinary athletes and esports fans. Now, this competitive discipline is found in many major tournaments.

Today we will tell you about ten of the best eSports players in FIFA who are famous in Australia. It is worth noting that many players, taking a break from eSports, spend time in online casinos. Joe Fortune Australia is one of the famous places where many games are available in different categories.


Donovan Hunt – Tekkz

Player Donovan Hunt is known in esports circles under the pseudonym Tekkz, a member of the Fnatic team. The e-sportsman has several significant achievements – seven wins in FIFA 19, including premier League 2019, PGL FIFA 19 Masters Bucharest, PGL FIFA 19 Cup Bucharest, and FIFA eWorld Cup 2019.

The year 2022 was unsuccessful for the e-sportsman. According to the results of the eChampions League 2022, he managed to take only second place. Despite this, the player managed to earn more than 550 thousand dollars precisely on his success in this sports discipline.

Tekkz also has his own YouTube channel where he posts videos of his professional performances.


Nicolas Villalba – Nicolas99fc

Nicolas Villalba plays FIFA on the PlayStation console and is part of the Guild Esports team. The player’s first successful performance took place in 2017; since then, he has been successful in almost every game. During his career, Nicholas earned more than $500,000, including tournament prize money.

Notable victories include qualifying for the FIFA 19 Global Series Playoffs on PS4, the Gfinity FIFA Series 2019, and FIFA 2022.


Mossad Aldossary – Msdossary7

Mossad Aldossary is currently part of Team Falcons. Since his first appearance in esports in 2018, the player has managed to win seven tournaments at once. Among the athlete’s achievements, one can also highlight the first places in the playoffs of FIFA 21 Global Series West Asia and the FIFA 22 Champions Cup. Throughout his career, the income of an e-sportsman has exceeded 650 thousand dollars.

The player has his channel on YouTube video hosting, where he broadcasts regular FIFA games and also publishes videos from his performances at eSports tournaments.


Umut Gültekin – Umut

The player is a member of the RBLZ Gaming team, the eSports division of the RB Leipzig football club. Umut Gültekin appeared in the eSports arena playing FIFA 20. Already the first performance turned out to be the second place for the athlete, which can be called quite a significant achievement.

The most significant victory of an athlete can be called first place in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Only a successful performance at this event brought the player an income of 250 thousand dollars in prize money.


Niklas Raseck – Nraseck

The player began participating in competitions with the release of FIFA 15 from EA Games. Its main feature is that it plays exclusively on the Xbox console. The athlete scored his first significant victory in November 2019 when he won the FIFA 20 Stage 2 FUT 20 Champions Cup. He also placed in the top three in the FIFA 19 Global Series Xbox Playoffs and FUT Champions 2019 events.

Currently, the amount of prize money earned by the player is 200 thousand dollars. Niklas Raseck has his Twitch channel, where he posts casual and competitive games. The total number of subscribers exceeds 11 thousand.



Olle Arbin – Ollelito

The player is a member of two eSports teams at once. On the Playstation console, he represents TG.NIP, and on the Xbox platform, he plays for Ninjas in Pajamas. In the FIFA 20 game, the athlete entered the top three.

Other significant achievements include winning the FIFA 20 Stage 3 FUT 20 Champions Cup. During his career in esports, Olle Arbin has earned about $150,000.


Thomas Leese

The athlete is a member of the Excel eSports esports team. Before that, he played for Hashtag United but transitioned to 100 thousand dollars.

The player is recognized as one of the most popular in FIFA 20 and 21. During the 2020 season, he won the ePremier League tournament. The athlete also won second place in the European Futhead TNF tournament.

In the FGS 22 Masters Cup tournament, he showed one of the best performances. For his game, he received the main prize of $15,000. Currently, the total number of earnings on eSports exceeds 150 thousand dollars.


Henrique Lempke – Zeninho

The player is a member of the Dux Gaming esports team. A quick start to a career in eSports and several successful performances in tournaments gave the athletes the status of the most dangerous player in FIFA. The athlete has several high-profile victories on his account, including FIFA 22 Global Series LatAm North Qualifier 1 and FIFA 22 Global Series LatAm North Qualifier 1.

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