FUT 13 TOTS Market Crash Explained

TOTS Market Crash


FUT 13 TOTS brings amazing IF players but also means a market crash. You don’t know why it happens and how much it will affect your team ? We will explain to you everything about the FUT 13 TOTS Market Crash.


FUT 13 TOTS Market Crash Explained

The market has been dropping since the start of FIFA 13 but with the TOTS release it drops pretty dramatically.

The market crashes upon TOTS players getting released due to players selling their teams. They do that because they need coins to buy as many packs as possible and try to get a TOTS player. These cards costs between 10k and more than 3 million coins (Messi and Ronaldo TOTS). Who do not want to be millionaire ?

There are also players that are not interesting on TOTS players but, to prevent losing too much money from the players’ prices dropping, they sell their teams a couple a months before the TOTS release. To reduce losses as much as possible, you should sell your team as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more money you will lose.

The market crashes because of the large amounts of gamers selling players all at once. With less players buying than selling, the supply exceeds demand, resulting in lower prices.


FUT 13 TOTS Market Crash Explained

Bale will be one of the TOTS players, so if you want his regular card, it is your chance to get one at a nice price


Nobody can knows how much the prices cards will go down but you can expect at least something like a 30% reduction. Regular IF players will go down just like any other player and possibly even more, if that IF has a TOTS card too. This happens because players who had that IF will sell the card, in order to get an upgrade of the TOTS player. Bronze, silver players and other non-player cards will drop a little bit but not to the same scale as gold players.

Once Team of the Season is over the prices of the cards will rise again since people will be buying their teams back. Although they will not rise as high as they once were. Never more.

The best time to buy a player is when his TOTS version comes out, since they will be at their lowest price. Pay attention to the TOTS release dates to know when the player that you want will be cheaper.


10 thoughts on “FUT 13 TOTS Market Crash Explained”

  1. hej there and thanks for this greata article but today bpl tots will be released and i have agreat bpl team with all great players ,what should i do sell them all and wait or sell them after tots cuz prices will be up again
    thanks in advance

      1. Hi, ive sold all of my players before the market crash and am sitting with a good amount of money.. im looking to get normal Ronaldo so im wondering when the best time to buy would be? should i really wait for LaLiga TOTS?

  2. got messi lol

    Hey quick question i just bought messi for 789k and they Just released the LALIGA TOTS like 2 days Ago. But I Was Wondering Did i get him For a Good price or Will his price Go down even lower than i bought him For.

    1. Hi.
      You made a really good deal. Less than 800k by Messi it is a very good price.
      Nobody can knows exactly what will happen. Our experience says that his price will raise a bit in the following days and it will drop maybe one week after the end of the TOTS release. But it is only our opinion.


  3. Connel Braund

    I did not think this was the case at all, I noticed as each TOTS League was out the prices of the players from the leagues which had TOTS out went up, especially those with TOTS versions. I had a fairly decent La Liga team up until the La Liga TOTS came out, sold my team for about 25-30k more than what I paid for it. I’ve bought all the players back now TOTS is over and I made about 30k in profit.

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